October 31, 2008

Plat/Nike Trivia Dorkfest

It's pretty simple, name the skater that murdered the rails in the photo of Rattray below, and in which video it all happened in. Put your answers in the comments. First correct answer gets a pair of Nikes from Sissi; make sure we can somehow get at you in the comments, so leave a full name, aight?

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads...Or...We Are The Knuckleheads.

I barely ever check out the actual Epicly Later'd site, but I did today and peeped the photo above of a proper Scotsman, John Rattray, wearing a shirt regarding the most properest of Scottish band's shirts, Belle & Sebastian, made by the most properest of all around proper dudes, Mr. Todd Bratrud. That was a long, circuitous sentence, right? I've got one of those shirts, and evidently O'Dell does too...; it's pretty much my favorite tee. Moving on...

Speaking of Todd, please update your blog. The same goes for McGuire, and The Extreme One herself. Please people, I really care about your lives, and stuff.

Randomly using my brain, I remembered just how buck people got at last year's Top Shop best trick contest. Take that trip down memory lane.

Speaking of making memories, are we really ready for All Hallow's Eve, or what? It's pretty much Halloween weekend and whatnot; add it to the list of meganess, check it off, and keep moving.

The Wolves won last night, they are unfuckingdefeated, and I was there. Fun stuff for sure, Kevin Love looked pretty good against the hated Kings, who, I think as a team, were banned from this very website, but the strike-through doesn't work on blogger, so who knows? Either way, Brad Miller's worstevertattooasshav'nscrappydooonmyarm self wasn't playing, and there was no love lost. Again, right?

Back on that Halloween tip, we've got a massive crew of Eighties inspired costumes going out tomorrow, and it was all independent. No planning, it just gelled. You gel'n?

If you didn't make it to the Red Stag last night, you missed out on one hell of a fruckin' rendition of Night Moves by the focus of all this recent samophilia. Yeah we know. Either way, the lovely Louisa provided us with the lyrics of the song to compare to Sam's summer life, and it's stunning. Consider that my comment on the post.

Speaking of the Stag, I want some of that breakfast, so hella good. I'd say that's it!

October 28, 2008

Plat NBA Predictions, Because We Can

I know I put up the same pic at my TSM blog, but I'm hyped on it. Let's nerd out.

Western Conference Finalists: LA Lakers. Runner up: New Orleans Hornets.

Eastern Conference Finalists: Boston Celtics. Runner up: Cleveland Cavaliers.

MVP: Lebron James. Runners up: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard.

Sixth Man of the Year: Lamar Odom. Runner up: an injured Manu Ginobli

Rookie of the Year: Rudy Fernandez. Runners up: Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden.

Most Improved Player: Andrew Bynum. Runners up: Randy Foye, Devin Harris.

Coach of the Year: Nate McMillan. Dark Horse: Doc Rivers.

How are the Wolves going to do? Feast and famine, feast and famine. I wouldn't be surprised to see a seven or eight game winning streak though. We'll top out 33-49. See you at the home opener.

At The Finals... The Lakers and Celtics end up there again, and David Stern pinches himself. The Lakers have a better record from the regular season by two to four games, and have split the season series with Boston 1-1. Barring a bizarre trade or a free agent pickup late in the season that gives Boston more depth, I'm saying, as much as it pains me, that the Lakers take the series in six, in a very tight game six.

Can you tell that the season just started and I'm watching back to back games, right now? Yeah, I thought so.

A Month Wasted

Originally the title was about "young hoes getting undressed", but you know, that didn't quite work. So a month wasted. It all started with Back Yard Ramp Jam. Ya'll remember than one, right (Damn, 2000 views, mission accomplished.)? Then the next weekend there was Vang's bachelor party, and everyone that needs to see those photos has seen them on the F-book. That's when I lost my camera (having figured it out Friday night right before the wedding...).

Ah booze. Then the weekend after said bachelor party started with this dude at 331 and then just spun out of control with bon-fires, zombie paint, and robotic boners. Then this weekend...it's wedding time, and wile out time, and waste a day time, well documented by the The Dude Man Brah and Mr. Robotic Boner himself (note the plug for Hump Day/Night Moves premiere). Anyways, I don't think there's a point in much of what I just wrote. A Month Spent Wasted? A Month Wasting, all emo and shit? A Waste of Time reading all this? Maybe, maybe. Either way, it's Halloween weekend this weekend, so I know what to expect.

