October 21, 2008

2 Weeks

So the Real Talk Remix video doesn't have much to do with voting in two weeks, but you know wassup. For all you 18 and older MN fools that look at this site, know how to vote. If you didn't click on the link, know that you can register the same day as the polls (two weeks from now to be totally redundant), and as long as you still haven't clicked the link, know that if your ID has your current address on it, you can just show up at the proper place and get your vote on. And if you still still haven't clicked the link, know that if you're ID doesn't have your current address on it, bring in a recent utility bill. Further questions, click the link.

Yeah, that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Also know that your ID for same-day registration must be Minnesota issued or be a US Passport. Or bring someone who lives in your precinct, is pre-registered, and will vouch for you.

-from a plat reader and MN SOS employee

Anonymous said...

clap off! hells-yeah!

Anonymous said...

I know I will be vouching for Mickey Mouse about 22 times on Nov 4th so long as he (I mean they) vote for Obama!