March 10, 2009

Take Your Pick Five

You remember this one, right? Two video parts that use the same song, you choose the one that's better and stuff. Real talk, got a little random, so here's the Menace section from 20 Shot Sequence and some random video of a Young Shaquile O'Neal strictly crushing it being the most dominant big-man in the game, both set to Method Man's Release Yo' Delf.

Close matchup, but you can't mess with the inward heel that Billy Valdez does (nor his style), and Pupecki is an all-time favorite...Fabian had a good frontside flip and well, Joey Suriel is better than I remember (in that section at least); no doubt it took Pupecki and three other dudes to fade the Diesel.

Bonus: Slate with a stomach turning story about the best way to break your own leg, in relation to smuggling cocaine. I didn't make it through the second paragraph; I couldn't stand the thought.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I miss Menace so much. That and 101 were 2 of the best companies ever.