September 24, 2015


@hankstagramofficial with that chill weekday grind'n #wiskate #milwaukeeskateboarding #pizzahut

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Happy weekend.

Also, it should be noted that Village Psychic did a rad job tracking down Rob Sissi to talk about Supernatural. If there ever was a Twin Cities skateboarder "uniform" SPRNTRL gear was the closest we got.

September 23, 2015

Beer, Bro.

Put on your drinking shoes--rumor has there's a cash reward for the brave soul who performs the Guthrie dirt bomb, successfully, entertainingly or otherwise.

September 16, 2015

THNKU Premiere 9-25-15

Another Chris Burt banger; featuring Mike Lemnitzer, Nathan Cameron, Jack Olson, TJ Moran, Julian Mejia, Pat Gallaher, Andrew Ellison and Dalton Jones. Some of us are bummed about our months-old cabin trip that coincides with all these dudes and more popping beers at the Bell.

I wonder why CBurt90 is so down on having multiple vowels in his video names? Says Burt, "Haha, the vowel thing isn't really intentional. I guess by trying to make titles concise, the vowels happened to be the first things to go." Promo below.