May 10, 2011

Smell me? You should.

Not only does The Skateboard Mag now allow embedding, their Backslash feature is one of the better things on the internet right now. Hooray for hurt feelings.

Nordess Kilz (sic).

Guess what? Minnesota is the most hipster state according to some people on the internet. Is there really anything to add to that? What are the implications of this for say, Eden Prairie? Thoughts?

I keep forgetting to put my intern ad on Craigslist, but I promise, pinky-promise even, thought I'm going to try to update more.

I'd talk about basketball, but from what I've seen on Twitter, everyone that would care already saw it.


Anonymous said...

Is there a backslash episode 1???

Extreme Ash said...

dude, i kind of loved that backslash.

THE HESH said...

Backslash was surprisingly rad

Anonymous said...

What's it take to be your intern Mike?