July 20, 2010

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It was a heavy weekend; review the post below. There's more Thatcher related info here at my TSM post. From what I can figure out there may be a MN funeral. I'll do my best to figure things out as information emerges and keep all posted.

In other news, the Ghost Ride Da Whip contest was pretty much awesome. Gregg Clover proved to be the MVP of the day, racking up some bizzaro first try tricks, among which I'm pretty sure was a frontside 180 fakie five-0 on the hood of the car. That one was worth way more than the $5 he got, but he made up for that low-ball sale with plenty of other tricks. As it should always be expected, Edward Kochendorfer came through with the kickflip crooks, though he made, again, very little money for his "efforts." The quotes only denote that he has that trick on lock. Tabari, per usual, got buck and made his fair share of the change, but, in the end, the day was stolen by a pair of little Lair dudes.

Jonathan Reese showed up late and pulled the much anticipated backtail on the car and made a warranted $20. Once the car was reset for launch mode, he rode across the top of the whip and got a kickflip off, earning another $20. The heelflip onto the Lincoln got him similar accolades. The other little man to come up was Lucas Filhouer (sic?). Another latecomer, Lucas made few waves until the car was turned, when he promptly made the first trick on the new setup, a kickflip on to ride off.

Lucas had made other tricks throughout, and his stash of $5 bills was nothing less than impressive, but for what its worth, and sadly, his biggest splash came at the end of the contest, while any new-tricks-to-be-done had dried up. Just as everyone that was throwing the contest was over it, and looking to end the whole Ghost Riding craze, Lucas managed to hang up on the driver's side window, and throw himself to the ground, mostly head first.

As it was more and more apparent that little dude was not getting up, and after it was announced that Lucas had won $45 for his valiant dive, the crowd crowded the course to see if he was OK. Minutes later, the little man got up, and less than 24 hours later he was in Familia buying a new pair of shoes with all that hard-earned cash.

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