October 28, 2013

Time Capsule

Judging by the DC Kalis shoes in what appear to be the second or third color way released, this photo is from 2000 or 2001, chocked full of skateboard talent and absolutely ridiculous, based on the way Dane is holding that cake. Too precious; more later.

October 24, 2013

Skateboarding's Jordan Crawford?

I'm not exactly sure what THE RIFT PROMO is, as far as it being a crew vid or an actual promo and all that, but I do know that makers Jake Durham and Josh Manoles did a good, concise job of making a flick that's well worth your 11 minutes. Digging the mix of Minneapolis and Duluth and the production value, which is legit.

The weekend looks promising with the event above, featuring new work from Anthony Hart as well as Todd Bratrud at Familia, and some shoes, too. Reality has set back in and it's probably safe to say that Nye's actually isn't the best bar in the country* but there are worst places to be for an after party, especially in costume.

Thanks to Quartersnacks for editing down that Forrest Edwards interview. I'm pretty sure I had a better NBA analogy than Forrest Edwards=Jordan Crawford, which falls apart at some levels, but I've since lost it**.

Ryan Gallant was interviewed over at Ripped Laces and ended up talking about some of the more mundane, but still interesting aspects of being a pro skater.

Instagram of things to come?, as seen in Igloolik, Canada, which is quite far away.

*That "ranking," or assertion, about Nye's is from 2006 and yet we just keep going back to it.

**https://twitter.com/quartersnacks/status/393515713761382401" target="_blank">Quartersnacks got it.

October 21, 2013

Not A Foam Roller Storify

The horserace for Thrasher's Skater of they Year award, recently commented and complained about often on this site, begins now with the Ishod Wair part above. A video part on the Thrasher site seems like the number one requirement for SOTY (post last year, when it seemed like the only requirement) and it was even mentioned in the caption of the clip above.

It's difficult to prognosticate any further with the SOTY business. The only other dude who seems to have been productive enough (and that simply comes to mind) is the semi-controversial Mark Suciu, who, is it even possible, put out too much stuff this year?

Stemming from the recent string of disappointing-to-this-guy-SOTYs, I'm more than tacitly OK with Wair looking like he's the foregone conclusion (he's a got a part in that Nike video, coming soon), because, well, maybe he's a better reflection of the mood of skateboarding at the moment than the previous two guys (sorry for that phrasing, but think about it). Shit, I'm bullish on the kid right now because he put out a part using a time-tested formula (East Coast/Night Footage/90's Hip Hop) that warms curmudgeons' hearts. Did I miss any potential SOTYs?*

Elsewhere, the Dennis Durrant Adidas welcome video contains some tricks that are bonkers and raises the question, why does this dude periodically fall of the radar so hard? Yeah, there are tons of ways to blow a skate career [including being over it (yo, there are two Anthony Pappalardos, FYI)], but could it really boil down to C1RCA or Mystery?

There was a snowboard contest in downtown Minneapolis this past weekend, across the street from the Old Fed.

Watch the city grow over at The Strib.

Accidentally filmed some clips last week.

7 days.

*Update: Yes, totally forgot about Westgate; two video parts and a Thrasher cover are a strong argument, indeed. Of the three dudes mentioned in the post, nobody is super objectionable.

October 15, 2013

2 Week Warning

The best dude at Twitter in town, Jan Jacobson, hops up on that non-spot that Jaimes broke in with a photo by Spencer Gillespie. The Hesh with commentary here.

There's another Vinnie edit featuring dudes from Minnesota who don't live here anymore.

14 days.

October 8, 2013

Just Add The Bird

Being the prolific artist that he is, it's no huge surprise that from time to time, Todd Bratrud is going to have his work stolen by hot sauce companies or expensive t-shirt companies. When it comes to "they're still around?" type companies from within skateboarding (and their shop buddies), it's just bad.

Dalton Jones got mentioned on Skateline for being the wizard that he is.

From what I should have posted yesterday, The Wall Street Journal covered skateboarding and the government shutdown well, while The New York Times failed to be sensitive to differences between types of skateboards.

Continuing to lift from the Times, this story ostensibly about the Minneapolis dating scene has so many ugh and cringe-worthy moments that it's an instant classic. A sample:

"As for Mr. Wayne, he had inch-wide plugs stretching his earlobes and a tattoo of a cartoon angel on one side of his neck and a cartoon devil on the other. He sported white-rimmed glasses and a trucker hat tagged with the word “ZAP.” As he set out in this night after “pre-gaming” with a handle of Jameson and a growler of beer at home, he threw a red kaffiyeh around his neck to complete his look."
Digged this Mitch Guth montage via The Hesh, they've also got about two weeks of clip updates below that, too.

We're getting so close. 21 days until it's real: