October 14, 2008

Journey To The End Of The Internet

Go make a name for yourself at Renegade this weekend.

Lurking in the comments and now this; Todd's omnipresence on the internet continues to grow (you may have to scroll down).

Also from Bendpress, a pretty clear indication of how the rest of the world would vote in three weeks.

Picture Sam bloggin', along with some A-Listers.

Viking Hops! Via Killer Boots.

Zed Love? Young Zed, along with some OG Locs.

I'm still repping the LMSM.

Compulsory Wiskate link. Now an update? Update: Oh they did!

When we look back, we're all going to realize that Busenitz is a forever top fiver. Among one hundred other smaller details, peep the backside noseblunt slide.
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The Sherm lives, and stop twying my twicks. Might have to drive to Burnsville pretty soon here.


The End.

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