July 30, 2008

Running On Empty Two

Who has all those ten dollar bills? The photo to the left comes from my "Samchat" folder on the desktop, a repository of a bunch of random shit that Sam would send me via i-chat, and I'd save them. He titled the photo "coke-cat.jpg", so, there we go.

Speaking of Mr. McGuire, he luckily survived the earthquake in LA yesterday. I texted him about it, and I quote, "Oh yeah it was so mellow and awesome, it happened and I just hear Lloyed say what the fuck was that. Not enough time yu shotgun a beer during unfortunately." That was word for word what he texted back, so put a (sic) where necessary.

What else? Did Meyer go skateboarding the other night and maybe pull a pec muscle doing backside nollies? Yes. Did another mean session go down at Handjob HQ tonight? Totally. Are the FLRT shirts almost done and ready for consumption? Is there gonna be a tag containing my hand writing and maybe a shitty drawing of mine on there? Probably to both. Did I swim at Harriet today and see a ton of little skate-rats that were at the Barge BQ and their hot moms? Uh huh. Did the hot moms recognize me and Luke? I hope so. Is there further Barge BQ coverage at the Familia blog. I'd say so. Is Tha' Surf remodeling? Go there and find the answer "Yes". Can your BSE hold a candle to my BFSE? No, because BSE was last year, and it sucked anyways. Get with the times. I'm out!

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Extreme Ash said...

Enough with the hater-ade bro. BSE is killing it and you're a part of that so get off your high fucking BFSE horse and join the rest of us. Cho azz.