May 18, 2009

Beer Up Bro Down Preview

Kooks, jocks, and random chicks all agree, a bunch of already rowdy skaters drinking 40s on the street is a pretty fuckin' cool thing. That's the last photo I took that night but I'm sure there's a grip more where that came from. While the hangover is gone, and the injuries sustained trying to get home linger, I just don't quite have the drive to sit inside and photoshop a bunch of photos while it's so nice out, so a full update is forthcoming. Oh the controlled mayhem, the beyond frogginess, being a Young American. Keep your eyes peeled for more awesomeness.


louisa marion photography said...

yeah. there are some girls at that event. hmmm.

Cody Girl said...

Oh my god haha get awesome 2009

platinumseagulls said...

It should be noted that were actually some girls at the first stop of the event that we knew and immediately they started talking about relationships, and they were soundly rebuked. After said rebuke, the girls then "tricked" one of the event's promoters into producing baby pictures and the like. All parties involved were again soundly rebuked. End of that part of the story.

As for the photo in the post, it should be noted that a small scuffle ensued the picture making, because one of the randoms pictured was unable to do a kickflip. Go figure.

Half Pipe Joe said...

Yeah, a 70 year old dork who wants to be me, couldn't take it no more and punched me in the face. Its cool, Better than a broken skull last year.
Actually I was Stickin up for an unknown brother of the 7 ply.
I dont know whats more fun... Ramp Jam? Or Bro Down?
Wheres the vids of the dirt hill slams!?? I gotta see those again!

Extreme Ash said...

it should be noted that "some girls" were not talking about relationships at the first stop. and it should also be noted that the proud father displayed those baby photos without prompting.

cut the man a break - they made a cute baby. then he slammed a pbr, crushed it on his head, punched a dude out and bombed a fucking hill. so fuck yeah.