May 17, 2011


Three days ago, the biggest news was, and now I'm loosely paraphrasing from Davis' Facebook page, the dude got his apotheosis shit on. No. Seriously. A kid said that, kind of.

My latest excuse for not updating this site stems from a recent jaunt to New York City, where Tha Dolo, The Viking, The Maverick (Jackal's new nickname), the young guns and I dealt with rain and some street tough scooter riding 12-year-olds at the Bronx skatepark. I think there's a GF edit coming soon, that will mostly entail our one full session at The Bronx skatepark. Also, invented on this trip, was no-holds-barred-no-ollie-OUT, a blood sport of such.

To dispel any further chatter on the Slap message board, Platinumseagulls INC's new intern is none other than 3rd Lair's newest GM, Kyle Henkler, formerly of The Hesh Dot Com (dead link). Following years of toiling away in the minor leagues of blogging, bud, you've finally made it. The style book, along with a packet that outlines your benefits package(s) are in the mail.

Kyle will carry on this site's amazing tradition of bringing you slightly esoteric inside jokey posts one day, followed by ranty, hard cutting skate analysis the next. As we come close to our tenth year weblogging, we (I) hope Kyle doesn't blow it.

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