March 31, 2010


Photo by Sam McGuire

Jerboi Sam McGuire has some flicks in the new Photofile from TSM. More from Sam.

I'm headed to the Twolves game tonight to see if they can avoid tying their worst season ever; tonight might be their last best chance. The Nets have avoided tying the worst record ever the other night, and now they're trying to figure out whether or not they're better than the Wolves. The linked article doesn't mention the fact that the Wolves did manage to beat the Nets in both their meetings this season, so, even if they win the battle by matching or surpassing our amazing record, I still say the Wolves win the war.

I just heard Sarah Palin use the phrase, "Kicking it old school," over the radio; its time to get rid of any vestiges of that one from my vernacular.

I think I'm actually going to Milwaukee this weekend. How 'bout them Bucks?

I haven't plugged Dank Nuggzz in weeks! OMFG. On top of that, go here to buy a weed sticker pack.

March 29, 2010

I Think About This Type Of Shit

My girlfriend indulges me way more than she needs to when it comes to my skate-nerdiness. On a slow-paced, noonish jaunt this past Sunday to get coffee, I even went as far as trying to explain the spoken but unwritten rules which apply to skateboard video music. You know what I'm talking about; one can't reuse something that's been in a more or less "legit" video ("legit" being a sliding scale, of course), the 411 exception*, the exception to the 411 exception**, so on and so forth. She was really nice about it.

Spring time always brings a renewed interest in listening to hip-hop, and the past couple of days I've been fixated on Mobb Deep. I'm also always pondering the production of the yet-to-be-started-if-ever Shitheads Vol 8 THE MOVIE, and naturally I then began wondering what songs would be left to use from Mobb Deep's second and third albums. All you nerds out there know that 411 strip mined The Infamous; if there were some easy way to verify it, one could say that they used 10 out of the 16 possible tracks from the album. Hell on Earth wasn't nearly as pillaged, though, as I just remembered, "Extortion" was used, and due to the exception to the 411 exception, cannot be used again. If tags showed on here you know one would be "Serge Chuckreef".

*The 411 exception regards songs used in 411 that can be reused because they were played in an incomplete way, or they were used in a wack section.

**The exception to the 411 exception regards songs used in 411 that cannot be reused because they were used in an exceptional section, for instance, The Pier 7 Spot Check.

March 26, 2010

Dial A Thug

Heck sightings abound this week. Flick via TRU. Happy weekend.

March 25, 2010

Three Things* *(make that five)

-As of yesterday, Familia has been confirming rumors for four years. Congrats dudes.

-Birthdays and funerals; a Pioneer Press story about the Burnsville Lair closing; I'm shocked the writer didn't reference Sherman's hand tattoo.

-Dooner vs. Rothmeyer, make this happen Badger!

Edit: Nesser interview @ ESPN.

Double Edit: Thadolo responds.

March 23, 2010

Oh Yeah...Nesser is on I-Path Now

"I'm 36 Years Old Man. C'mon!"

Between J. Strickland, Todd Jordan's fingernails, Gino and Pappalardo's real talk, and the skating of Jake Johnson, Zered, Joey Pepper, and Jahmal Williams (backside 50-50 180 to fakie nosegrind!), this HBO produced NYC skate doc called The Get By is well worth the time and possibly having to sign up with HBO. Its also nice to see Josh Stewart listed in the credits; I hope that fool gets paid. Assist from Templeton @ TSM.

Speaking of the @, not only is it a very old symbol, but now its art. Have a good day.

March 22, 2010

A Lamentation and Another Open Letter to 3rd Lair

Throughout it's brief existence, I heard at least three other times that 3rd Lair Burnsville was closing, and now its actually happening this Sunday. I commend the Lair guys for trying to make it happen South of the River, and hopefully this move ensures financial solvency, the vert ramp they're planning to build, AND a truly revamped street course. Spring time is a great time to rebuild.

And now, as I've done once before, Another Open Letter to 3rd Lair...

Dear 3rd Lair,

What with the closing of the Burnsville location and the opportunity to progress as a business, it is utterly time to re-design, nay, to scrap and rebuild, the 3rd Lair Website. The site started small, but then became a hydra of sorts; every time it was updated or changed, twice as much content was added. It has truly become out of control, unnavigable, and in the sense of trying to find specific information, unbearable. It is time to find a web-designer, someone who could utilize your current hosting, who could take the huge amount of unorganized information currently on display, and organize it. If nothing else, take your 3rd Lair BMX template and run with that for the main site. It is our humble opinion that two automatically loading quicktime movies along with two scroll bars should never co-exist on the same page.