In other news, I'm hoping to be saying with much certainty that a David Jaimes Mag Minute will be hitting the fiber-optics of the interweb in just about two weeks exactly. While it dabbles in some Boondoggle foote, there is some new shit for the die-hards, but hell, get the word out right? St Paul getting buck at its best.

What else? The regular season of the NBA starts with a couple of bangers tonight. Speaking of those bangers tonight, The Celtics are indeed playing, and I am indeed still a huge KG fan, so this awesome piece about him right here seems oh so appropriate. He is in no way scared of your kung fu bullshit, that's for sure, and I might just have to re-watch his Finals speech. That was the best shit ever.

As a nod to Tha Dolo, and as a mention of Agent Banks, there're a couple of Cody Davis clips in this Damn Am clip, hopefully sans dreadlocks forever this time around. Costa Mesa is fun...what else? Some of that shit that kids were doing in best trick just has to go. If I remember, double flips weren't tight the first time around, so why should it be any better now? The double 360 flip is about as lottery as it gets, and looks it too, and I think I also saw a double hardflip backside 180 (sorry, not rewatching it, out of principle)? Ugh, as chaboy Sam would say. Congrats to Cody for getting second for sure, keep coming up fool!

Who's gonna be SOTY? Comments section.

I'm psyched on this photo, I'm out!

October 24, 2008

The Asian Equation Plus One

Congrats to Johnny Vang, dude is getting married to the lovely lady with me above, the venerable Terry. I'm pretty hyped to go, uh, fasho. I dipped into the plat archive for that one, and as I scrolled through the photos this super wistful song come on the computer. Shit was tight. I don't look as silly and young as I thought I would/did in that photo. That's from Squire's wedding many moons ago; I'll be wearing those same wallabees tonight.

I was thinking about how rad it would be to show up at the ceremony tonight with the top of a pizza box ripped off and turned into a sign, with "The Asian Equation" sharpeed on it. Now I'm talking about shit that happened more than ten years ago. Shit was tight.

PS: Spettel is the best man, and I'm looking forward to the raddest/most animated/funniest/did I say raddest?/bestest speech ever tonight. Fingers crossed.

October 23, 2008

One Ticket To Robotic Bonerville Please

Gaffled video of Mike Graham from Damian, it's pretty hype.

Another one jacked from Damian! The first thing really wasn't robotic, but this one is quite a bit more.

And then this shit. Seattle's finest, six hours to film as much bangerness as possible, and some money on the line. I must say, I'm mad impressed.

All right now...I've hit some personal-say skate milestones in my life. I got a clip in 411 (a slam, but it counts, and I was in the bonus under three different names), and I've written stuff for magazines, and I've managed to get a couple of really small skate photos printed...BUT YO! Today I emailed NPR's Talk of the Nation and they read my email on the air. It was about using the price of PBR as an economic indicator. Give it a listen here, click on the "listen now", and keep your ears open around the 5:00 minute mark for the email from Mike in Minneapolis. Milestones!

October 21, 2008

2 Weeks

So the Real Talk Remix video doesn't have much to do with voting in two weeks, but you know wassup. For all you 18 and older MN fools that look at this site, know how to vote. If you didn't click on the link, know that you can register the same day as the polls (two weeks from now to be totally redundant), and as long as you still haven't clicked the link, know that if your ID has your current address on it, you can just show up at the proper place and get your vote on. And if you still still haven't clicked the link, know that if you're ID doesn't have your current address on it, bring in a recent utility bill. Further questions, click the link.

Yeah, that's all for now.

October 20, 2008

Robotic Boner Won't Let Me Text

In case you've been sleeping somewhere for a very long time, above is CJ Tambornino's part from Boondoggle, which you can purchase by clicking on the banner at right. I've seen that part a million times, and still can't help but watching it again and again.

Mondays just keep getting trifer and trifer for me. Without a doubt they are met with muscle pain from whatever the weekend's activities were, and normally they also are the first day since Saturday morning that I feel like a proper human being. Now take into account that I lost half of my last pair of contacts Saturday night, and that I've been wearing my glasses for a day and a half now, and I feel like a goon. It's five business days before I've got more 'tacts, trife, I know.

