October 8, 2013

Just Add The Bird

Being the prolific artist that he is, it's no huge surprise that from time to time, Todd Bratrud is going to have his work stolen by hot sauce companies or expensive t-shirt companies. When it comes to "they're still around?" type companies from within skateboarding (and their shop buddies), it's just bad.

Dalton Jones got mentioned on Skateline for being the wizard that he is.

From what I should have posted yesterday, The Wall Street Journal covered skateboarding and the government shutdown well, while The New York Times failed to be sensitive to differences between types of skateboards.

Continuing to lift from the Times, this story ostensibly about the Minneapolis dating scene has so many ugh and cringe-worthy moments that it's an instant classic. A sample:

"As for Mr. Wayne, he had inch-wide plugs stretching his earlobes and a tattoo of a cartoon angel on one side of his neck and a cartoon devil on the other. He sported white-rimmed glasses and a trucker hat tagged with the word “ZAP.” As he set out in this night after “pre-gaming” with a handle of Jameson and a growler of beer at home, he threw a red kaffiyeh around his neck to complete his look."
Digged this Mitch Guth montage via The Hesh, they've also got about two weeks of clip updates below that, too.

We're getting so close. 21 days until it's real:


Benjamin Ragsdale said...

Why did Shorty's think they needed to give the skeleton hair?

Anonymous said...

I was checking out that JFA shirt at Extreme Noise thinking IT was a Bratrud rip off (couldnt find a signature).