October 28, 2011

So-called P-Town

It's obvious the biggest problem with the Plymouth Plaza is that it's in Plymouth. Not a terrible drive, but it's kind of far. I was skeptical when I showed, to be clear. The park isn't that big, and there really isn't that much concrete in use, to tell the truth. However, once skated, it becomes clear the park flows and, while it may not have enough space for 50 hungry-ass-kids to skate all at once, 15 or 20 dudes that aren't idiots can co-exist there no problem. The three sided hip is most definitely steep, but that makes it a legit bank to skate and tricks over the hip an accomplishment. The two sided hip is mellow and a fun part of the line to the taco quarterpipe, which is around face/head high, just right. Slappies up the side might be the best thing to do there. Dudes skated the rails. The ledges were good. There are fun little flat gaps. There are cracks in front of the steps. It's kind of a dustbowl right now as construction continues. To reverse a previous position, I'm not sure what the beer drinking factor will be. It's pretty damn fun. See you there.

October 24, 2011

October 21, 2011

"Go There. Try That."

This video works on every level. Would have been sick to have done some shitty grab out of that natural mega ramp he nollie flipped into; you've already got one stink bug. Weekend stoke.

Boil The Ocean talks SOTY, no real disagreements on the dudes mentioned. My heart says Busenitz but my mind's not so sure.

Bill's buddy cam.

On Bill Murray.

This is just weird.

Fin. Happy weekend.

October 20, 2011

Plymouth Rox

The HECK Files on that K.C. trip the #FAMILIABOYS were on.

Our hard-nosed Plymouth Plaza beat writer, Dan Jackson is back with what may be a final update:

In an effort to escape the harsh scrutiny of Platinumseagulls, Inc. editorial staff, I will “lighten up” the tone of today’s Plymouth Skatepark report. As you can see, fair weather has aided the construction process, though official word from the city is that Nov. 1 is the opening date. It appears that only things left are some concrete filling on the ground and ledges, the metal “P” bank, and filling in whatever is going in the alligator pits. On Monday evening, I estimate 30 kids had hopped/stepped over the plastic fence to skate. Wed night (when photos were shot) was not as busy, but factor in it was colder, windier and kids have King of the Groms this weekend to train for. Reports are efforts to kick kids out have been minimal, but some of the more intelligent kids did indicate they got kicked out when they tried skating WHILE construction workers were working. I can also report one mother was spotted picking up her son and was witnessed getting out of her minivan to meet him a few steps away from the “Please Don’t Skate” sign. The photos speak for themselves pretty much and all elements are pretty much in place (aside from the “P”). And to reinforce the level of positivity of this report, I would like to take a moment to congratulate the design/construction crew for actually replicating real street skating. Please refer to the close-up image of the three stairs. Yes, those are authentic “street” cracks right where you are going to ollie from as well as where you will land! In addition to the obvious benefits of training in a true street environment, I suspect a lucky kid or two will have the worldwide distinction of being the very first to Bondo cracks at a skatepark (yes, third-world parks included)!!!

Wouldn't it be better if people weren't skating it on the off-chance that they actually were fucking up the curing of the concrete? There's a harsh winter ahead, cracks happen...

Despite the criticisms of cynical old Dan, thanks for the ongoing reports Jackal. You've contributed WAY more to this blog than my so-called intern has since Sept. 3, the last time he updated. See ya'll skating in the cold at the Plymouth Plaza (after it opens, probably early some morning). The park is (for that totally butthurt dude in the comments) at the Plymouth Creek Playfield, of Fernbrook Lane. I just Googled it.

October 18, 2011

#stuffchuckfilmed 2

Chuck Odima, also know by a hashtag nickname, with another montage that has a decidedly 90's feel (definitely the beat). It's evident that Chuck films with a ton of dudes and that's rad. Homie that did the frontside nollie flip in the line made me gasp when he pushed switch mongo because it was totally a surprise (is switch mongo only reserved in this day and age for 30+ legends?) . I'm psyched on the clip.

A new Mississippi Grind video is right 0 comments

October 17, 2011

Caught Wreck

New Time?

Congrats to Johnny Vang on his first child, a girl. Is it true that Junior Mint is engaged? Sources say yes. Not a whole hell of a lot more happening today.

October 14, 2011

First World Problems

Found this on the desktop. Cool huh?

Jackal's Plymouth Park Update! By Dan

Much progress made as cement is filling in fast—they have a sign up asking people to NOT skate so the cement doesn’t get ruined before it completely sets. Probably a good idea to respect that request and suspect some rubes have already skated it to prompt the sign. Still hard to tell what the ledges will end up being. Lot packed into a small area. Three of the four corners of the park are done, hips are biggest disappointment unless you are looking for a Dew Tour training zone--bring your jock strap. If you like skating hips for lip tricks you are stoked too—they are steep enough you can probably balance a lipslide with both wheels in the air. Metal work (handrails, flatbars, etc.) all looks pretty good though pretty vanilla. Bit worried that the gravel “infield” area is going to stay gravel as we all know damn well that will quickly infiltrate the skating surface. Looking forward to skating very smooth ground then getting pitched by a wayward piece of gravel, only to land hand-first on supplemental wayward pieces of gravel.
I'm compelled to echo the sentiment of a commenter last time and say, lighten up Dan. Shit looks fun and really close to what they've got in St. Cloud. It's instantly the best skatepark in town.

