April 15, 2011

Small Room

These chicks are hot. What about your snap-back? Via Good Problem Tumblr. Return to normal posting soon? Where's my intern?

Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

kind of surprised you haven't ripped on hesh for letting there website expire yet. sewing circle

Anonymous said...

fuck. their not there. drunk intenetting. sorry.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves right, one Brian Perry had some sponsorship affiliation with Small Room? Did he hang out with the pictured chicks? Did those chicks toughen up their image over subsequent years and turn into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az-sD2zsePg? Was Perry pissed he wasn't allowed to be a skate witch. Did he try to prove his worth by drinking an eye of newt smoothie? Was he so sore over the snub by the skating cauldron-stirrers that he ultimately severed ties with Small Room? Can anyone confirm any of this?

-Dan Jackson