November 19, 2013

MN to IN

This 25-year-old footage of Eric "Woody" Froland came to light as one of those rad bi-products of skateboarding's collective memory. Andrew Hutchison has more on how he came across the footage as well as a longer edit, right back there. Hutch was just recently in Minne and also posted up a clip of the trip right here.

There's a Todd Bratrud interview from ESPN that includes a fairly random portfolio with explanations from Todd.

With 5 p.m. darkness the norm, for the time being, this Andre Vernon summer throwaway montage is a good reminder of productive summer nights and features some new shit going down on the high Pillsbury planters.

I get the local angle and gettin' dem clicks, but...this comes off as a little desperate for validation. Sometimes we can ignore these things:

November 15, 2013