May 31, 2011

The Bulge

The above is pretty self-explanatory. It's on Saturday.

T'was a big weekend for the #FAMILIABOYS, and while my zorch meter was almost maxed, it was a good one. There was a typically rowdy and awesome party Friday night at the chronically understaffed Red Stag (when will they figure out that skateboarders and other such folk can out drink your normal supper club party goers?), which culminated with a trip to the now legendary Solsbury Hill.

Saturday night was art night, and of course the beer ran out way earlier than it was supposed to.

For those that made it to Soundset, you know Josh Folley killz, mid-drifts on chicks are back whether or not they should be worn by the wearee and live hip hip isn't quite as cool as you remember it. Maybe I'm speaking for myself on that last one. A full write up with colorful pictures and the like will be appearing in a future TSM.

For those wondering about his year's Trueheads, they are Pete Harvieux, Wayne Zerr, Mark Leski, Benji Meyer, and Adam Bovee.

Cool Tricks 2 is cool, especially at the end.

The Onion calls out the Birdman.

Skating in Burma. Hat tip on that link to my former journalism prof who's been retweeting skate related stuff all day.

May 27, 2011

Waiting for the Road

Westgate has become one of my more recent favorites. He has a purely original style with good simple tricks. These Emerica b-sides have me constantly saying "I can't believe they didn't use that!" His epicly later'd is really rad too.

I got a tour at Deluxe yesterday courtesy of Zig. The place is so sick, and such a small operation. I turned into a 13 year old again and took some photos (sorry, facebook link), but it was worth it. Thanks Zig!

Heading down from San Fransisco to Los Angeles today, going to do it big at Disney.
-Henkler (intern)

May 26, 2011

Intern in Training

Why is Koston the raddest dude alive? And why is Staba almost as rad?

Being the intern has some pretty outrageous perks. Following my first post, Mike sent me on a trip to Platinum HQ in CA for a "Blog Post Formatting Seminar" Now I get to spend 6 days at the Platinum Spa taking mud baths!

Stopping by Deluxe today... hopefully they don't mind me fanning out and taking photos.

This is pretty entertaining for a little while.

Kevin Chartrand has promised to bring back TheHesh, so keep an eye out for some caveman-content.
That's all for now...
-Henkler (intern)

May 25, 2011

I Guess We'll Just Have To Adjust

Mini Video 75 - Open My Eyes - from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

These dudes again.

Hate him or love him, everybody seems to have an opinion on Robert.

Bong is getting famous!

Sam McGuire came up with that amazing title, js.

May 24, 2011

A Summer Wasting

I wrote a review about Naughty almost four years ago, and frankly, at the time, I didn't get it. Now it's one of my favorite videos, and it's so obvious. Duh yeah.

I was definitely feeling this T-Pudz line and commentary, though I wonder why so few people seem not to know the width of their blogging zone and how to adjust videos accordingly to it.

Sherman is as Sherman does.

If you're slightly buzzed, this Epic Rap Battle in History will blow your mind. It's still pretty funny without beer's help too.

Familia is doing it big this weekend, in case you forgot. Forecasters say we're headed for a category 5 BRO-STORM. More details as they come.

How did Henkler the Intern do on his first post? I'm going with a B-, mostly for the janky formatting (videos always go on the top of posts, etc), though the strangely adversarial tone pushed the grade down too. Let's get those grades up, intern!

Um, paging summer...

Also, RIP Gorf Life? Bumming.

May 19, 2011

End of the(hesh) World

I was sad(relieved) to finally let it go.
After a grueling interview process, several weeks of physical training, and a diet of strictly coors lite and jolly ranchers... Mike decided to give me an opportunity to not only do the majority of his laundry, but also occasionally write a post or two on the site.
Tim Fulton promised me a new throwaway montage by the end of the day, but apparently it will have to wait a couple more weeks. Here's some dudes on skateboards:

This months issue of Thrasher has an interview with Steve. Go read it or you suck!
Dbong photo of the day:

Apparently this Saturday at 6pm, the world will end.

-Henkler (the intern)

May 18, 2011


I'm backing the beard by the way.


Red Bull Mind the Gap in Atlanta from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

Tambo does his best Brian Brown impression and wins this thing in ATL. Stay up on the come up CJ!

May 17, 2011


Three days ago, the biggest news was, and now I'm loosely paraphrasing from Davis' Facebook page, the dude got his apotheosis shit on. No. Seriously. A kid said that, kind of.

My latest excuse for not updating this site stems from a recent jaunt to New York City, where Tha Dolo, The Viking, The Maverick (Jackal's new nickname), the young guns and I dealt with rain and some street tough scooter riding 12-year-olds at the Bronx skatepark. I think there's a GF edit coming soon, that will mostly entail our one full session at The Bronx skatepark. Also, invented on this trip, was no-holds-barred-no-ollie-OUT, a blood sport of such.

To dispel any further chatter on the Slap message board, Platinumseagulls INC's new intern is none other than 3rd Lair's newest GM, Kyle Henkler, formerly of The Hesh Dot Com (dead link). Following years of toiling away in the minor leagues of blogging, bud, you've finally made it. The style book, along with a packet that outlines your benefits package(s) are in the mail.

Kyle will carry on this site's amazing tradition of bringing you slightly esoteric inside jokey posts one day, followed by ranty, hard cutting skate analysis the next. As we come close to our tenth year weblogging, we (I) hope Kyle doesn't blow it.

May 10, 2011

Smell me? You should.

Not only does The Skateboard Mag now allow embedding, their Backslash feature is one of the better things on the internet right now. Hooray for hurt feelings.

Nordess Kilz (sic).

Guess what? Minnesota is the most hipster state according to some people on the internet. Is there really anything to add to that? What are the implications of this for say, Eden Prairie? Thoughts?

I keep forgetting to put my intern ad on Craigslist, but I promise, pinky-promise even, thought I'm going to try to update more.

I'd talk about basketball, but from what I've seen on Twitter, everyone that would care already saw it.

May 4, 2011


Narloch got Photofiled over at TSM along with some Milwaukee homies.
D-Bong, aka Dennis Burdick, is selling his filming setup in hopes of going to higher definitions. The setup includes his VX-1000, a Century Optics MK 1 fisheye with cover, four batteries, a charger, and a camera bag. He's looking for $1,000 for the whole thing, but I'm sure he might be open to a little bartering.

Hit him up at dennis_brdck (at)

Austyn Gillette knows swassup.

I feel super old and lame today because I wore the wrong pair of socks and that made my Achilles tendinitis flair up. More later.