October 13, 2008

Locs...Nate Compher

Name: Nate Compher

Nicknames: Mint

Age: 23

What's your deal? Always dishing it out.

Where are you doing it? USA

How high can you ollie? Higher than you.

Can I have your board? For a burrito.

Favorite local video: Midopoly.

What's in your car? Underoath

It's a hot day, should we go skating or swimming? Both.

Who's your favorite local skater? Whodi

Where's the best place to eat? Bennihana, however you spell that joint on 394 and Louisiana.

Mini-ramp and beer or out on the streets all day? Streets by day vanilla stolie coke by night!

How old are you in skate years? 9 or 10.

It's 10 PM on a Saturday night, what are you doing? No its Monday, 11:55 AM and I'm working.


Anonymous said...

totally awasome man.

Anonymous said...

out here in the boonies nate compher is a ledgend.

Anonymous said...

i heard that dude lives in cali now? filming for the new chocolate video. he's gonna have a sick part in it.

Anonymous said...

he likes it in the rear i hear!

Anonymous said...

No way this dude is filming for the new Chocolate vid.Hes never even had an ad for them,you think he would after supposedly riding for them for so long?

platinumseagulls said...

Supposedly riding for them...Rumors Confirmed: Nate is flow for Chocolate. Flow doesn't mean ads, flow means free shit. Dudes in Hilltop last time I checked.

Todd (cant spell) said...

UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! dude is about to be in the OC staying at Teenage Runaway Urethane HQ, best BELIEVE.

Scott said...

Todd you need to pay your hosting company.

Anonymous said...

I look foward to Nate's parts more than anyone here in the cities. The song choice and the progression....Keep doin' your thing Nate.

Anonymous said...

Nate. I'm pregnant.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend thought his name was Nate Computer

Anonymous said...

G-toe Nate has the HERPLIE URPILIES