October 30, 2009

"I'm not like other guys."

Zombies are so en vogue right now. Git some tomorrow night.

This is the 400th post since the switch to blogger, which makes it the 1837th Platinum post overall (that's an estimation).

Happy Weekend.

October 29, 2009

Midopoly Ten Year Reunion?

Fire up the St. Paul Student Center.


While I lifted the formatting of using italics under a photo from BTO, I not only let the dude know who does that blog that he ain't seen nothing yet, but I also have linked to his site exactly twice. Inside jokes are fun for everyone involved, so don't get salty. Small .jpgs!

I bought the newest Tiltmode video, Bonus Round a couple of months ago, and I had no idea that it also held the prior two Tildmode videos within until, like, yesterday. Therefore, in a time killing fashion, I watched the original Tiltmode video, and the bullet points beyond here sum up my thoughts:

-Its now cool to "review" videos from the past.

-There's lots of questionable hip-hop(?) music(?) in there.

-Jesse Erickson was mad good; way to go on the Lance Mountain dummy.

-More questionable hip-hop.

-This is now live-blogging.

-The montages were always good. Holler at Mike Crabtree!

-Joe Red's gear was atrocious in the early aughts, good thing he found colored jeans in the latter part of this decade; dude rips.

-Fun interludes are still sort of fun.

-I skipped Cab's part. Some other dude skated.

-Ed Devera is better than the long-haired dude that is posing as Ed Devera.

-Interlude. Skip!

-Shitty hip-hop instrumental equals...skip! (That excludes hating on the dude that is pretty good but he's ripped) (not a good thing while skating small ledges)(who does some shit but nonetheless is way too in shape to look right while doing a scrawny man's activity)(notice how I didn't use sport; STREET CRED!). Put a shirt on.

-Heard about the Stabbin' Cabin. Who knows Captain Stabbin'?

-It's sick that MJ was on that roadtrip.

-Louie Bartletta almost blew it on this part because while he missed a lot of tricks that would have been awesome, he almost didn't fall that funny while falling. There was some random dude in there. Louie also failed to have a bad haircut. Either way, he's banging way hot chicks at the age of 40(?), so fuck you.

-Benji used the montage song for B-show.

-Jerry Hsu will rule forever.

-Cute puppies and doubles montage!!! Wait, there weren't no puppies? But the song...

-Ricky Espinoza skated to one of the raddest skate video songs ever, and I'd be a dick to hate on it. What the fuck happened to him?

-Marc Johnson is at his best when he's not trying too hard. He's also the most "modern" looking skateboarder in this video, and all in all, that means nothing. I say A-Team would have worked if Marc had just never shaved his head and donned the hair that god had gave him. Seriously.

-Enter Stevie Cab doing a Jets To Brazil cover and lots of slams and heartwarming shit and dummies, and we got this! (After-party foote non-withstanding.)

-(Louie's nose-ring) End on more cute shit.

-Cabs boardslide of destiny is amazing. Sometimes you don't have to make it to take it. You just take it.

October 28, 2009

Shakira: "Hips Don't Lie"

It didn't take much of a Google image search to get Drehobl doing a pivot fakie, but the Russian-ass source site is hot.

As an antidote to the sometimes and should always be maligned flatbank to "lip" pivot grind fakie, (aka backside 5-0 fakie for non-TWS readers of the mid-to-late-nineties) that was the trick du jour of some years past, comes the Drehobl Fakie contest video. Note "Irish" Brendan Connely's appearance in said video.

While I'm partial to the pivot more than the pivot grind (fakie), the above video is good and refreshing like "achhhhhh" in that the dudes that submitted did some, um, refreshing stuff. While the song was better suited to some Alfonso Fernandez part (featuring Jesus), the overall feeling is somewhere between "rad" and "cool." The word "lukewarm," like, I guess, did not participate.

I suppose the more I think about things, the video that I'm trying to write about wasn't all that compelling; the kid that won the whole damn thing (what did he win?; I will NOT research this) did some gnarly shit to be sure, but, yeah, gnarly. I got really excited about the whole, "hips don't lie" thing, but aside from the wildly waving hands of most contestants(?), I guess I wasn't looking at hip-alignment. Ugh. Either way, the pivot fakie can be one of the most pleasurable tricks this side of legality, its photogenic for a straight up lip-trick, and I don't know why I'm not studying box scores right now.

"I like the slow ones better than the fast ones, they feel like stabs."
-Me in regards to pivot fakies.

October 27, 2009

The Chilling Fields...

Well guys, my week in Cambodia was fucking awesome.

The above picture is a shout-out to The Wiz and his blown out calf muscle, get well soon bud!

On that other get well soon tip, through all the bruises and busted asses that resulted from BYRJ this year, the dude that got it the worst was Bob Bogema, who, after the requisite collision to fall of the ramp, ended up with a broken clavicle and the cursory "Best Slam" award for the day. Otherwise, here's one of the three photos I shot that day; let's hope that Fink and co. come up on some video documentation of the day.

The name of this post is an inadvertent title idea for the next Roll video.

If you weren't there last Friday, catch a feel of Minnesota.

Vote Nav.

In a random occurrence of events, I was supposed to meet Jonny Flynn yesterday because this dude was in town to photograph him; in the end, H1N1, that bastard of a virus, shutdown Flynn and shutdown my chances of mildly nerding out. All is not lost; the NBA season starts tonight, and I've got Kobe on my fantasy team. Dank Nuggzz fool!

