March 31, 2009

Ivory Tower Eggheads

Over the past couple of weeks or more even, it seems that Seekins Kinda Rules Everything Around Me (S.K.R.E.A.M.?), as I can't go out without seeing dude, as both Ryan and I have decided. Read up on the dude here.

By now I was sure that Sissi would have switched his homepage to The Chrome Ball Incident, but instead, he kept the faith with a timely comment to prod me into updating again. All is fair, but this time, I've got an excuse, the influenza virus, aka the great gastronomical catastrophe of 2009. But all is well now, more or less; I stopped dry heaving early Sunday morning, no fever dreams Sunday night, and today, I may be inching closer and closer to, let's say as euphemism, normalcy. Chadig?

Secret, or until this moment, guilty pleasure: From G's to Gents. I can only watch about 15 minutes of it, and I couldn't figure out why the hell they were on a climbing wall today, but boy is it good in quick hits; the best kind of car-wreck.

A special message to Ash, and a little bit to Juri too...It's not your birthday anymore.

Daniel Castillo's stock has been on the rise ever since his showing on that one game of skate on that one website; now he's living out my step-hop fantasies on Crailtap. You already saw that? It was worth watching again though man.

Speaking of The Berrics, this was cool, damn...

Plat reader Scott commented that the Crack Stacks are an example of the architectural style of Brutalism. He also recently pointed out that Wayne Cummings is in yet more trouble. Good riddens.

Edit: Let's see the Cuban travel ban lifted. I'd go there in a second.

March 28, 2009

March 26, 2009


Forever on the verge of becoming a Sam McGuire fan site, and now risking becoming a Davis fan site, we got more foote. I'm feeling that new nickname, but how's it going to work if Gerwer is calling him Torgy? I don't know, I really don't.

Happy Dirty 30 to Damian. Hopefully the whole w.c. thing did you some good last night.

I'm incredibly tired of the economy, not being the only one I'm sure, but here's a proper write up about Active's bankruptcy on BTO. Overdrive yo!

Watching Gilmore Girls, it's the spring break episode, and Alexis Bledel is dreamy.

Almost missed it, Nesser Bangin' @ the Berrics, back smith to wallride is Plat approved.

March 24, 2009

Night Moves Part 18

All summer long, one way or another.

March 23, 2009

Circular Thinking

Gave up on skateboarding for a living forever what, ten years ago? Further proof that I made the right decision: This web foote of Dan Murphy. The skating is no doubt amazing, but man, it looked like WORK, and then look, it ends up on the interweb. I'd be crying onto the keyboard if I filmed that stuff and it ended up on the web.

Killer Boots with some remembrance of things such passed, as he puts it, the good old days. Sit through the old AWS/Habitat commercials and A, notice how sick they were, and B, remember that some of what made 411 so good back in the day, was the ads. I suppose that some of what would be in a 411 ad has just become web fodder, re: above, but it's far and few between that one finds a web vid with the same level of production.

Digging Mike Burnett on the Crail Couch, mostly for the bit about the horrors of cold calling.

Characteristically, Nesser almost avoids a speaking role on Skate or Dice.

Tha Surf with CJ foote from Barcelona. I'm trying to imagine CJ chilling in Europe, and words cannot describe how _________ it must be. The words just aren't there yo; trust one on that sw varial flip, that stack looks way more gigantic than I ever thought it was.

Ran into Hessian Joe at that warehouse jam this past Friday, and man, he pointed out some burliness from that BUBD slam photo of him from last year: peep the clumps of pulled out hair on his shoulder, and try not to shudder.

Back from the dead with a shaved head, and a wholly blunted sigh of relief.

Sometimes writing stuff about skateboarding seems a little superficial and or not all that important, but then again, I've never been assigned 2000 or so words about how people hate Facebook's new layout, and better yet, how they're going to end up liking it. The life re-affirmed.

March 20, 2009

New Nickname For Davis Post

This Torgy stuff needs to stop; please submit your new nickname for Davis Torgerson in the comments section below. Blame twitter.

Hectobucking Since 2008™

nerd out

Had 1845 unique visitors here in the month of January. Here's how the Plat stacks up to the juggernauts of the MSSOM (mainstream skateboard online media) for the same month.

The Beer Up, Bro Down Blog; relive last year's outing, praying for less blood shed and less rain. Date to be determined.

Also, a little birdie mentioned some more upcoming skateboard fun. Details leaked as details come.

Someone should call me out on the last post; at one moment, complaining about the invasiveness of twitter on one's privacy, then a post below I post pictures of me with a dog and in a neck brace. Hypocrisy is the new twitter.

Also, a proper 18th birthday shout-out is in order for Kirian Stone; it seems like only yesterday that you were a King of the Groms, and I was throwing helmets at you.

