June 29, 2016

Dance of death

A quick clip that explains things -- I've felt the draw of spandex, no lie.


The comments got hot on the last post.

June 24, 2016

Summers past

Footage from 24 or more years ago shouldn't look so familiar -- a good portion of the downtown spots skated in the video above are still skated today, a quarter of a century later. Made tricks/parts kick in around the 2:30 mark -- the video features, roughly in order of appearance, Chad Mohler, Matt Hubert, Judd Prozinski (with some Rob Sissi in there) and Jesse Mohler. Was the parking garage improved or hurt by that extra asphalt?

June 21, 2016

Go to sleep

Jerboi Davis Torgerson made a 10-minute-ish video called Naptime, a means of dealing with -- do we remember -- like a broken foot? Naptime isn't exactly Davis' first time around the video-making block; probably about 10 years ago he made a flick called Atosennim that may or may not exist on the internet, and if memory serves he was some sort of consultant on the Myskate project of roughly the same era. Naptime is also notable since Sissi has a clip in it, keeping alive his streak of appearing in roughly 87 of 87 possibly applicable video projects in which he had an opportunity to appear. Not even talking shit -- dude stacks clips. Credit Jenkem with the online premiere of the flick.

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