December 20, 2015

'15 Platty's


Super deep thoughts on how the Platty's work (unnecessary apostrophe but years of style backing it up), via the 2010 blockbuster, Inception:

"What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere."
Probably just that intestinal worm.

Arbitrary local skateboard awards done in the style of the T-Eddy's. PAST YEARS: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

MinneSOTY: Jack Olson.

Dark Horse: Jesse Krueger.

The Professional: Tabari Cook.

Rad Dad: Emeric "Olu" Pratt.

So Long Ago?: DEBRI2.

Best At HQ: Evan Smith.

Remix: The Hiawatha.

People's Champ: Jack Dawkins

Still Waiting On That Part: Alex Uncapher.

Right Below The Surface: Corey Millett.

Gentleman Filmmaker: Tim Fulton.

40-years-old: Chad Benson.

Best Hair: Davis Torgerson.

TWS Part?: Davis Torgerson.

Still Skates: Dennis Burdick.

Father Time: Judd Prozinski

Year Of Progression: Brian Estrada.

Whip It, Whip It Real Good: Tanner VanVark.

Decade's A Long Time: Cody Davis.

The Force Stayed Woke: Todd Brown.

Brooklyn: Pete Spooner.

Serious Inquiries Only: Kevin Horn.

Divine Hammers: Jan Jacobson.

You'll Never Believe To Which Blog We'll Never Link:

Down Under: Andrew Leibman.

ALL CAPS/New, New Layout: The Hesh Dot Com.

Gentleman Scholar: Ricky Nunn.

Former Loc Done Good: Dane Vaughn.

Staff Writer: Wylie Tueting.

Thank You: Steve Nesser.

Conflicted: Dana Ross.

Questions Of Infrastructure: Phil Schwartz.

The New Oak Street Cinema: Bell Museum.

Copy Editor?: Village Psychic.

Casually The Best Dude Here T.J. Moran.

Good Ass Beer?: Kevin Chartand.

How Old Is That Dude?: Dalton Jones.

Thank who? THNKU.

OH Snap: Kirian Stone.

Most Anticipated: The Lair Video.


Wylie T. said...

Enough about me. . . .
Because I'm most happy for Davis (a Transworld part was the only thing he needed); and Jack Dawkins (whose skating is so promising and whose name is so English -- we're talking castles, maidens, and Palace of Westminster "English"); and Dalton Jones (who Wylie cut into hard after Dalton's "THNKU" part outdid itself, because that's how a man shows he finally believes in another man.)

Wylie T. said...

I just remembered -- that I'm just as happy for Chad Benson, who not only continues to inspire me through his skating, but through his suspicion of that which is Californian, prone to deep V-Necks, and self-glorifying Huf Footwear parts.
Benson was the first man that I heard dismiss Gillette and Rieder, and for that I remain enlightened!
(Because Benson's authorized to dismiss a trend when he sees one.)

jonathan richman said...

Wylie, I am sorry, but Benson is wrong, they may dress wonky, but their skating is undeniably nuts.

Wylie T. said...

O, Mr. Richman,
How gratifying it is to have you challenge Benson and me about two of the most sensitive subjects!
Where to even begin? I don't quite know, nor do I want to overdo it.
So I'll just say this: I'm willing to support metrosexual swank or hipster mystique any day of the week, provided that in either case the subject carries power and an awareness-of-self, e.g., Ricky Martin or The Strokes.
But while both Gillette and Rieder carry power, they continue to lack an awareness-of-self, proven every time they film another over-dramatized trick with black-and-white film and a straight-face. The trick might be lovely, but their behavior is that of clueless style-pioneers -- who could really do with some comedy if they want me to take their skating seriously.
And yet I'd be sneaky if I didn't acknowledge Gillette's recent YouTube interview, in which he seems aware of his comic-heroic-tragic existence, which is always an existence that a man can believe in!
But as for Rieder, his sense-of-self is still so lost, and thus Benson and I must dismiss his skating.