October 24, 2012

RIP Reggie Destin

Update: RIP Reggie.

Reggie Destin is a Chicago skater who was hit by a drunk driver last week and is now in critical condition. Help pay for his medical care by donating here; more than $12,000 have been raised in the one day the page has been up. Keep the momentum going.

Update: More on what happened to Destin. As type this the donations have topped $13,000.

Another art party, this one Friday, Chicago and Lake.
The Familia HQ is now open seven days a week.

October 22, 2012


Art party this Saturday, a good jump-off point too.

You can watch Filler 2D right here and if you like it you should still be able to go buy a copy at a finer shop near you.

A short glimpse of the Woodbury Plaza by Mike Ohman featuring Jeremy Reeves.

My Internet is dragging. More to come.

October 20, 2012

Internet Saturdays

So it's like, fakie nosegrind switch pop-shuvit. Do you say "the hard way?" Don't know. TJ Moran comes hard and heavy in two minutes. In some "Trash" section from a late-90's Thrasher, some connection between Mike Carroll and fakie bigspins being called "my dick" was established. Take that as-you-will as an addendum to that ender, in no way denigration.

Elsewise, (I actually heard that word used by a waitress at a diner in North Dakota in 2007), check out the Home Grown dudes in Kansas City. Let us know who wore the song best.

October 18, 2012

No Sunglasses (after dark)

Photo by Sam McGuire.

Friend of the Plat, Sam McGuire, has some photos up at The Skateboard Mag.

The Bake and Destroy premiere is this weekend at the Familia HQ. Avoid rioting.

The Quartersnacks Zered edit is a must watch.

I'm psyched on these Wifi names and not psyched on knuckle pushups.

October 10, 2012

Some Things Are Meant To Be

It's a bit of a relief that Randy Ploesser finally has a board with his name on it. In fact, his first pro model is a time machine of sorts, so zorb out on that and buy one.

This Plan B "Interactive Montage" is self-described as "next level," comparable to Questionable and SHS. Try to watch the whole thing.

Pizzy and Mike star in this Wiskate vid that's a prefect time capsule from the early aughts, also a case study in ways to powerslide. Hope the elbow feels better, Pat.

Perhaps you hadn't heard: Our very own Nate Compher got married last month. Congratulations to him and Krystal. This is Nate doing a really big jump on a snowmobile.

October 3, 2012

Debate Night

The above is Sugar in the Raw 2 by Dan Narloch, Tim Huey and Micah Pususta. It's about a year old but brand-new to the web. It rules and you should watch it.

Earnest PSA:

Dear 'gullers, sorry to commandeer Platinum for a few moments, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that came out Saturday night for the Filler2D premiere. I also wanted to solicit comments regarding both the video itself as well as the venue (feel free to comment on just the vid if you weren't at premiere). Most people won't just come up to me & say this or that sucked, so, thanks to ability to post anonymously, this is about the best place I could think of to find out what people really thought. The theatre was EXTREMELY cheap, so may be option for future events. Don't bother commenting on the patchwork screen or DVD sticking during the showing since I'm already well-aware of those issues, which are part of "get what you pay for", but are those shortcomings (along with any others) worth the several hundred dollar difference from another venue? So, thanks again for giving us the time watching the video as well as five years in the skate community.

-Dan Jackson


October 1, 2012

Old Dudes Do More Wallrides

"I like how you and Tim Fulton put out two separate promos for videos at the same time, it's like a really pleasant divorce! Hahha with twice the skating!" -kmannnnnnn on Youtube.

The Filler 2D premiere came and went, the two promos above were shown there, and it turned out pretty well. Good turnout, good times, good thing we went to Grumpy's, after a brief stopover at William's.

Here's all of North Coast.

Here's Nesser and Tom Penny.