140 Characters Or Less

Last weekend in Milwaukee someone gave me shit Saturday, noting that I hadn't posted anything on Plat about our first night in town. I responded that blogging was so 2007, and that I'd exclusively be twittering or tweeting or whatever the hell you call it, about the trip. Then I had to explain what Twitter was. Then I explained that I thought the whole thing was ridiculous (I'm also really tired of hearing about it on On The Media, but the search link I'm trying to put in won't work; search it if you want for proof). Then I lamented that my twitter joke made sense to almost no one. Then we skated. Twitter just seems like one more exhibitionist online entrapment, yet another way to give up another shred of privacy. Not so says a good portion of the skateboard world. Notable "skate tweeters."

Kevin Wilkins
Kevin Imamura
Jim Theibaud
Rob Brink
Active Erica
Mike Stanfield
Etnies shoes
Greg Lutzka
The Skateboard Mag
Salman Agah
Nick Tershay
Tony Hawk
Shad Lambert

I was clued in by this post at The Mag; in an apples to oranges type deal, Bryce Kanights at Skate Daily has gone ahead and labeled Twitter the new fixed gear. Hmmm.

March 19, 2009

The Unexamined Life...And Stuff

'Bout the past month or so. He just Cuts, a lot. Proper beer bong attire. Lady, gonna miss you. Stay gold. Wasn't that cold dawg, but that jet-lag from LA probably makes up the difference. Pointless spot shoveling. Jerboi Davis is on Etnies in case you didn't zoom in on that really small print that one time. Uh, YEAH. Tim Fulton white balance. Get better soon homie; dude's got a bum wing. Before Spring Street Tavern. After. Same difference. Hey Jan. I'm sick of looking at your dog's poop on your blog, update please. Hey. Hey Michelle. Hey Tuck. Hey Esther. Sam, currently getting hella froggy in Texas. Shrink-wrapped tractor on I-94. Made it to Milwaukee. Parking lot at La Quinta. Lil' CL. Bill's dog is pretty much the best thing ever. I want a clone, only if it's like the second clone and it's still smart and whatnot; remember Multiplicity? That was pretty much Michael Keaton's best movie. Pizza. Try rating things in life in ceelo values. Not coming up on that two dollar bill was pretty much a 1-2-3. Woke up at one, got scratch offs. Go there, do that. Facebook gold. David, smif grind. When I posted this they were at 1030 hits. Boost it!
Sherman innovates at South High.

March 17, 2009


Fakie backside five-o huh? DAVIS PREACHES THAT REAL TALK OVER AT THE BERRICS. There's speculation that the kid is running some cheat codes, and that might be on point. They're repping Weekend Warriors too. Cool.

"Going back even further, medieval Arabic literature is a font of motherfucking, mostly in the form of ritualized insult-dueling."

Oh hey, here's a random friends section I was hyped on: "You can't kill me I was born dead." Love that line...

Went to Milwaukee and filmed some digi-cam of Jaimes...Blogger Video!!!

Warm ups!

What other type of shit happened lately? Saw an urban hawk take out a pigeon, continue to eat it, and rip its head off. Got a ticket for failing to use my turn signal. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Got buck.

March 12, 2009


The Plat homies over at Dank Knuggzz have friggin' set the interweb ablaze with their new shirt, and you know all the hottest celebrities are repping that thing. Even though I heard the PayPal server is just fried right now, order your own kit here.

Familia's Calender-Mark Yours

Almost time to get busy...

March 11, 2009


Locs...Rada Espinoza

Photo by Juri Loginov

Name: Rada Espinoza

Nicknames: Prieto, Mexi-can...not a Mexi-can't, El Jefe

Age: Treinta y tres

What's your deal? Work like a dog.

Where are you doing it? Minnesota

How high can you ollie? Full grown Great Dane.

Can I have your board? It's yours. I'll leave it at La Siesta, "Just the board."

Favorite local video? Don't have one yet.

Whats in your car? Everything!

It's a hot day, skating or swimming? Must have all.

Who's you favorite local skater? Rocco Espinoza

Where's the best place to eat? Sushi with Yo Hasegawa.

Mini-Ramp and beer or street? One at a time.

How old are you in skate years? 25

It's 10PM on Saturday night, what are you doing? Looking for trouble with Mr. Nesser.

March 10, 2009


Yeah snow! Dream of afternoons and nights downtown with the help of Gonz, Jake Johnson, Stefan Janoski, and AO, via Bill Strobeck. Assist on the above from -kw. As added bonus and a bit grimier and swishy-pantsier, journey with Fat Bill to the past for some lovely old Kalis and Stevie footage. Why web sleuth on your own? jerboi Boiler with the dime that time, just like Stockton.

We're going to Cream City this weekend. No "Munzy Time" for me, I'm there.

Ol' Feddy borrows from the play-book with a little FBook advertising ridiculousness appreciation. It's the next big thing.

You did what? Assisted by -kw again, via i-chat. If you'd FBooked my mom, then I'd really be pissed.

A note on the poll, you do know what doing (voting) the right thing (Weekend at Bernies) is, right?

As always, the writers at The Onion prove to be on some insane genius type shit, but I mean, couldn't we have seen this coming? (and is it really all that out there?); Stephon Marbury Embroils Celtics' Big 3 In Elaborate Shakespearean Intrigue. Indeed, it must be a fact that Steph himself is an insane genius as well, on par with R. Kelly, the band Styx, and Sam McGuire. Need proof? Here's five pages of proof!

