April 28, 2011

Still The One

Hey Youtube, quit cutting videos short by 2 seconds.

The music video for Night Moves is about as wack as you'd expect.

On the eve of Top Shop, I put up a pretty self-explanatory poll. What's telling is that there's only a small group of people doing stuff on an annual basis. I kept it fairly narrow because I couldn't think of a ton of things and because only some of the things that the Lair does really relate to the audience of this site. Let me know what's up.

Edit: There's a strong possibility that you might want to cast a "used to be" or "was" vote on the poll. Hit the comments and explain if it's the case.


Jen Okasaki - Gay Style from Luke H on Vimeo.

A few months back, Dave Carnie and Jason Dill at ABD pretty much put the "no homo" thing to bed.

The video above cements the fact that someone's sexuality is the most boring fact about them. In fact, the whole idea of any inequality is lampooned.

April 27, 2011


Two weeks late! Quickie by Flowdoggle's Philmer Phil. Ed is looking good.

As this site does from time to time, we've got some birth announcements. Congrat's to Luke Hunt and Rob Sissi on their second and third kids, respectively, and new dad Andy Paulsen. Other soon to be family men include Adam Bovee and Johnny Vang.

Top Shop is this weekend, which might come as a surprise to people like me, who are totally out of the loop. Also, it appears The Lair's design internship has been filled by, evidently, a fourth grader. They just get younger and younger.

Badger correctly points out that the Lizard's Wild Kingdom site is a blatant rip off of the work he did on Biebel's World. How about this:

A seriously unserious language that brings clearheaded truth to the unnecessary confusions of planet earth today. You can finally relax knowing that the worries and stresses of not knowing what to say can be as easy as using this app to get your message across. It's amazingly amazing how much sense it makes to have Lizard do the talking for you. Buck up G code steez and speak the unspeakable language of The Lizard King.
There's even a no homo button. Ugh.

BTO calls meta-corpo-conspiracy on Dill skating with a tucked in t-shirt, whereas I just thought the clip of him blasting over those hydrants was the best he's looked on board in a while. How 'bout that tail scraper?

Update: In order to turn snark into constructive criticism, I'm sure that a design intern on MCAD summer break could be found for pennies on the dollar, if not free. Further snark omitted.

Broken Promises

Glue Factory 2010-2011 Park Clips from Glue Factory Skateboards on Vimeo.

I'd said that there would be no more park clips posted until the fall* of 2011, but I'm making exception because this one is good, and aside from the green buds on the trees, who would say that it doesn't feel like fall of 2011 right now?

This Beet League looks familiar...

*Ok. Originally I'd said winter, but for the analogy to work, it's gotta be autumnal. Cool?

April 21, 2011

Pimpin ain't easy but it's necessary

Affiliate In Puerto Rico
Thanks to Enzo and Reggie for pulling me out of the January deep freeze.

(Edit by Evan Bruce)

Thurs Tunes
Ice Cube - Down For Whatever
Van Halen - I'm The One
Jimmy McGriff - The worm

April 20, 2011

Feels like: November

Cody Banks, aka Cody Davis, drops a part on 4/20. Cuz he likes weed bro. Weed. Mike Davis summed up my thoughts on today already.

Back to Cody, who has an interview with ESPN right here, good job. Tasty manuals. No dreadlocks. Proper ender. Growing up. One thing that stuck out in my mind, and this is no fault of Cody's, is that, after a week of pretty much just watching Busenitz in Since Day One, nobody else is skateboarding like him. Busenitz, and this is meant literally, is on another level. What he does with a skateboard isn't what you or I do with a skateboard. I think as time goes on that part will be more and more appreciated.

If you attend the University of Minnesota or lurk the campus, you know that longboarders are out in greater concentrations than ever before. I've almost been taken out twice by some fools, while riding my bike (one dude was learning how to push, in the bike lane, going the wrong way, slammed as I rode by. jerks). Quartersnacks has a good write up about the possible negative effects of increased longboardership. Update: QS post taken down. Explanation here.

I was super psyched on this.

Nordness rules.

Non-skate of the day: Troy Patterson (insane genius) pisses off the fantasy crowd, then comes back and does the exact same thing.

April 15, 2011

Small Room

These chicks are hot. What about your snap-back? Via Good Problem Tumblr. Return to normal posting soon? Where's my intern?

Happy Weekend.

April 12, 2011


Jereme Rogers is on some Robert Stack type shit as of right now. Unsolved mystery. I normally can't sit through the type of car wreck videos above because I'm over come with second hand embarrassment, but his one was different. So fascinating. So alone in the living room. So...postmodern? I never linked to this interview with him because at the time I thought it was a blown opportunity. You be the judge. Hat tip to Lurker's Digest for the vid.

File under shameless self promotion: I interviewed Davis for the Sports Leader. How 'bout that kids part in Since Day One?

Speaking of the new Real video, here's the Quartersnacks review. Since they brought NBA analogies into it, now I don't have to write one.

Excuse the slow updatage. Lots of work, school and spring going on. Maybe I should find an intern?

April 8, 2011

It's on.

Memorial Day weekend is Familia Weekend this year, to celebrate Familia's five years in the game. It's going to be a good one.

Hopkins High School skate-related alum Dean Peterson is screening his first film, Incredibly Small at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival this Saturday night. If you get a chance to make it down to St. Anthony Main, check it out.

Rollerblade night is canceled. Message board drama ensues.

Happy weekend.

April 4, 2011

"Heard you got a hair cut."

Photo via Sam McGuire

Definitely the youngest dude ever to be interviewed by Chops, jerboi Davis Torgerson has a Chrome Ball interview to open up Real week at CBI.

Speaking of Real, local flow dude and getting better by the second, Jack Olson got 2nd at Phoenix Am.

The premature retirement bug of the late-90's, or whatever, got too many good ones. Jovante Turner on the Crail Couch.

Bert Wootton is doing it right.

Tim and Eric are back, back again.

Until then.