July 31, 2008


I Like My Girls A Little Bit Older

Reason #1086 to return to NYC: the spot at Ikea, pictured above. It's pretty much like, damn dude, let's talk about this, this dream spot that was pretty much designed with, and I don't think I'm going to far with this, um, me, in mind. Chances really are that it won't be skateable by the time I'll make it back out there, but, you know, I can dream. I've still got that. Thanks to Pat and Neal for giving me something to drool and dream over.

In other Neal news, that fool got a job, ending his fake life jaunt. Good job, call me some time.

At Chipotle today we were looking at USA Today and saw an ad for the X-Games, something which, while still completely whateverz to me, is something that people have begun to grudgingly accept as something that just happens now. I'm sure Dave Carnie still has plenty of vitriol for the X-Gaymes as he so lovingly referred to them, but at the same time, as pointed out, there's a shrugging acceptance. Point in case, Skatedaily reporting some sort of preview, which does contain a small disclaimer, then continues on to go decently in depth about the event. Interesting. 700 or so words interesting? I don't know. Their photo of the Superpark thingy is interesting for sure though. The other thing that comes to mind is Dave Swift and his issues with ESPN. Read it there, and those photos are pretty damn sick. So um, just saying.

What else? Oh yeah, plant that flag. Piggy-backing on the esoteric.

Beez coverage man. They're the feel good hit of the summer.

Here's a good one, is the Boondoggle premiere less than a month away? Yes. August 23rd at Oak Street Cinema? 99% sure, Tucker isn't on i-chat, so I cannot confirm. Dudes gotta get me a flyer.

Yeah! Reeves' part from the new City video. Scoops!

July 30, 2008

Running On Empty Two

Who has all those ten dollar bills? The photo to the left comes from my "Samchat" folder on the desktop, a repository of a bunch of random shit that Sam would send me via i-chat, and I'd save them. He titled the photo "coke-cat.jpg", so, there we go.

Speaking of Mr. McGuire, he luckily survived the earthquake in LA yesterday. I texted him about it, and I quote, "Oh yeah it was so mellow and awesome, it happened and I just hear Lloyed say what the fuck was that. Not enough time yu shotgun a beer during unfortunately." That was word for word what he texted back, so put a (sic) where necessary.

What else? Did Meyer go skateboarding the other night and maybe pull a pec muscle doing backside nollies? Yes. Did another mean session go down at Handjob HQ tonight? Totally. Are the FLRT shirts almost done and ready for consumption? Is there gonna be a tag containing my hand writing and maybe a shitty drawing of mine on there? Probably to both. Did I swim at Harriet today and see a ton of little skate-rats that were at the Barge BQ and their hot moms? Uh huh. Did the hot moms recognize me and Luke? I hope so. Is there further Barge BQ coverage at the Familia blog. I'd say so. Is Tha' Surf remodeling? Go there and find the answer "Yes". Can your BSE hold a candle to my BFSE? No, because BSE was last year, and it sucked anyways. Get with the times. I'm out!

July 28, 2008

July 26, 2008

Yap That Fool

Thanks Bovee.

July 23, 2008

July 22, 2008

Historical Coherence

When was the last time all these dudes were together? How many Supernatural hoodies are actually in that photo? How many items of Gap clothing are in there? Do these dudes still skate? Yes, a surprisingly large number of them still do. Hmmmm.

While I was in Milwaukee Ellis was in San Diego. I'm with him regarding the CLs, when he states that they are, "The most refreshing liquid in the Universe and beyond." Not only that, but they are the most technologically advanced liquid in the Universe and beyond. Not bad at all.

Speaking of CLs, I'm headed to el norte for some of this typa shit. Wow, beer bong whilst wake boarding or some shit? Maybe. I can hope, you know, fingers and toes crossed. Is wake boarding legit if you're doing a beer bong? I'll say it, it's fun.

Cha boy Sam is returning to LA after a mind-bending week in Anchorage, Alaska. Evidently, it doesn't get dark up there this time of year, it just glows. He did manage to punch his balls off at the mall, so you know it was legit.

