May 25, 2009


SB '09-I'm on vacation. Updates in a week? Pppppfffff, go back to Orange County.

May 19, 2009

High Sprains Drifter

Oh shit, this is tomorrow? Woah. Bring the tall-boys and head out to Oakdale for some more rippage. It's true, Oakdale is really our best outdoor park in town, but holy shit, that's a cruel joke.

In other news, I've now rolled my ankle for the third time since late February; at least it's the right ankle, like, I haven't sprained that one yet this year. The one thing I have my fingers crossed for is that my own misfortune will help my beloved Timberwolves in the NBA Draft Lottery tonight; let's get that #1 and put some silver lining on this storm cloud.

The haters won because Mike Vallely was chosen over Davis Torgerson in voting for Battle at the Berrics 2(that's what it's called right?). As a consolation prize, Davis won't get stuck having to fly to LA just to skate an indoor skatepark.

Uh Oh...

May 18, 2009

Beer Up Bro Down Preview

Kooks, jocks, and random chicks all agree, a bunch of already rowdy skaters drinking 40s on the street is a pretty fuckin' cool thing. That's the last photo I took that night but I'm sure there's a grip more where that came from. While the hangover is gone, and the injuries sustained trying to get home linger, I just don't quite have the drive to sit inside and photoshop a bunch of photos while it's so nice out, so a full update is forthcoming. Oh the controlled mayhem, the beyond frogginess, being a Young American. Keep your eyes peeled for more awesomeness.

May 16, 2009

A Little Me Time

hardflip Sequence by Sam McGuire

As an addendum to this post, here's the one skateboarding trick I shot/filmed/did? on that Nodak trip. I'm not totally into self-aggrandizing; the story behind the look on my face at the end of the sequence is really what's up. Basically, landing that hardflip was in no way whatsoever satisfying. Let's preface now that the end of the story has been told.

The day before we left for that trip was the end of my very long tenure at 3rd Lair; that same night my girlfriend of five years hit me with a surprise and totally out of the blue break, sorry to bring it up boo. Shit was kinda fucked. I embarked on that trip as an entirely jacked individual, per the improvised sock/shoe lace sleeping mask.

By day three I'd sorted some shit out mentally, and came to the fun conclusion of fuck the world. Fuck that spot, actually, is what I came up with. I had a trick in mind and I was going to do it first try and then drink a 40 or something that's tight as fuck. But then I took a call as we pulled up to the spot and had to re-hash the state that I was in and get all nitty-gritty and emotional and shit (stuff). Then, then, while Heck and I tried to skate that jacked bump, I struggled. 20 tries struggled. Heck landed his shit and then I was left to talk to myself at the top of the hill trying something that I thought was going to fuck the world and fuck the spot and all the while I was fucking myself. Then I landed it and made that face. The End. So even if that "hardflip" is kind of a magic show flip-wise, I'm chilling.

May 14, 2009


Calsurf, Handjob, Us, and Familia, mmm, it feels so good. Hey lamest commenter ever, now you've got something to do!

May 11, 2009

Mistake Music

Chrome Ball just posted a banger about the oft-neglected Minnesota ripper Ryan Fabry. Perry tracked down Fabry back in '04; as Chops at Chrome Ball correctly asserted, Fabry is known for, "one of the dumbest/craziest moves in skateboarding history." One can only assume that Fabry was listening to a shitload of Russian techno leading up to that move. It should be noted that Fabry feebled this rail 20 years ago.

In other news, I guess you can't exactly die from sleep deprivation.

B.E.E.R.S. hype.

I've got to: Gino salts his potato chips.

May 8, 2009

North (Dakota) To The Future (Or Past)

Todd has just ascended to class 4 blogger, i.e., blogging the fuck out of the internet, and now he just put up some photos from our Heck quest from two summers back. If you want to learn how to make one of those custom sleep masks, I'll show you sometime.



Memories abound with this cut, never knew about the music video; will remember this the next time I write letters-yeah, that still happens. Always hittin' L's while I'm sleepin'.

May 5, 2009

For The Month Of May

And now you know. Here's a story about the Poles. I think we're doing Beer Up, Bro Down on the 16th of May as well. Right?

May 4, 2009

TOTALLY SAYING/Niche Marketing


Some Stuff Happened

I saw the chick above in Uptown today, NO LIE, ask Juri. I suppose now is a time to also pump up Todd's Blog About Wheels.

I lost my i-phone and keys in one night. Shit was tight. Warp Skatepark won Top Shop, and it was mistakenly reported that they were the first people to win it back to back; it should be noted that Fobia won the first two. Platinum Seagulls INC. team rider Tabari Cook won the best trick contest because he can kickflip back noseblunt a rail in two tries. That's a rap.