July 31, 2010


Well this is fun, my Livejournal will never be the same. Josh explains.

July 29, 2010

Jerry Orbach Approved

Not that long ago, one of St. Paul's favorite chefs and skaters, Jeremy Reeves, ended up on Think after some reshuffling at Street Corner Dist. Above he's mixing it up as a thinker; that smith grind 360 flip was surprisingly cool.

Wheelbite has setup a fund to finish the ramp that Chris Thatcher was building (Facebook link). They're trying to raise $600.00, cruise on over and have a look.

Here's your non-skate video of the week. Watch your back.

Kudos to the skaters of Bemidji and St. Cloud; SC is breaking ground on a skate plaze today, almost while I type this. Bemidji broke ground on Monday. St. Cloud is just a half an hour further away from Minneapolis than Oakdale, this could be cool.

Not sure if cha'll have been keeping up with ESPN's Real Street deal for the X-Games. Its been cool but not worth linking to until now; Zered really should win as far as I can tell, and the switch heel manual at Law and Order the Courthouse is killer.

Oh yeah, git buck!

July 26, 2010

More 5's

Yet another shout out!

Expose: Jamiel Is Still Really Good

Also, there's a bunch of cool new shit up on Wiskate. I guess some Zero dudes will be at Hotspot today too.

July 23, 2010

Broken: Tha Dolo Looking Tender

Thadolo Stays Cautious from Thadolo.com on Vimeo.

Leaked footage to Platinum showing Thadolo, well, struggling against a two stair rail. Thadolo responds here, with what looks like a doctored time-stamp.

Happy Weekend.

July 22, 2010

4 Are Better Than 2

This one's a roll of the dice. The right dudes show up, and shit is potentially mind blowing. A different group of dudes show up, snoozer. Fingers crossed.

Thrasher has been showing some love for Minne this week; first linking up to the Winter section of Feelin' Minnesota and now today, giving Meyer's Ghost Ride vid some shine. Assist on the second link from Jaimes, tweeting from the Northwestern Precinct, St Paul.

Sneaker heads be aware, Bratrud is raffling off some of his kicks to support something very near and dear to him, boobs.

A-List! Did I already post that?

That's probably it for the week. Happy Weekend.

July 20, 2010

Its A Big One!

Not only is Feelin' Minnesota going to be showing on Fuel TV all this week, its also being featured on JustinTimberlake.com. Thanks to B-Show for the heads up.

RT: you cannot #refudiate this

It was a heavy weekend; review the post below. There's more Thatcher related info here at my TSM post. From what I can figure out there may be a MN funeral. I'll do my best to figure things out as information emerges and keep all posted.

In other news, the Ghost Ride Da Whip contest was pretty much awesome. Gregg Clover proved to be the MVP of the day, racking up some bizzaro first try tricks, among which I'm pretty sure was a frontside 180 fakie five-0 on the hood of the car. That one was worth way more than the $5 he got, but he made up for that low-ball sale with plenty of other tricks. As it should always be expected, Edward Kochendorfer came through with the kickflip crooks, though he made, again, very little money for his "efforts." The quotes only denote that he has that trick on lock. Tabari, per usual, got buck and made his fair share of the change, but, in the end, the day was stolen by a pair of little Lair dudes.

Jonathan Reese showed up late and pulled the much anticipated backtail on the car and made a warranted $20. Once the car was reset for launch mode, he rode across the top of the whip and got a kickflip off, earning another $20. The heelflip onto the Lincoln got him similar accolades. The other little man to come up was Lucas Filhouer (sic?). Another latecomer, Lucas made few waves until the car was turned, when he promptly made the first trick on the new setup, a kickflip on to ride off.

Lucas had made other tricks throughout, and his stash of $5 bills was nothing less than impressive, but for what its worth, and sadly, his biggest splash came at the end of the contest, while any new-tricks-to-be-done had dried up. Just as everyone that was throwing the contest was over it, and looking to end the whole Ghost Riding craze, Lucas managed to hang up on the driver's side window, and throw himself to the ground, mostly head first.

As it was more and more apparent that little dude was not getting up, and after it was announced that Lucas had won $45 for his valiant dive, the crowd crowded the course to see if he was OK. Minutes later, the little man got up, and less than 24 hours later he was in Familia buying a new pair of shoes with all that hard-earned cash.

July 16, 2010

RIP Chris Thatcher

I found a copy of Thatcher's old 'zine today, Street Theater #3; its actually a double issue, featuring Perkolator #1 as well. I've had it forever and it never dawned on me that there were two 'zines in one. So it goes. I thought not much of the finding at that moment, but about 20 minutes later I learned that Thatch had passed away. Thanks for being so awesome Chris. I miss you already. I'll put the 'zine in a safe place.

July 15, 2010

Hey Platinumseagulls...

I guess the weather cooled off...The video above would HAVE to be posted for the Steven coverage alone. Its a bonus that the video is sick, LeRoux is ripping, and more than a little ironic that it hit the internets after the the lifespan of the ramp was up.

July 14, 2010

2 Hot 2 Blog

Worst title ever? Go skate the car on Sunday, its supposed to cool off by then. No more posts until Monday. Reference above.

July 12, 2010

Far Eastern Exposure

Night Prowler from dermit da frog on Vimeo.

Video assist and title assist from Sissi. Watch closely for the appearance of Plat' friend, John Lindsay in there too.

July 9, 2010

Decade Club

I tripped out a decade ago when I saw the commercial above on MTV2 in my dad's basement. Meyer pegged it as 2000 but I swear I saw it before Midopoly came out, so I'd say its of a summer 1999 vintage. I also had no idea it had been uploaded. Happy Weekend.

July 8, 2010

Side Bar:

Lebron James to the Heat. Fastforward. Lebron, now threepeat MVP, averages near a triple double. Lakers vs. Celtics in the Finals, again, Lakers in six. Pizzy, Scott, any other basketball heads, let's discuss.

Edit: Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert's letter looks like a 3rd Lair flyer circa the recent past (that is the worst font!) and suddenly the people in charge of "The Decision" are saying Lebron is not the villan. Blowing it!


A happy twist of fate occurred when, the other day, opening up my sketchy copy of Beez 2: Swarm, I stumbled upon the optimistically titled Platinum Web Treats Vol. 1. What the hell does that mean? Perhaps the woefully under-served Platinum Youtube page will get some love. Cross your fingers foolz.

Otherwise, there's nothing else today but this semi-pointless-yet-cool video of Julien and MC pushing down the street via Thrasher.

July 7, 2010

Brain Out!

We got a demo! Hopefully shit isn't rained out; TF is gone.

And then there's this:

"He has aspirations of one day opening a nightclub, and currently owns and operates Familia Skateshop. He is an avid traveler,and has traveled several times to Lebanon, where he has ancestral ties. He is bilingual, and can speak Spanish."-Nesser's Wikipedia Page

How'd they find out plans for the 80's nightclub? Meyer?

I loved this. Hey Henkler, can I get some shine?


July 6, 2010


29? Might as well be 30.

Edit: Also a large and late and almost missed Happy Birthday to the Jackal. How did "Bloody 4th" go?

Stoke Should Flow Freely

Found this gem on the Thrasher site and I thought it was perfect for a post-July 4th post, since my Independence Day was so goddamn ripping. Best one in recent memory; you always know its good when you didn't even have time to take photos. Real content on its way.