An interesting eulogy for Van Wastell nabbed from BTO, that at least leaves the door open for other, admittedly sad, explanations.

Luke posted up the results of Ramp Jam on the Handjob site. Check for your name on there and claim your free shit. In other equally pressing news, I've received about 127 emails regarding the footage from Vang's Bachelor Party; really.

So is the state of my brain on weekends; I totally forgot about the Cruiser Classic (though I did get out and shred, I swear). Peep the comments in the post below for results.

I know we're still only in the preseason and this essentially means nothing, but if Foye can manage more games with 15 assists to two turnovers, we're in for a fun season. Is my fantasy basketball draft tonight? Nah, last night.

Rob, my internet is working again. Please don't change your homepage.

October 16, 2008

Krause Cruiser Classic

Meet up at the Surf to partake.

October 14, 2008

Journey To The End Of The Internet

Go make a name for yourself at Renegade this weekend.

Lurking in the comments and now this; Todd's omnipresence on the internet continues to grow (you may have to scroll down).

Also from Bendpress, a pretty clear indication of how the rest of the world would vote in three weeks.

Picture Sam bloggin', along with some A-Listers.

Viking Hops! Via Killer Boots.

Zed Love? Young Zed, along with some OG Locs.

I'm still repping the LMSM.

Compulsory Wiskate link. Now an update? Update: Oh they did!

When we look back, we're all going to realize that Busenitz is a forever top fiver. Among one hundred other smaller details, peep the backside noseblunt slide.
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The Sherm lives, and stop twying my twicks. Might have to drive to Burnsville pretty soon here.


The End.

October 13, 2008

Locs...Nate Compher

Name: Nate Compher

Nicknames: Mint

Age: 23

What's your deal? Always dishing it out.

Where are you doing it? USA

How high can you ollie? Higher than you.

Can I have your board? For a burrito.

Favorite local video: Midopoly.

What's in your car? Underoath

It's a hot day, should we go skating or swimming? Both.

Who's your favorite local skater? Whodi

Where's the best place to eat? Bennihana, however you spell that joint on 394 and Louisiana.

Mini-ramp and beer or out on the streets all day? Streets by day vanilla stolie coke by night!

How old are you in skate years? 9 or 10.

It's 10 PM on a Saturday night, what are you doing? No its Monday, 11:55 AM and I'm working.

October 10, 2008

Ended Up Ballin'

Clint is Bangin'.

Making us proud; some local talk radio fools claiming that Magic Johnson faked having AIDs. Oops?

Mr. Face gives Todd a proper shout out in his Top Fives. Neckface that is. Saw that fool in NYC, and his face is in fact, not naturally blurry.

I think someone posted a Jimmy Kimmel clip about SP in the comments and I couldn't help but notice this flick of her in the video. In fact, I took a screen shot of it and the file ended up being called "hellablazable.tiff." Parsing this whole issue of sexism and elections and everything sucks. Happy Weekend.

Times Just Might Be Weird These Days

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Exhibit A: Chad and Dennis teamed up for some shit for the newest and maybe most viable social networking/skateboard site, and came up with pretty much a gem. Isn't it funny that Chad gets older and still gets better? What about a full time job and two kids? Amazing. I still think switch boardslide to switch crook to regs would be really rad. Think it over for part two, K? Exhibit B: The "proper arch" maker as seen in Sky Mall. I think I ripped that out, gawsh, when I was coming home from Tampa in January? Cool. Exhibit C: The Zombie Skate Punk costume from the Party Town or something insert in the newest Vita.mn mag. Whoever came up with that, no matter how much it actually sucks, actually rules, a lot I might add.

I don't think there are anymore exhibits. I did borrow my title from Todd's awesome post; peep me body surfing in there and keep in mind that I did a double barrel just after he shot that. Also keep in mind that while I was playing Apples to Apples tonight I did get a red card that had body surfing on it, and I did announce to Ash, Stacy, and Amber Jean that I had just got the best card ever.

I'm actually not sore today for the first time since Ramp Jam, but my knee, for those who may have seen it, is still partially fucked; mainly just hella sensitive.

