July 19, 2016

Don't fear the Kre-per

At the risk of inciting more comparisons between Sheckler and a bygone era of Minneapolis skateboarding, the embedded above is called Hubert's Pack of Lies. More downtown gold from 20-plus years ago. That spot with the two-stair and 9-inch ledge looks like a dream -- where was that?

Davey Torkelson appeared on the The Nine Club podcast -- you can download it in the usual ways one would or you can catch it on YouTube. *The following highlights are from the podcasting POV*

There's talk of golfing; not sacking rails at Street League; Roger Bagley evidently produces a copy of Weekend Warriors; Chad Benson's rep grows stronger; as well, the legend of Nate Compher is discussed; Davis talks about making movies. I'm generally skeptical of skate-produced stuff like this (public radio snobbery?) but this one, albeit with a dude I know, was pretty well-done. I'm gonna listen to the other ones.

Update: Forgot how much the heart grew three sizes when Davis brought up his love of bad skateparks. It's all true.

By all accounts the return of Aqua Jam will be really cool. It's this Saturday -- between the keg jumps (high entertainment) and the mini ramp built for the ordeal, it should be worth showing up for.

June 29, 2016

Dance of death

A quick clip that explains things -- I've felt the draw of spandex, no lie.


The comments got hot on the last post.

June 24, 2016

Summers past

Footage from 24 or more years ago shouldn't look so familiar -- a good portion of the downtown spots skated in the video above are still skated today, a quarter of a century later. Made tricks/parts kick in around the 2:30 mark -- the video features, roughly in order of appearance, Chad Mohler, Matt Hubert, Judd Prozinski (with some Rob Sissi in there) and Jesse Mohler. Was the parking garage improved or hurt by that extra asphalt?

June 21, 2016

Go to sleep

Jerboi Davis Torgerson made a 10-minute-ish video called Naptime, a means of dealing with -- do we remember -- like a broken foot? Naptime isn't exactly Davis' first time around the video-making block; probably about 10 years ago he made a flick called Atosennim that may or may not exist on the internet, and if memory serves he was some sort of consultant on the Myskate project of roughly the same era. Naptime is also notable since Sissi has a clip in it, keeping alive his streak of appearing in roughly 87 of 87 possibly applicable video projects in which he had an opportunity to appear. Not even talking shit -- dude stacks clips. Credit Jenkem with the online premiere of the flick.

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May 18, 2016

Community Bulletin Board

Nike Bruin Hyperfeel Wear Test from PetertheJones on Vimeo.

Is Nike SB even controversial right now? Plat faves Philly from Humidity and Matt Nordness appear in both clips above, along with some of the usual and not so usual locs.

Where are the support guys on this one?

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Snoop and Banks should make an album!

A handful of thoughts on the new adidas video, Away Days:
* The older heads understood the vibes about the music budget.
* Fakie inward heelflips.
* Felt like a Cliché video from the aughts.
* Lucas!
* Miles Silva!?
* The skating was good; the ultra clean ledge skating got old.
* Travel budget videos lack a sense of place.
* Majerus stood out.
* Probably not gonna set any trends
* Not nearly as scary as the GX-1000 vid, but had fewer graffiti clips.

April 25, 2016

All seven

#purifyyourselfinthewatersoflakeminnetonka #prince #ripprince #mpls

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I don't have a strong grasp on exactly how long the clip above runs but I've got a feeling Meyer just might make good use of the extra IG running time.

The Burnsville skatepark will be expanded. Per Dean Mulso on FB:

The Burnsville City Council approved the Phase II construction for the Burnsville Lions Skate Park.
So the good news is: we have a construction project that will set Burnsville in the skating scene for years to come.
The other news that comes with construction is: the entire skate park and surrounding area will be closed during the construction period. Anticipated construction schedule is May 16 - August 16.
We are asking for your help in spreading the word to keep skaters out of the area so you have the best possible quality of workmanship and the park holds up for years to come.
We will be having a Grand Re-opening celebration once the park is completed.
A bit more: The Burnsville council essentially gave the go ahead in January and finalized the bidding process at its April 19 meeting, awarding the work contract to Custom Builders, Inc., on their nearly $234,000 bid. Much of the funding for the expansion comes from the city -- just more than $155,000 comes from its park fund -- while $50,000 was contributed by the Lions Club, hence the name.

As far as I can tell, a longboard shop opened near Roosevelt High School near 42nd Street and Hiawatha in South Minneapolis. City Pages wrote about it:

Max’s father, John Kuker, was a recording legend who owned Seedy Underbelly in Minneapolis and Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, paving the way for local musicians like Semisonic and Jonny Lang to launch their stars. He was also an avid skateboarder, placing Max on his own baby penny cruiser when he was just six years old.

Last February, John died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was 40 years old.

“That store, I was always just being like, ‘I could never do that, I could never swing that,’” Max says. “Then after he died, I just kinda realized, I need to do it. He recorded a lot of new Minneapolis bands that were just broke and looking for some way to get their music on CDs. His studio kind of became a haven for creatives. I’m want to make that for skaters.”

Per a text convo with Davis about the news last week, he said that after his two Purple One-themed pro models, "[I] kinda had to tell them no more Prince graphics." The one I held onto is definitely bound for the wall, now.