May 5, 2015

Propeller Shouts and Murmurs

No marquee placement so this photo isn't blowing it.

The Vans portrayal: the skies are sunny and the stoke is on. The Uptown Theater was pretty full and the cushy new-ish seating, along with their new-ish liquor license, were appreciated by many. The movie nearly started on time and we didn't get a Bovee speech, but an exhortation from theater staff to not film the proceedings; Propeller was live on iTunes in three hours anyways.

It's novel, really, to make the video's introduction a useful part of the film, punctuated by an appearance of the company namesake as seen through 'his' kitchen window. There were just enough folks there to get that critical cheering mass going and it was persistent throughout, save for young Curren Caples' part, where the theater saw too much of themselves on screen. Other observations gleaned from a wide-cast net.

•A reflection on the coverage meter: Kids know Jeff Grosso, not Tony Alva.

Chima Ferguson is the dude many sitting nearby had yet to figure out.

•The Santa Rosa park would have been a great place for 32-year-old Tony Trujillo to return, though maybe he's not old enough for that amount of obvious nostalgia.

•Crailtap affiliation heals all and Elijah Berle's grown up. Related:

Chris Pfanner's part was so uniformly gnarly that the cheering lulled.

•Check on Rowley's knees.

•Reports say Andrew Allen is based on a character from "Sk8 or Die."

•It was a two-songer from Gilbert Crockett, who in aggregate did all the hardest shit.

•Definitely overheard Kyle Walker referred to as "White Ishod."

•It's been 15 years and AVE's put out four majors, two openers and two enders, and has evolved into a linebacker. Check the shoulder alignment coming out of one of the more difficult table moves.

Dana "Pizza" Ross, got his name in the credits, verbatim to how it's written here, and says he's made it, finally.

Normally the recommendation would be to head to the shop to pick up a copy, but this one's strictly digital; log on to tune in.