December 21, 2015

Program note

Folks in the skateboard media business with straight news reporting experience are seeing worlds collide as the story behind the arrest of Keelan Dadd, Steven "Baby Scumbag" Fernandez and the latter's manager for the sexual exploitation of a 12-year-old girl plays out. Hard news rarely invades skateboard world like this -- skaters do die from time to time, and while that's tragic and sad, the bulk of "real news" regarding skateboarders is typically drug-fueled and at least a little funny. This one isn't -- it's no "sex scandal," per a poorly-worded TWS head -- and it's got real-world consequences, most importantly for the alleged victim, as well as for the likes of 27-year-old Dadd, whose sponsors are lining up to drop him long before he could ever stand trial for felonies that could lead to a lengthy prison term. How swiftly Dadd is being let go is a fascinating contrast between skate world and, say, how the NFL deals with domestic abuse (that league which operates on collectively bargained contracts and so on and so forth for differences), but not much to revel in since he's far from proven guilty.

This blog will most definitely not be updated from now until around the second week in January, 2016, so just hold tight.


sprntrl said...

Anyone know if Wylie is ok? 2 new posts without a comment? What gives?

Wylie T. said...

O, Mr. Sissi, How I appreciate your words!
I've been so busy living practically and working that I forgot how much this site appeals to me.
So, I'll reinstall myself full-time in a day or two; that's no lie. Thanks again,

Wylie T. said...

Whether or not Keelan Dadd gets incriminated, all I know is that the saddest moment of this past summer was when I found myself jobless on a Tuesday and reading an online Transworld article about how Dadd has a "sexy Asian girlfriend."
There were revealing pictures of her; and pictures of Dadd taking revealing pictures of her; and stupid-ass-Transworld questions about what it might be like for Dadd to revel in such picture-taking and, too . . . in her.
And afterward I recalled Dadd's words upon his quiting DGK -- "I dont fuck wit u"; that's what he tweeted -- and it hit me that there's just something really, fairly queasy about this guy.
Now ain't that still true?