Platinumseagulls LLC A bit more, an interesting conversation has occurred in the comments of the Program Break post that should at least garner some attention if you're a loc. The Jackal weighed in eloquently, saying pretty much what I'd have said but better (but we do recommend paragraph breaks), though if there is something to be added, go say it.

Sort of on that tip, Portland has a skater up for County Commissioner, and that's highly reminiscent of our very own newly minted pro, who once ran for Mayor of Mankato.

Finally, Mike Maldotaco's Maldonado's Mag Minute is a must watch.

PS: SHOCKING: Thadolo Strangely Silent on the Passage of Healthcare Reform, now has to worry about board sales?

March 19, 2010

Program Break

I drove to Denver in a blizzard, it took eight and a half hours (normally five) after a stop-over in Telluride and its still snowing here. Sick, no skating, why not drink beer and throw some shit up here? Whodi and Thadolo are now pro, support those fewls and buy their boards. Not to make them rich, but to rep. Next, Boondoggle can be downloaded for free right here, just scroll down and click it. That is all. Happy weekend.

March 18, 2010

Al fin estas putas se van de aca! (aka Argentina Day#10)

Guest Blogger: Mike@HYSTK™

Weeelll...  We have to leave today...  Never seen a group of 10 people so bummed about going back home.  I especially don't want to leave, so I'm headed to Mendoza to go paddle a river.  Fuck leaving.  Our last day consisted of a Neeno Brown NBD, some Castle talk, backing up footy, buying some of the things we have added to our list of addictions, and saying our goodbyes. BA feels like the Chicago of South America to me.  Nice people, some GRIMY sections, laid back attitudes, and an aggressive work ethic. 

We definately felt right at home.  Special thanks are in order for Mariano "The Mothafucking DUDE" Gagliardo , Bebe, Tiny, Ruben, Javier, Bebe, Giani, Diego, Marta, Tree Skateshop, and their girlfriends for their help and easily the best journey we could've hoped for.

I don't know if I'm ever going back to the US, but if I do, I don't think it'll be too long before I leave again.  Pretty sure none of us will stop traveling any time soon.  Arabia's up next if possible.  This trip was the inaugural foray into the HYSTK™ Travel Division.  There will be much more to come.  A prelude to the awesomeness that was Argentina will be up on the revamped HYSTK™ site April 1st while the show(s) will hit the streets May 1. Special thanks to our enablers:

Uprise Skateshop Affiliate Skateboards Manik Skateboards

and... The Castle

March 17, 2010

Renegade Sex Expert (aka Argentina Day#9)

Guest Blogger/Resident Audio Guy: JP@HYSTK™

I'm always down to get an espresso in Argentina at any time of the day or night. Fyi the gas station Cafe's are the shit. Don't sleep. I tend to get one the morning when I'm wandering off from… Where'd I sleep last night?? How'd we get in to one of the 2 apartments we are occupying during our stay in Argentina? It is a challenge Sharing keys with many people and coordinating getting in and out of the doors. I meet up with the chico's and we figure what cracking for the day. I am on this trip collecting the sounds and music from Argentina with tons of help from my homie, Brian Hawthorne. Couldn't have done it with out him. We have gotten down with tons of different local of chikaaahhhiii mean music. Brian and I attended live Tango. Milf haven yo. I was like damn these chicks are banging' even though they got a case of the old's. Shit was real dope tho and all the music we have seen has been on a complete other level. Oh yeah, and u must have a key to EXIT any apartment or hotel. Crazy fire hazard sunn… But it was fun making calls from the gas station next door. And after getting ahold of no one at about 3:30 am i just decided to scale the wall of the first door of my apartment and to my luck the door was open. I made it home. That night…

Day#9 Edit by Mike@HYSTK

Functional Addiction (aka Argentina Day#8)