FYI, Nesser has an interview in the new TWS magazine, and after ten-plus years in the game, I think the dude is starting to open up a little bit. On a related note, all Familia blogginz are happening on the actual Familia website, and not their blog. Trip on that.

Chris Hitchens right here sounding strangely diplomatic; I'm sure he'll be back to normal soon, when he's not schlepping the documentary he's in.

Even if I'm slacking on the interblogging tip, it looks like Bobby Worrest has "been in Cambodia" for like, three months. While its doubtful, maybe Thiebaud shut his blog down like Kahn killed K-Love's Twitter.

Check this out, even though I just remembered that the afore-linked blogger once referred to me as the "Paul Shier of Minnesota" (or Minneapolis or Midwest or whatever) while reviewing Weekend Warriors in Stuck. In no way do I dislike Shier, far from it in fact; I just hope that I manage to pop my shit.

See cha'all in two weeks, I've got a long weekend in Nova Scotia coming up.

October 16, 2009


First I saw it over at the Familia blog and then I saw it on the pages of the new issue of The Mag; whatevz, Nesser's new ad is swassup. Also in the new Mag, Matt Price bases an entire tour article around a character from Gossip Girl, and the dudes abide.

After a completely and utterly failed viewing attempt, Pinneapple Express is banned from Platinumseagulls. FUCK that movie.

The next time I need magical ganja humor, you know where I'm going.

You make it on the bus this year?

In light of this, while I'm not 100% sure how I feel, I just wonder, couldn't they have booked Jessica Rabbit?

Abandon all hope ye who enter the Salon.com comments section. As of late, I've become addicted to reading the back and forths between crazies of both the far left and far right persuasions. Be careful.

In light of the mindless switch of Hennepin Ave downtown from a one-way to a two-way street and the subsequent loss of the best bike-lane thoroughfare of downtown, and a recent feeling that police have been hawking over bikers more lately, Slate tries to figure out how to get bikers to follow the law. I miss my bike, I need this weather to break.

See ya'll at the premier, Happy Weekend!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Benji. Its tomorrow.

October 15, 2009


Get on later.

October 13, 2009


As I type this it appears that CJ's Mag Minute at The Skateboard Mag site has begun to overwhelm their servers; shit is refusing to load. Or not, who knows, who cares? It now appears that everyone else is figuring out what we already knew, CJ is on some mind alteringly next level shit. What's next?

October 12, 2009

The Unseen Hand

I bet winning $5,000 in Chicago over the weekend is making this snow a little bit easier to bear for C.J. Good job. As rumors of 3x set exploits come in, word is that Mr. Tambo's online presence is only going to grow in the coming days. John must be proud. In fully related news, jerboi Gregg Clover came in tenth. Above is the trailer for Mr. Meyer's Opus, aka Feelin' Minnesota (info on the premiere etc. at the link). It should not disappoint, and rumors of an after-party at Suburban World are, well, confirmed.

At some point today, there will be a worth while video right here from Fourstar. Until then?

I am aware that this is pretty much the exact same post as The Hesh, but I think we can get away with that.

Hardflip once again mixes skateboarding and current affairs and gets something worth reading.

Misled Youth is a pretty badass video name.

I say Busenitz.

October 8, 2009


Eddie K.

Jerboi Edward Kochendorfer is featured in the above video over at the Force Trucks page, so even though I embedded the video because I think it looks pretty at the top of the post, head over to the Force page and get them some hits up in here. Cool? Cool.

The above is a montage from the City Museum in St Louis. I repped the museum on a rainy and hungover day back in May when I wasn't hanging out with Nelly, and I must say the jealousy levels are peaking because the place would be an amazing zone to skate (when I was there we just played on the slides and shit, and it still ruled). McGuire was there taking photos, so watch for printed coverage out there soon.

Over at Boil The Ocean there's a somewhat interesting discussion going on about the ethics of S.K.A.T.E. centered upon a recent skatepark website game; its gone as far as taking into question a certain blogger's skateboarding aptitude, and the term "internet skateboarders" has also reared its ugly head.

If you don't want to buy stuff, there's still a party.

Check here for Backyard Ramp Jam updates, there's some new shit!

October 5, 2009

To Shiloh: A Definition

Shi⋅loh [shahy-loh]


1. a national park in SW Tennessee: Civil War battle 1862.
2. an ancient town in central Palestine, west of the Jordan River.


1. to crouch once in order to attempt a flatground skateboarding trick, and for one or many reasons, to stand again, and re-crouch in order to attempt the trick once more. The term references a switch varial heelflip performed in a line by Shiloh Greathouse; it is anachronistic misleading in that Mr. Greathouse landed his trick, while the vast majority of the time the attempted trick is not landed.

1. "Damn, I Shilohed on that nollie heel and then I knew there was no way in hell I was landing it."

See also: Shiloh cleanse.

Throw Craze

The coverage meter once again flips in McGuire's favor as he and Malto slap high-fives and take photos, and then, without a doubt, drink tall-boys Gatorades in the back of the van.

Here's a little tribute to Hensley. Rad and well done, hey Meyer, let's get rolling on that 1992 section for Shitheads 2010.

An in-depth look at the definition of "fuck".

Sick line-up, wish I'd have been there.

Football anyone?