Does science in make belief in God obsolete? Hell if I know, but you should read the piece by Michael Shermer entitled "It Depends," because he says that we'd probably think that ultra-advanced aliens would be God. You dig? (Sorry, there's no direct link)

"How fucking stupid can the Denver management be? With that, and well, it was already so, Britt Robson has got to be one of my favorite sports writer and just writer around. That's some current hoops news analysis, by the way. Nerd out!

Ok, proper randomness, I'm off to the lake!

July 21, 2008

Dear Ghostface: I Made It!

Finally got my name on Crailtap, and lo and behold, and appropriately enough, Meza spelled my name wrong. I'm totally correct.

Otherwise, wassup, good weekend peoples? I'm still sort of in bizzarro world, trying to get used to still couch surfing in my own town, but you know, adaptation. Managed to smash my face on the flat bottom at Handjob HQ last night after making the decision to ride out a failed lein to tail one footed. Don't to it, to yourself.

Yeah, that's all for now. Nothing's happening on the internet today.

Remembrance of Things Since Passed; Again

At one point in time, specifically, I think, the summer or early fall of 2001, Iota Skateboards and Consolidated teamed up for a couple of demos in Iowa; specifically, one in Des Moines at the roller rink, and one with Affiliate in Iowa City at a long defunct skatepark. Some of the footage showed up in the Shitheads park section.

Pretty much, it was awesome, a trip that I still recount to I'm sure the annoyance of some. But peep that photo, there were no seats in the van, and Neal was wearing the Dew Flag, and beyond that you got Heck and Chad and Chips X and Clint holding a woopie cushion. Finish it off with Steve, Todd, and Elijah lurking in the front of the van, and that was one hell of a trip. We ended up driving home from Iowa City with 2 cases of Budweiser, after TM Turkey made us choose between food and beer. Duh. And not the Es Virios I have on. Damn.

There'll be more remembrance of things since passed because I just found Benji's hard drive containing a bevvy of photos that he scanned from the 1072 days and elsewhere. Anyways, booya.

July 20, 2008

July 19, 2008

Good Trip.

To make up for the Winehouse post, which I hope you answered, a smattering of photos from a trip I took of what pretty much happened. As seen in the yet to be completed Powell video. Costa Mesa Beez premiere. Oh darling. Still was cheaper than going to the bar. Blown out pivot cup #2 of 3 for the trip. Nordic tech. Burritos come out to $8.50 at this little hole in the wall spot we found.

Would You Bang Amy Winehouse?

Like, totally bang her dude. Please Comment.

Menace Saturday

July 17, 2008


So I know, photos of people's feet, no matter how awesome their feet are (and mine kick ass) aren't what you're coming to Platinum for, but let me tell you a story.

Tuesday night, after a jovial and imbibeful night at The Triple Rock, somewhere that I'd self-banned myself from whilst in New York, I returned home after a blissful bike ride. I deposited my whip in the apartment, and decided to take a trip to flavor country outside. I'm not trying to post hard in front of a complex that I don't live in, so I headed over to some emergency door at Petco to get my post-up-on. About ten seconds after I sit down, some motherfucker had jumped into my shoe and bit or stung me through my sock. I whipped my shoe off and grabbed the offender and threw him/her into the night, but the damage was done. Shit hurt like a mahfuckah and things similar, though I was jovially indifferent about the whole thing, simply thinking it was hilarious, and headed to bed soon thereafter.

Nothing happened Wednesday. I woke up and it was a little sore and a little swollen, but, it was cool. And I went to bed again.

This morning I woke up, and upon standing, I found that I couldn't put weight on my now extremely bloated left foot for fear of it exploding and making Benji's apartment a very dirty and gross place. I managed to shower and then soak it in cold water for a spell, and that's how it looked after that, the first photo. Fast forward seven hours and add in wearing shoes and/or Birkenstocks (I'm just trying to live), and the irritated piece of meat in the second photo is what I ended up with.

