November 22, 2008

Locs...Elijah Collard

Name: Elijah Lennon Collard

Nicknames: Treez, Logics, Collard Green, Tre Guevera, Buddy Guy, Satchel Paige

Age: Never heard of it

What's your deal? This ain't Wal Mart, what deal?

Where are you doing it? In my bed usually.

How high can you ollie? Very high. Lets put it this way, I've never been too high to ollie

Can I have your board? Can I borrow your girlfriend?

Favorite local video: Rootabega Sticks Promo on VHS

Whats in your car? Watermelon Car Fresheners

It's a hot day, skating or swimming? Cooler in the car skating.

Who's you favorite local skater: Jeremy Reeves

Where's the best place to eat? Cecil's Deli

Mini-Ramp and beer or street? Street blazin'.

How old are you in skate years? 14

It's 10PM on Saturday night, what are you doing? Chillin'.


Anonymous said...

yeeeeaaaah mon. sick as feeeeeeeeck!! always steezee and always treezee

Anonymous said...

best riddles.

Anonymous said...

How does one become a "loc"? Fun!

Anonymous said...

YOU FRESH?!?!?!!

Anonymous said...

Bulletproof goose pillows fresh.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for License To Chill!

Anonymous said...

Only dude to have I-Path and Nike with his name on both rosters,in STUCK MAG. Keep on hustling. Play on player.

Anonymous said...

Chilly Willy

Anonymous said...

that dude should make "chill em all" like tallica


Unknown said...

Hell yeah, thanks for the suggestion!

Roll 007: Licensed To Chill....(coming soon)
Roll OO (8): 03' Chill Infinity...(best of Roll + new)
Heres some more I've thought of too,

The Chillumination
Natural Born Chillers
A Time To Chill
Chill Bill
Chill Yourself
The Chill To Live
To Chill Or Not To Chill
Dressed To Chill

Anonymous said...

chilly nelson
chill of it all
deluxe editiion george forman chill

-- sharkjustice

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

chill pill