March 10, 2009


Yeah snow! Dream of afternoons and nights downtown with the help of Gonz, Jake Johnson, Stefan Janoski, and AO, via Bill Strobeck. Assist on the above from -kw. As added bonus and a bit grimier and swishy-pantsier, journey with Fat Bill to the past for some lovely old Kalis and Stevie footage. Why web sleuth on your own? jerboi Boiler with the dime that time, just like Stockton.

We're going to Cream City this weekend. No "Munzy Time" for me, I'm there.

Ol' Feddy borrows from the play-book with a little FBook advertising ridiculousness appreciation. It's the next big thing.

You did what? Assisted by -kw again, via i-chat. If you'd FBooked my mom, then I'd really be pissed.

A note on the poll, you do know what doing (voting) the right thing (Weekend at Bernies) is, right?

As always, the writers at The Onion prove to be on some insane genius type shit, but I mean, couldn't we have seen this coming? (and is it really all that out there?); Stephon Marbury Embroils Celtics' Big 3 In Elaborate Shakespearean Intrigue. Indeed, it must be a fact that Steph himself is an insane genius as well, on par with R. Kelly, the band Styx, and Sam McGuire. Need proof? Here's five pages of proof!

Speaking of Sam, there is no question that he's come a long way since his days of gay cowboy hardflips in a barn in Iowa, done in obscurity, away from the blazing lights of fame and glory. Truly and indeed he's come a long way; look no further than Sean Malto's Top Fives from Crailtap, and check who is number one on that list of top five people...Trust one.

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