April 7, 2009

Locs...Andy Paulsen

Sequence by Sam McGuire

Name: Andrew James William Alexander Paulsen

Nicknames: A plus, A+, Plus, Frankenplus, Plustasy, Drew, Droobie, Drewski, Dookie and D-. Thanks Rob. Thanks to my friends for giving me a dual personality.

Age: 34

What's your deal? Trying to keep my focus on what I'm good at...Whatever that may be and I'm happy to be here on the face of the Earth.

Where are you doing it? Been ramping a lot; need to get back to the streets.

How high can you ollie? High enough.

Can I have your board? If you where going for broke and busted your shit, you can have it.

Favorite local video: Shitheads all the way....I have the last trick...Thanks Meyer.

What's in your car? Spare shoes and boards.

It's a hot day, should we go skating or swimming? Eric's ramp while I swim in my sweat.

Who's your favorite local skater? That's really hard to answer...Mr. Tim Bennet. He makes skating so fun and he makes really hard tricks look so easy.

Where's the best place to eat? At any backyard BBQ with my friends.

Mini-ramp and beer or out on the streets all day? Beer and buddies.

How old are you in skate years? 24 and counting...Body permitting.

It's 10 PM on a Saturday night, what are you doing? Maybe out being social or at home trying to be constructive 1072 style...Ha ha.


Todd Brown said...

One of the all time greats. Nyc Rocky marathon 2 comeing soon.

SPRNTRL said...

You better book your ticket Turkey. Shit, that's probably when I'll see your ass next, seeing as no one's seen you out in years. And yes, Aplus is St Paul's finest.

Extreme Ash said...


I heart you...need more of you in my life...send my "hello" to the missus.

xoxo. extreme

poopville said...


typoscura said...



Anonymous said...

It's about time! Raddest local skater around.(Maybe tied with Zed) All around nice guy that can shred ANYTHING! Love you A+!

Unknown said...

Mr. Paulsen, I am honored. thank you

evilonelive said...

Extra good dude.
Hey, Plus your cruiser is still at my crib.

aplusen said...

thanks for all the luv!


Casey said...

Paulsen gets radical