I'd originally figured it was a bee sting, since I found a dead bee in the same shoes I was wearing on Tuesday, but I'm not so sure now. I thought at first that it felt like a two pronged attack, so maybe spider bite? I hope not. Right now shit is pretty weak. My car is in the shop but I can't walk or bike or skate or dance or any awesome shit. I did watch the awesome movie Death Proof while soaking my foot in ice cold epsom salted water, and I learned one thing: If you want an instant boner, watch this clip from Death Proof.

I'm out, booya.

July 16, 2008

This is it dawg.

Bizarro Heck like whoa!

Journey to the end of the Trife

Judd was amazingly hyped on that Money Cup Thing, and I'm finding a reason to kind of be hyped too. Lil' Dunny, Evan Smith, Platinum approved. Dude rips.

Rumors confirmed, Sam made it up to Anchorage last night, as in Alaska. I can actually say that now because he's actually there, otherwise I was running the risk of totally jinxing that stuff. You know? Adrian Williams POTE coming soon?

Let's do some throwback photos:

Summer fun with Sammatime247.

Kells is free!

Let's leave it at that.

July 15, 2008

Hit Me With That Wizard Stick

Done. The next time I go a'drinkin', I'm bringing some packing tape. Need more logical reasoning? Here's your reasoning.

Benson was fully down with the contest rant in the "No Tomorrow" post, and would have liked me to call out names, and such. That Chad is an angry young man for sure. He wants to update this website, because, and I quote, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore." Seriously.

It's insanely true that Dennis Busenitz is one of the raddest skateboarders alive. Disagree in the comments.

Pat Cook Blog, based in NYC via Michigan then Chi then, um, NYC.

And finally, as recently noted in mention of the awesome TFJ, one has to wonder, under what circumstances is this New Yorker Barack Obama parody cover offensive? I mean, at first glance, it's obviously satire. And really, I think that the whole issue ends there. If a voter doesn't understand satire, then, it's not a terrible leap to say that they ain't voting Obama anyways. Furthermore, people that actually believe the secret Muslim allegations probably ain't reading the New Yorker anyways. But seriously, my stupid ideas are, well, uh, stupid, let's talk more about how terrorists really say wassup.


Sometimes Every Day...

For those that caught the quote above, I intended to link to the San Jose Metrospective from 411, but sadly, it's not on the internet, as far as I can tell at least. So, what's up, you gotta watch Kalis' awesome part from Timecode. Don't be mad at me, and isn't it rad how he's pretty much wearing the same gear in that part as he is now, except it's a little slimmed down nowadays? Speaking of his gear, fuck your New Era, or worst yet, the fedora you're thinking of buying (that's already out of style), here's to the adjustable cap!

I'm not sure if I linked to something similar to this, but here's a rad clip from DLXTV of 3rd and Army. For some reason watching clips set to grimey-ish hip hop always gets me psyched; and this clip, especially with the level of shredding, is no exception. Who knew Ramondetta, who knew?

The Mag alerted me to the fact that, after years of lagging on properwebsiteness (no offense, but seriously) Uprise has a new site up with a gang of content, and they're celebrating ten years in the biz. Booya, and, I know (a lot) of those dudes!

Is this the Summer of Lil' Wayne (SOLW) or was that last summer? Every summer? Does Time Magazine know what's up? Either way, The Hesh got naughty in Fargo with some tricks, and may or may not have used their 52nd Lil' Wayne song in a vid for their site. Let's make it 53!

In case you forgot, Bobby Worrest has a blog. I interviewed him in the new Skateboard Mag, and he totally fills you in on the story behind this, so, as I've been ending all posts lately, Booya.

Also, in said Worrest interview, there's a caption dedicated to Mr. Spettel and Mr. Erickson, try and find it!

July 14, 2008

Running On Empty

We skated the bank spot pictured above and then I remembered that it had been featured and shredded on Wiskate, and how I'd struggled to even scrape a shitty tailslide on it. But whatevs, our boy TJ Bohach done kilt it. And I remembered that I'd only linked to the newest mini-vids on my TSM blog, so here's the links:

I Can Feel It!

Wouldn't You?