Speaking of Sam, there is no question that he's come a long way since his days of gay cowboy hardflips in a barn in Iowa, done in obscurity, away from the blazing lights of fame and glory. Truly and indeed he's come a long way; look no further than Sean Malto's Top Fives from Crailtap, and check who is number one on that list of top five people...Trust one.

Take Your Pick Five

You remember this one, right? Two video parts that use the same song, you choose the one that's better and stuff. Real talk, got a little random, so here's the Menace section from 20 Shot Sequence and some random video of a Young Shaquile O'Neal strictly crushing it being the most dominant big-man in the game, both set to Method Man's Release Yo' Delf.

Close matchup, but you can't mess with the inward heel that Billy Valdez does (nor his style), and Pupecki is an all-time favorite...Fabian had a good frontside flip and well, Joey Suriel is better than I remember (in that section at least); no doubt it took Pupecki and three other dudes to fade the Diesel.

Bonus: Slate with a stomach turning story about the best way to break your own leg, in relation to smuggling cocaine. I didn't make it through the second paragraph; I couldn't stand the thought.

March 9, 2009

The Survey Says...

To the two people that have darkslides on lock, congratulations, you ought to be on your way to +7 Mutt status in no time. Personally, I think late shuv-its are hella fun. We all win when we face our guilty pleasures. Can anyone think about a more atrocious trick than the double 360 flip? Will Billy Marks' secret weapon, the triple kickflip, become a dreaded must have item in ones' bag of tricks (he made it look ok, real talk)? Whatever happens, I'm all for tricks that only flip once, and for full disclosure, I've never been able to flip my board twice in my life. A way to go to the majority of voters who couldn't hate on anything; way to essentially vote "Present." Ah yes, the age old question. I say, if the equipment is available, I'm going with the beer bong every time. I'm no good at shotgunning anyways. And yet another question, when is some marketing genius going to introduce the shotgun ready can? I'm talking a little foil tab in the appropriate shotgun location; ready to rip, no keys, butter knives, or thumbs necessary. While it seems like it would only last a year or two until outraged politicos legislate against it for it's bingey qualities, it would be fun while it lasted.

Edit: Jumped the gun on the last poll, but the writing is on the wall for the beer bong.

March 5, 2009

Locs...Steve Nesser

Photo by Ian O'Connor

Name: Steve Nesser

Nicknames: Lochness, Nasty, Nescafe.

Age: Skateboarder.

What's your deal? Skate Or Die.

Where are you doing it? Planet Earth.

How high can you ollie? A board on its side.

Can I have your board? For sure, if you NEED it.

Favorite local video: The Familia Video?

Whats in your car? Coffee and music.

It's a hot day, skating or swimming? Jump in the lake to set the day off then skate then sunset dip, ahhhhhhhh.

Who's you favorite local skater? ALL OF THEM.

Where's the best place to eat? Go find them.

Mini-Ramp and beer or street? Hahahahahahahahahaha.

How old are you in skate years? Can't put an age on a feeling.

It's 10PM on Saturday night, what are you doing? Contemplating the next move.


Dank Knuggzz appreciates. Trust one, trust one.

March 3, 2009

March 2, 2009

Actual And Utter Skate Post

The above screen shot is as bad as it gets, but it proves my point perfectly; the most viewed skateboard site on the web has so maxed out it's bandwith recently, that even though it takes a good two minutes to load on my wi-fi, I'm only getting the bare minimum.

Recently someone said that "The Berrics is the best fucking thing in skateboarding right now", and while I run the risk of paraphrase, I've heard another party say that "The Berrics is the worst thing in skateboarding right now," I'm not one to parse the efficacy of either statement just this moment due to intellectual laziness, though it does amaze me (though it shouldn't) that such varying sentiments exist about something as innocuous as a website about a skatepark that you necessarily can't/won't/will never go to.

Tattoos aside, I've got no strong feelings on the whole thing either way. The internet is the internet; all powerful, all stupid, all important, not real. Where we going with this? Some questions:

-There must be incentive to sell if it garnered the attention of the Wall Street Journal, but what exactly is that incentive? If Berra and Koston can put up $25,000 for a game of skate [though it remains unseen and untold how much of that cash came from DVS (probably a lot?)], then what's the point of giving something up and risking the sell-out factor when obviously Steve and Eric are doing pretty damn well on their own. According to one random website, is worth $159,125.40 a year, using a rubric of estimated ad revinues per day (and shit). Compare that to the paltry $2,277.20 that this site is worth, and well, draw a conclusion.

-To reiterate: Benny Fairfax, who knew?

I was going to posit one more question, being, "Did my ADD just kick in and now I'm ghosting?" Didn't do it though. I am over this nonetheless, and I wrote a trick list in math class tonight. I feel like I'm 17 again or something but really that plus a decade.

Preparation Begets Execution-Re: Saturday Night

London ruminates on the importance of preparation for a crowded bar, mainly in the form of a Malbec in the coat. Sometimes the prep work works best at home: Cody and the 'Sconny genuflection.



March 1, 2009