Guest Blogger: Mike@HYSTK™

Lost 2 from the villa of the trillest yesterday.  Woke up pretty damn late too. Warmed up ourselves and some leftovers from the barbeque...  Yacare, Nandu, Dorado and Puro Cacao chocolate from the homey Rodrigo.  "ESSENTIAL!"  Wash off the previous evening...  Bad decisions...  Check.  Could get out of the house in less than 2 hours, but we prefer our eyes low.  Back to Plaza Houssay for some grime and some tricks.  Neeno Brown was passing out turkeys all day and CJ was getting it in as usual.  On to an evening of "Essential!" Argentinian nightlife...  La Tiempo Bomba might be the coolest party in the Americas.  The Time Bomb = Warehouse full of people gigging harder than seems conceivable - About 500 GORGEOUS women - Best drum circle in the world with "one of the most amazing sound engineers in the game dood" (JP) - plus after parties all night. Our friend Brian was playing with Africa Lunes at Uni Club under the leadership of Chiekh Geuye after...  So it was on to handing out some pizza puffs.  Hop-a-long Whodi turned 26 today and was KILLING the game this evening.  Imperical data has shown, in the wild, the Whodi has been know to hand out pizza puffs even when he can't speak the language...  or walk. After too much fun...  Hearts were broken and Bobs slept in doorways of apartment buildings "for a little nap" on the stumble home. For tomorrow, checking out some cattle and hanging out on rooftops. As far as the future...  Las Cosas se van a poner locas.

March 15, 2010

I make it hail on them hoes (aka Argentina day#7)

Guest Blogger: CJ Tambornino

Ahhh sunday! Today was a pretty F'ing dope day in argientina, aside from the usual games of frogger to get to the spots (people drive crazy here) and you cant skate on the sidewalk cuz everythings so old and busted down, Ya gotta be on ya toes at all times! but the spots look amazing so grimey and rustic! and people dont pick up after their dogs so your constantly dodging shit everywhere you walk an skate haha. Also its pretty fucking amazing you can go to dinner with 7 people get food an drank for under 100 pesos thats like 25 bucks!! Sadley it was dax's last day so we let him pick the tha spots and he did a damn good job cuz we all got some bangers!! Sadley jamiel rolled his ankel pretty bad but he deffintly got quite a few whodacious stunts!!!! Whodi's b-days tomrrow!! Hes funna be 26!!!! I gotta go get ready for dinner were bouta feast are selfs off proper at some country house a hour or so from the city!!! Good evenin G's!

March 13, 2010

Chipotle Withdrawals (aka Argentina Day #6)

Skate Swap Meet (above)

No guest post today. Totally burnt from gettin back from the super club at 6 in da mornin'. CJ up next... Back to sweating in the hot Argentina summer.

BATS Official Press Release (aka Argentina Day #5)

Guest Blogger John Erickson

The Minnesotians and Chicagoite "Gringos" have successfully made it through their 5th full day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even though everything they do screams "American" and "tourist" so loud it can hurt your eyes and ears, they are really starting to come around to the Argentine lifestyle.They have been eating Carne Empanadas for breakfast while enjoying Mate out of their recently acquired mate gourds and bombillas (drinking straws). And you better believe they had no problem staying up until 8 in the morning at Club Lost with the rest of the sexy people. Although they have not wittnessed any more street fighting or robberies, you´re darn tootin they´ve been getting their skate on all day every day. I´m even beginning to hear some Spanish mixed in with all that gringo lingo. Except Dax, he spits that shit as fast as Ditka eats donuts. I guess I´ll just wrap it up by saying everything is super duper Bob. You betcha.

crumby iphone pics by: bmeyer

March 12, 2010

False Stops

Mike Anderson rules because he skates so fast that it looks like his footage is sped up and he can do just about anything. Happy weekend.

RIP Leeann Chin.

I was at the game for JR Smith's mindboggler; the Target Center didn't settle down for a solid minute afterward.

Almost forgot: Another Wiskate Banger. Too bad I'm not headed out there this weekend. OK, happy weekend for real now.

March 11, 2010

"Essential Blog Post" (aka Argentina Day #4)

Guest Blogger Neen Williams

Soooo I think its been about four days now that we have been on this trip, the funny thing is i still dont kno what time it is, to tell you the truth, i dont kno what time it is anywere?  Argentina, is a crazy place, i like it out here.  Theres positives and negatives, just like anywere else.  The only hurtful thing i could think about right now is the food selection seems to be kinda limited, pretty much so far all we can find are ham and cheese sandwiches and empenadas, wooofff!!!  But The Positives are pretty DAaamn Essential!!!!  Theres mass cheeks on the streets son! woooo Weee!!!  Sexiest women around!  Breast just Glistening in the hot summer sun! Wooo so good, you got to see em for yourself, nowere compares!  Trust me...  But besides all that goodness, theres alot of good stuff to skate out here, some of the ground is a lil haggard, but if your use to that kind of thing it should be no big deal for ya, and thats some of the ground, alot of the ground is suprisingly good tho,  nice and smooth, its hit or miss out here, good times fo sho!  All the locals we have ran into at spots have been real friendly and very skilled skateboarders, there gettin buck fo sho!  Respect, respect... Goods times all around, bless, tonight we hit the bars and see what the nightlife has instore us.......  I could only imagine what kind of maddness were about to get into....  Wooooo!  Bless It!!!!