Peep the new Skateboarder for a hilarious Nesser thing (his house is sick!), and a sequence of Nollie Heel Guy's, I mean, Davis' trick over that rail in somewhere. The interview he gave to Nieratko is riveting, by the way.

Have fun this weekend; I'm about to git buck! for Johnny Vang's bachelor party on Saturday. See ya'll at the Lamplighter.

October 8, 2008


Photo via Ryan Worthley

So there are some flicks of Ramp Jam floating around out there. Check the Facebook maybe? Otherwise, I know Pete and Phil were filming up a storm; I think there'll be an edit on the Nike site eventually, but how sick would it be if the Plat could get it's hands on an edit with the beer included? You know?

Having recently brought up Quy, it seems that Chrome Ball just put up entire post about him. Peep the SLB '97s in this one. Those shoes had the most craze sole. I had one pair that I'll never forget, no, never.

October 7, 2008

Gimme This Gimme That

Rearing our liberal bias once again, but you have to admit that McCain is just getting served on that cover, and who wouldn't want a president that can ball a little (Yeah, I know Palin played in high school, but...)?

Todd told me to tell you guys not to read this interview of his, or something like that. If you see the link and you're sitting down, get up and walk away. That was more like it.

Bogus Trend of the Week: Dudes with Cats. Running a little low on content am I?

The Wolves won a pre-season game against The Bucks, but that is meaningless really. I should just stop there...

October 6, 2008

Almost Famous/Did PBR Sponsor This?

If by now you don't know that the Plat is the place to go to witness The Sam McGuire within the media, then you must be tripping, or something along those lines. This time, our guy Sam gets a shout out from none other than Greg Lutzka in some Myspace Day in the Life thing. Comin' up! 60,000 views, up!

As for the half of the title to the left of the slash: Back Yard Ramp Jam fucking ripped. There were mad heads, a solid mix of young and old, and there seemed to be more of a "Let's just rip," attitude than last year, for whatever reason; this was perhaps buttressed by less stops but a longer time spent at each stop. Who knows? The Swoosh rigged up Chet Childress to be there, and between his rippage and comedy, the day was fully pushed to a level of 11 shotgunned PBR's out of 10 PBR's. Simply put, physics were defied, and perhaps even defiled.

The first stop was at Mound. As always, the BMX kooks were bummed, they grabbed their free shades and lurked. Davis pretty much tre flipped the jump box to flat, while Sherman took the dicier route of double flipping into the tranny. Much shreddatory conduct was had by all, with minimal collisions; the day was young, and sober. The bus pulled away right as the cops pulled up, giddy-up!

The next stop was Trog's in North East. We're talking Hessian driveway setup with benches for the dudes that didn't want to fuck with the extremely steep but well built quarter pipes and other assorted Tom-foolery. Davis ripped a frontside nosegrind for the ages, Kirian did a perfect backside boneless on the qp that I will call "The Denominator," complete with his Vans clad foot properly arching over the coping. Chet handled a traveling blunt to back disaster, and after that I was just running around lost drinking Redbull Vodkas and generally being hyped. To top the stop off, Folley backside noseblunted The Denominator, and that was that. We ran out of beer and went to Cesar's.

At Cesar's we found a tight yet mellow four-footer with extensions. By this time in the day people were drunk enough to not care, and on top of that, people just wanted to get their burn on the ramp; a snake session complete with a minimum of three people at one time ensued. Muldoon showed people wassup, I bean-planted off the extension onto the dude that would eventually win "Most Drunk," upon tumbling to the ground I even got kicked in the face!; Tabari did a backside ollie to noseblunt which cannot be simply called a backside noseblunt because of it's inherent properness. Much more went down, somewhere in there Nike brought more beer, we drank it, and we piled into the bus to go to Oakdale.

We got some fast food and nothing much happened and then we headed to the Oakdale park. The locals were bummed, and the kid wearing purple pants would be shit-talked the entire ride home by Chet. We seshed until dark and then the cops showed up, meaning we would leave.

The bus got to Dusty's well after dark, and after some Pizza Luce, I partied way late until the cops showed up and inquired about the party's sponsorship; I slept at A=Plus's after a fast and furious ride there from Vang. I awoke to find my body incapable of moving without mad pain. I deserved it.