Cheers to one of the funnest places out there to skate. Remember how I plugged some sketchy blog called Public Passion? Well, our boy Londamnation just updated quite properly. Booya.

Something hecka sketchy from Crailtap.

Favre roundup from LOA.

Pounds, or The Terrorist Fist Jab? I think I'm going with the TFJ, skateboarders' and militant Islamic extremists' common bond.

July 13, 2008

No Tomorrow

Here I'm thinking "No Tomorrow" as in some Sarah Connor shit ala "The Terminator", in fact, I'm thinking the second installment, where maybe in the epilogue they're driving some highway at night and it's the yellow line down the center in the desert and Sarah is talking some wildness. Maybe it wasn't an epilogue and it's just in between the part where some fucked up shit goes down and where they finalize some shit. Maybe? This is all really tenuous.

I'm not saying like really "No Tomorrow". This BFSE type stuff isn't going to end, right now at least. I think I was just hyped on No Tomorrow five minutes ago because life is way fake and way real right now. I think I need Sam to be here to accompany me to the Highland pool or something. That's a good grounder.

But, but...there was a contest today at the park today, and some dude won. I couldn't tell if he was stoked or just faking stoked or just didn't care or was just? And then there's the whole rub about trying to win the contest or just enter the contest and the strategy involved in whether or not you enter the...basically, my thinking is, that if you got a sponsor, and your 14, then you enter the sponsored edition no matter what. Shop sponsored kids that enter anything but the sponsored division shouldn't have sponsors. Not just saying, I'm fucking saying it. And who cares?

The real Meat And Potatoes of the whole day revolved around a session at the newish New Hope Skatepark (or Sk8 Pad as they so lovingly called it) where there isn't an actual prohibition against smoking dirts, drinking beer, or using other drugs and so forth. Read the sign dude. Basically, there were almost 20 heads there, through some confluence of chance or fate or good planning. And here we go; Johnny Vang was there nosegrinding, Krause broke a board, Jamiel ripped, Nate also ripped whilst looking pissed off, Folley's haircut made him nearly inrecognisable, Kevin did a hurricane, Brad Marr was there, Terry rips (the last time I'd actually skated with him was in La Crosse years ago), A-Plus did the damned thing and thang, Judd's shirt matched his shoes to a T, and since I've listed ten dudes that were there, I'll just stop because I'm having a hard time remembering. If you were there you were, and so was Mike Ohman, so that makes 12 counting me. Booya.

Turn And Face The Strange

Greetings. Duh, I've kind of been blowing it on updates due to a lot of travel in the past few days, celebrating dude's birthday (I knew I did one!), not having a computer charger, trying to find a place to crash, a random trip to the best place on earth, randomly driving back in the middle of the night, and so forth. Hopefully, as some form of normalcy returns to this bitch, I'll keep you loyal Platters fully whetted with all kinds of content, awesomeness, and so forth. Count that as a mini-mission statment. And that's what's up, thanks to the illustrious Pizzy and Bill for the skating and letting us drag you guys around like champs.

So what's happening in The Platinum Universe? I know one dude is having a baby but I haven't seen a press release yet; some dudes went to NYC and one of them had only $60 in his pocket; another dude might not be moving and will instead purchase his first automobile? Whoa. Everyone should head to The Lair and support this; and there's also a member of the Minne Diaspora headed up to AK sooner than later. So yeah.

Will The Spoon return before Boondoggle? Was Philmer Phil spotted riding a mountain bike in Uptown? Is The Extreme One being recognized on the street via blog fame alone? Has it gone from, "Who, me worry," to ,"Time to worry?"

And in the mean-time Ben has been blogging in the Arab World, and I'll be attending Highland Fest while staying at the La Hotel Meyer, and I'll trump all the biters and keep this best fucking summer ever (BFSE, BSE was so last year) alive. I've also got 600 photos to go through, so, you know man...As Tim, who had to work yesterday would say, later nerds, and go Wolves. We actually back!