Occupying Minneapolis

The guy who exuded the vibe of an unemployed graphic designer butted in just after Judd said he'd wanted to join the drum circle at the Government Center.

"Don't you guys want to go to college...?" is all he got out, before Steve and or Rob told him to shut up or go away or mind his own business. The crowd he was talking to consisted of at least two college students, a pro skateboarder, a sales rep for a multinational corporation, a realtor, a skateshop manager, a cook at a legit restaurant and driver. He'd seemed to have ignored the fact that they were trying to drink beers and do some skateboarding. Nothing more, nothing less. Butt out.

We'd been shutdown on the Nicollet Mall by a dude on a Segway, one of those city keepers, ambassadors or whatever they're called. He did a so-called trackstand on the corner while Tim packed up the camera. The guy who tried to sell us weed was across the street trying to sell weed to the people at the bus stop. He was wearing Rick Ross shades at night; how the game shines.

We skated a non-spot, and a State Trooper told us to (Charlie Brown adult voice when you read this) "strpay ourat ore drret streexcht." He may have been talking to the woman in flared jeans who was skating down the bike lane on a normal set-up. She didn't join us for beers.

At the Government Banks a dude walked up with a sign and asked if, I think, we knew where the guys with the puppets had gone. We were not affirmative. I left and started typing on my computer, once home.

There was a strange sensation downtown tonight, felt by people who'd been frequenting these parts of the city that are otherwise dead after 7:00 p.m. for years. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with "Occupy Minneapolis" or if it was an autumn Thursday night and things were just destined to be weird on their own. I'm neither a backer nor detractor of that "Occupy Somewhere" effort. I still don't know exactly what they're trying to do and I've done not that much to understand. Guilty. Maybe our democracy is broken. Let's fix it, somehow.

In the meantime, may the broke and the 99 percenter's and the La Roucher's and all those others occupy Minneapolis all they want. Just don't step on the toes of those who've been there the whole time.

October 13, 2011


I've said this before: Wes Kremer is really fucking cool at skateboarding. Contrast him with wunderkid Nyjah Huston (think of that ad for his 11/11/11 video part that is so inescapable it doesn't merit a link) and it's safe to say doing they're two dudes doing the same activity, doing it in very different ways.

There's a Devolve promo for a video, though voting on the site shows there is much skepticism as to whether it'll actually happen. I know how that goes.

Familia is having a sale this weekend.

A random link about Cam'ron and Jeopardy!? Sure.

Some serious Minneapolis bowling at The Hiawatha and Double Barrel. Hessian Joe!

Let's talk about real Minnesota, shall we?

So stoked I even blogged it!

October 12, 2011

The Second Best 411

411 #15 is the best issue of that late and very great video magazine right behind #30. I haven't had a VCR for more than a decade, so viewings of this section have been rare, so even now I don't remember it being so slow. Even so, it made me appreciate Al Green. Other things:

-What are the shoes that Kalis is wearing? Did The Viking somehow find them in 1999?

-What shoes are all those dudes wearing? This was right on the brink of solid shoe sponsorships.

-Maurice Key's powerslide switch heelflip landing. Vert wall unfinished.

-Koston. Balance and dorky.

-Dill renaissance.

-Was there a "Switchstance" in #30, the best ever?

October 11, 2011

Mr. Brownstone

Jan has been going hard as seen in this edit from Calsurf. Good works, full part in Grumpy Young Men (suggested working title)?

In other full-part-watch-news, bits and pieces of Kirian Stone shreddage have surfaced lately, including this backtail (in a line) and frontside flip. The dudes abide. How'd he do in New Orleans?

Congrats to Chromeball on a mega 700th post.

This Tyler Surrey line is really good.

The NBA Lockout is so banned right now.

October 4, 2011

"When a Big Dude Jumps Into It."

McGuire with a write up and photos on an etnies tour to Australia he was on early in the year. Seriously, I think I've heard that story in the intro about ten times or more, and it pays out every damn time:

They were all laughing, at me. I sprinted out the door as a car was driving forward to park. It was trying to hit me, I knew it. I knew they knew that I knew they knew I knew it.

I jumped out of the way and into a window. Luckily, it was a thick window and just made a big slam and the wahwahwah noise glass makes when a big dude jumps into it, stoned. If they didn’t know, they knew.


Jackal with a Plymouth Plaza update: "I am making one last desperate bid to fix grave errors that look to already be in place. If it ends up how it’s looking, I completely wash my hands of any involvement. I already see hips way too steep & ledges that are a crappy width on top (ie: not wide enough to lipslide with wheels sliding on top; too wide to lipslide only on deck—which also makes for unnecessarily scary 50-50s and furthermore eliminates manual options)."

Preemptive hand washing is never a good thing. Here're some flicks he shot of the construction:

October 3, 2011

Crunch Factor

I spread the Seekins a little bit with etnies at the Amsterdam park. There's definitely a bar in that park; note the cheers.

Been digging the video names put forth, "Grumpy Young Men," with all the ice fishing possibilities, is a definite frontrunner.

This photo from The Hiawatha is pretty bananas. Hope that Facebook link works ok.

Steve got 15th at the contest in South Africa.