Sorry for lack of photos, I'm a horrible blog dork on that front and mainly spent my time shredding, running into people, running around manically talking to people, and that's it, it was really a very awesome fifth anniversary of one of the best and most grass roots events that we do around here. If you haven't told Luke thanks yet, do so. See you fools next year.

October 3, 2008

Gino Nine and Ten

Yes sir. For a dude whose entire skate career can be summed up in about 20 minutes of compiled footage, I can't not say that he's one of the all time greats. Hat's off to Pat O'Dell for putting together a truly nuanced, journalistic character study. It's somber, sobering, human, and all together a glimpse at a troubled individual. And it's skateboarding. Wow.

October 2, 2008

Stay Gold Pony Boy

Sissi alerted me via email to the fact that something called The Davis Torgerson Interview existed over at EXPN.com. True indeed. He said "They must love MN...," regarding the fact that they did something on this humble website as well. Must be true.

Good interview Davis. No offense, but when we did that thing for Stuck, um, awkward would be the word for it. You rolled well with the questions and would have been a joy to have interviewed, I'm sure, if I were conducting it. You even managed to shout me out! Good job, though I do take some umbrage to one thing you said...that was...agreeing to the Brooks Grind (please note that there was no bold on that...)? You gave up your NBD way too easily! I know, I know, the DT Ripper may have its shortcomings, hell, it's simply an allusion to a caption that Dave Carnie wrote for Koston doing a backside noseblunt slide post Hubba Hideout destruction, when he called it an EK Ripper. But you gave it up so easily? Man.

I'll give it to my esteemed colleague Josh Brooks in that he Jedi Mind Tricked you into letting the whole Brooks Grind thing slide, but let's actually have some fun with this! Since trick names such as "Impossible," and "Hard Grind," just won't work these days, it's gonna take some work. But let me reiterate, though I haven't stated it, that nollie frontside hurricane just won't work. Isn't it a bit bulky, a mouthful, and such? I thought so. Let's think...An "Oh Fuck!!!" grind won't work because it will be seen as vulgar in some circles, and it's always been so hard to truly exclaim the true exclamationism of three exclamation points...

The "Oh Shit!!!" grind faces similar difficulties...

I think my best answer, though Mr. Andrew Paulsen already holds the key to "The Special," it may be sort of an informal key to it...No offense Plus. I say we call the nollie frontside hurricane The Special, and while I still hold the DT Ripper close to my heart, I gotta go otherwise. Come up with a name and leave it in the comments.

P.S.:Did Sarah Palin win the debate tonight simply by virtue that she didn't fuck up? Comments people...

P.P.S.:Who can do The Special switch, i.e. a frontside halfcab switch hurricane back to switch. Or maybe a switch The Special, that's way easier to say...

Oh Booya...

I randomly checked Post 22 tonight and found this rad video. I think I'm gonna watch it again.

Edit: This vid is a must view just for the last line of dude in his Timbs.

October 1, 2008


Well, there it is, the Brotage from Weekend Warriors, meaning the entire video is up on tha Tube. I ran into A-Hart at Surdyk's this past summer, he said he was going to skate some again. It's a shame a dude like that ain't in the game full time. Ran into Lanner's last year at school. He bought a house. Was he at the OUT Tournament this year?

Didn't see much on the internet today really. I do know that our boy S-Dot at LOA has been killing it on the Palin front, I'll let the video do the talking: Boo-ya. That's the realest of talk. Are we a part of the Liberal Mainstream Media now? Should that be liberal mainstream media? Have we always been a part?

Just to make things clear, I'm pretty hyped on Sanji's Top 3's with Rob Owens.

I noted this in the comments section, but be sure to check out this write up on Jereme Roger's burgeoning rap career. Seriously.

Git buck!

Take Your Pick Four

Freddy Gall from The Sub Zero video, versus Clark Hassler from Bag of Suck.

Keeping in mind that there's more than a ten year gap between the videos, and Hassler does rip and all...No, wait, it's Gall, by a mile, or two. It seems the original always wins. All the inevitable Gall haters chime in below, but be aware you are wrong. Fair and balanced!