25th and Talmage Redux

Rent 1072.

March 10, 2010

"Mega Switch Dax" (aka Argentina Day #3)

Guest Blogger Dax Miller, Photo by Evan Bruce

Well, Argentina continues to bring beautiful weather and repetitive laughter and good times. We had the luxury of visiting Bones Street, a skate/tattoo/counter-culture mall that looks as ill as it did goth. I interviewed the owner of Tree skateshop, Ruben Ferrari, and talked about his fresh skateshop, commenting on one of his team riders Tom Penny and growing with the Argentinian economy. Clearly, it was time to stunt directly afterwards so we cruised the city to a classic manual pad spot. A few bangers and games of S.K.A.T.E. later, the sun sets and we hail a couple of daredevil taxis to escort us to our apartment. What's poppin in Buenos Aires tonight? I'm sure the crew will find something interesting, stay tuned.

Biorhythm Is WAY Off

This entire week my gimpy right ankle has felt like shit, and it was just moments ago that I figured out that it had something to do with this damp, semi-warm-ish weather we've been having. Happens every time these seasons change; I think I'm finally figuring this out, but I'll surely forget this fall.

Wish I could claim that I'm writing live from Buenos Aires, but no, as the previous paragraph states, I'm still right at home. However, many thanks to Meyer, Jamiel, CJ and company for providing better shit than I would and letting me slack off. Keep it coming dudes.

Slate has an Explainer about fixing up quotes which is rather pertinent when it comes transcribing interviews with skateboarders, like, um, fuckin', you know?

Cory Kennedy walkabout clip from Crailtap, and, for the record, this one from them as well is highly reminiscent of that BG board kick to kick back clip that appeared in Shitheads and the 411.

That's it for now, about to head to the Wolves game and start some Darko chants.

March 9, 2010

"I live behind the lens" (aka Argentina Day #2)

Photo / Guest Blogger by Evan Bruce
Another great day in Argentina has come to an end. Our day consisted of skating more great spots, eating good food, and meeting more awesome Argentine locals. Things were pretty relaxed and we were able to see a more tranquil side of Buenos Aires than we had the previous day. But don’t get me wrong, no complaints. Beautiful women, cheap beer, skating spots on weekdays, and the list could go on. Stayed tuned for daily updates from everyone on the trip.

Argentina Loc Below

March 8, 2010

"From The Desk Of Whodi" (aka Argentina Day #1)

Guest Blogger Jamiel Nowparvar
Quite an eventful day during the end of a Buenos Aires summer. After skating our first day here we got to witness many different faces of Buenos Aires. Started off with a guy asking our permission to rob the couple next to us at gun point. Followed by a random guy, high on something, that kept coming back to this spot we were at and hassling these other skateboarders. As he came back with a broken bottle in his hand the skaters had enough. One of them smashing his head over with his board truck first. Most definitely a sound I don't wanna hear again. Through all of that, this is some stuff we managed to document.

March 7, 2010

Curbcut McTwist

Without a doubt, the highlight of Sunday was watching Matt Barnes ball-fake into Kobe's face before an inbounds pass, and Kobe's iceman reaction of, well, absolutely nothing, during the Laker's vs. Magic game.

The probable highlight of the past week in skateboarding, aside from the absolutely beautiful weather here in our fair city that does trump all else, could have been the Girl and Chocolate Skatepark Roundup, and hopefully that link works; as I type Thrasher is launching a new site and they wouldn't let me get at the video directly for a re-watch, and a better screen grab.

I was forced to mute the video upon my only viewing because the audio wasn't syncing, and beyond that, they'd used a song that I just didn't have to hear yet again; I'm glad I can't remember what it was. My hazy recollections aside, the stand-out moment came in the form of Vince Alvarez' cab 540 ollie, and thus, getting to the point, where's the street 540?