July 7, 2008

Tim Achille And Other Shit

So dude rips. Was talking to this dude from Philly last night and he was saying that all the handrails and whatnot in Love are still skateable, but really, it was always about the ledges. I miss seeing footage from there, since my only connection to the spot in the first place was the media. It's a top five what if spot for sure.

Waking up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon has hopefully come to an end, because I leave New York tomorrow. In fact, I get home four weeks to the day that I left. I'm excited.

Yesterday Neal and I did a 3 M's tutorial and posted it on his site. We also walked more than 100 blocks, because that's what you do certain days.


July 6, 2008

Epicly 27'd

Neal turned 27. He's actually turning it right now. Happy birthday old man. That's the state I left him in last night above, just after he/I bloodied my lip with that chair flipping over. Goodtimes man.

And...hot photo of Reeves via Thrasher via Boil the Ocean. The Midwest Point Por Vida.

Going to be in Milwaukee next weekend, Tim. I'm coming to shred and drink PBR. Lake Delton? Let's do it. I'm out.

July 5, 2008

It takes a teenge riot to get me out of bed...right now.

So it's controversial, this whole blogger thing. I mean, we gotta get by, and all for all it's easier, chaknow? But, I did get an offer from Heartland Hessians to be a staffer and I have to graciously turn you down via a post. So yeah.

Wiskate, as for the links Mr. Meyer put those up, and while he's been killing it for sure, I apologize for the non-listing. For one, I'll get you on there, for two, I'm coming to Milwaukee. That's wassup.

As for the commenter that was lamenting the fact that I moved, or something, no I didn't. I"m just on a knowledge quest. And like I said about the comments, use a name or something, anonymous sucks.

Just went to the best bar in the Upper East Side, it's called Biddies. Damn right. Best bartender ever and I just met him four hours ago. Track it down, 91st and 2nd.

What else? Happy Fourth? A bit late? Did Dan have a bloody fourth? Is it Bloody Fourth? Do fireworks still suck? Does trying to see them still suck? Are fireworks even awesome unless they're blackcats or roman candles? Yes to all.

Viking has the hiccups and he turns 27 on Sunday. Teenage is no longer the teenage. And now I'm listening to Ziggy Stardust, and realized about 20 minutes ago how much I cared about someone or other, maybe a girl or something, and now it's probably time to battle the cuts and eventually get to bed. I heart New York but Minne has a certain something to it. Maybe familiarity, but I see pictures of everyone and I miss everyone. I'm coming home Tuesday and I wanted to leave last Tuesday but by today I don't want to leave. As my role-model and homie Kurt would say, "So it goes." Perfection is temporary, and temporal, naturally.

July 3, 2008

Niche Marketing

New York Fake Life, Welcome To The Vortex

And so when you guys open a sandwich shop in Minne where I can buy beers and sit on a patio and drink them, uh, call me. Or else I can just keep going to Union Square, every night. Maybe?

And so here we are with a functioning interweb website. Amazing. Thanks to Dom, I think, for getting this piece going again. And Benji of course, for the hard work and perseverance. Of course.

How about them Wolves? If you are somehow mad about the trade or didn't see it coming or are surprised, well, that's too bad. I think I like Mike Miller enough to be excited for a 30-35 win season.

But yeah, it's been a rough time for the Minne skate web community. The Spoon, what happened? Hessians, what's up, updates? I mean, we've been down for about two weeks, but, you know.

Just yeah. That's it. Let's do some pictures. Oh shit! It's as if we were on 25th Ave SE eight years ago except we never had a bmx bike or digital cameras! Chaboy Pat Cook shreds mid-town while Dudemanbrahblogs. Young lovers in Union Square. HJ confirmed.

Yeah, we got comments now too, so do it up, and try not to be lame, so use an alias or even your real name or whatevs, especially if you've got some hate to sow, because anonymous is just boring. Bonus update via Luke

Life After Free Hosting?

So if you can get here, um, we're back. Sadly Perry's theory that Benji had just turned the website off is wrong, our freebie hosting ran out and in proper Plat style we didn't do much about it for a while and now we're here on blogger. Real update soon, K? K.