I'm sure it would never become as ubiquitous as, for instance, the switch frontside bigspin, but I don't find it unlikely at all that Chris Cole could be seen spinning a backside one down some stack, or, better yet, throwing it nonchalantly out of a curb cut to cap a line. Equally nice would be a CC cab 540 down something or other, and if he chose to throw in a little slip foot homage to Hensley, all the better. (Mental renderings of a frontside 540 ollie are failing on the basis aesthetics, but I'll have to see one outside my mind to fully write it off.)

As for the titular move, Koston, where you at?

March 4, 2010

Bonus Foote

Triumvirate (RIP) member and e-friend (mostly) Tim Olson managed to push his skate career to the next level after his Glue Factory audition tape was passed over, making moves to become the co-Roger of the Month with some dude named Eric.

More of the Same

Figured I'd repost jerboi Lil' Phil, lord knows you have to see him every couple of months.

Check out The Kettle Black, a skate blog that says its all about "constructive criticism for skateboarding media." Entertaining stuff thus far, I dig the ain't sayin' nothin' deal and all the apostrophes it entails.

Converse skatepark opening video here, and most of the reason I'm linking to it is because of how embarrassing it is. Clips somewhat organized and cut down? Ok. Random sitar jam that you won't have to edit the clips to? Got it. A bunch of footage of your team riders skating while they'd rather be drinking? Yep. Ok, cool, some kid skated the rail. The rail that there was footage of Pappalardo waxing but not skating. Cool. Does Tom Remillard skate for them? I don't know.

Marquis Daniels coverage at LOA, I have no idea why I didn't link to that chain earlier.

This is ill.

March 3, 2010

Flip Flopper (In Socks)

The Badlands gets top billing from Real and their "Known Associates" contest, and while that's good stuff, the copy from the video's youtube page is that much better:
Coined 'The Badlands' by local skate eccentric Brian Markey when in 2007 he decided to get back on that proverbial skate horse after many years off. In search of something new 'n refreshing he came across an abandoned lot on the North side of Minneapolis' warehouse district and not that far off from the Mississippi river. Over the next few years the Badlands has become a lively and synergetic DIY work in progress involving many skaters and friends from the Twin Cities and beyond.

Click over to the video page for the full list of the cast of thousands that appear. Proper work dudes.

I should note that I heard about the video above via Platinumseagull's brand new Twitter account, so, if you are so inclined, go ahead and follow us. I'm also well aware that in the past I've talked plenty of shit on the Twitter, so yes, I flip flopped on the whole damn thing.

Someone should upload the "missing" Dolo Iota part that I'd previously thought had never happened. Just saying.

March 2, 2010

Ollie On The Mind

Somewhere after Anonymous and before Shitheads Vol. 8, Iota Skateboards was attempting to do way more than just being a board company operated out of the back of Fobia (that ghost url is still so weird). Around the time mentioned Nesser and Olu jumped from their respective board sponsors to Iota, and a tradeshow type promo was made that I'd completely forgotten about; The Viking managed to track it down on the youtube. Brian Heck as Hecky Do-Good, along with that shock and awe noseslide nollie flip. Pre-Roll Elijah Collard; Coffman backside nollie flip! Ye old Viking. Mr. Benson; capris. Perhaps the best part (to me) is the always controversial H.O.V.A. Shitheads trailer that was tacked on the back of the promo.

Completely unrelated, conceptual art up for auction that perpetually puts itself up for auction, that is, if the buyer follows the purchase agreement.

March 1, 2010


This is completely lifted from The Hesh but way too real not to be re-posted. Said Sherman, "I was urinating blood."

Also awesome are the allegations here in the comments that McGuire kicks kids out of spots while he's shooting photos; first I wonder why the kid would actually listen to him in that situation and leave, but then, more logically, I bet Sam just didn't want the fool standing/sitting in the background of the shot. Anonymous, what say you?

The St. Louis Connection, Randall, emailed a mellow autumnal skatepark edit. The weather we're having reminds me that we're almost there dudes. Having brought up the SLC, I peeped the Pretty Blog; go there, and alos, as a bonus, they're down with BEEZ. With BEEZ in mind, Cream City trip is in less than two weeks; The Party Car reunion tour. We're done here.

PS: As we fight for longer and longer days to get to our destination, spring, NASA is saying that the Chilean earthquake likely shortened the day by shifting the tilt in the Earth's axis. Seriously.