June 29, 2010

Evil Dead

Seen this one yet? No? Yes? Anyhow, as Henkler said, "One of the gnarliest dudes to ever work a full time job, Sherman's video part from Zombie's Outbreak is ridiculous..." Sounds about right.

This dude is coming to town tomorrow. Maybe I'll go skate. That's all for now.

June 23, 2010

What You Wanna Spend The Rest Of Your Life Rolling Around On Rollerskates, You Fairy?

The song came up on the 'pod and I knew I had to do it. I've maybe posted the video above before, in fact I know I have, but sometimes the things and pieces of work that capture skateboarding just so goddamn well need to be revisited. Sorry for the shitty quality.

June 22, 2010

Pros Vs. Peons

This is like Jocks Vs. Chillers all over, I bet. Interesting use of apostrophes, Dan. Because I said that, I'm sure I butchered something here too. Oh well.

June 21, 2010

Summer is technically in full swing, and that means your weekends will be plenty busy with shred action events. Check the BLB Block Party this weekend, featuring the Wizard's Wedge.

Zedder has his 5's at the Familia TF.

A Blaine man threatens Biden. Pretty boring up there; looks like the dude is screwed.

This is possibly one of the best The Hesh updates ever.

I heard Tucker is going to be on the Channel 5 news tonight talking about GSD.

Work has resumed to schedule Beer Up, Bro Down 3, I swear. Would anybody be into doing it on a Friday night?

June 18, 2010

Same Old Song

"So I said fuck ten times and got a G. I then took that G and spent it all on candy. That's why I have so many fillings."

Daewon does some Love Child, and some new stuff too. Happy weekend.

June 16, 2010

The Actual Flyer...

...has surfaced. Thanks Evil.

June 15, 2010


As Boel The Ocean already pionted out, theres a demo comming soon!


My general ambivalence over Go Skate Day is only heightened by the fact that nobody asked to put our logo on the flyer, and now my feelings are hurt. Seriously, The Hesh is on there? Those dudes are just three posts away from taking another month off...Oh, I mean, three posts away from there website not working for a month for some totally mysterious reason.

Suck it up, be cool, post the flyer. Whatever.

June 14, 2010

From Near The Loop And Proud

Jerboi Randall Ploesser decided to take it back to '96 and re-film his first ever video part. I'm amazed that all the spots remain in even half-skatable ways. Next up, visit the Pretty Blog where there seems to be sightings of new St. Lou 'crete.

Congrats to all the locals that did well in the Damn Am over the weekend. Rusty wins and Sherman finally got the shine that he's been due for years in any best trick contest. Was this the last Damn Am Minneapolis ever? I have no idea. Am I trying to create possibly bogus media narrative? Just putting it out there. Where are Jack Olson's 5's? Coming soon.

I'm still backing Big Baby even if he was a non-drooling, non-factor in last night's game five. Too bad Pierce has to go home though.

June 11, 2010

Big Baby Has A Posse

Photo via NBA.com, Twitter caption by us.

I feel like I've covered basketball quite judiciously over the past couple of months because the TWolves didn't have anything exciting to write about. The Playoffs have been good but not covered all that much. No longer the case.

I fuckin' love Big Baby. The dude looks like a Dick Tracy character (proof), and the name bears it out. The guy is 300 pounds and six foot nine. As of now, on the Celtics side, its a toss up between him and Jesus Shuttlesworth for Finals MVP. Let's hope Baby comes up big in the coming days.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is the first ever Platinumseagulls Person of the Week. If I can get him to "ride" for us I'll let you guys know.

Hope to see y'all out this this weekend. Happy weekend.

P.S. Day Of Familia and Damn Am, that's where I'll see y'all this weekend.

June 9, 2010

Its In The Name

Flowtrash and Fulton have ten minutes of Davis foote.

The following three posts have 105 total comments on them because, for some reason, spammers love them. 1, 2, 3. I guess the lesson here is not to use the words "blog," "post," or "Russian Cialis," while naming.

Day of Familia is Friday.

June 8, 2010

Circle of Trust

Blame moving and some socially active weekends on a general drought of skating in the past two weeks and a little bit of lazy Platinum upkeep. Now its raining, but Mark Suciu above keeps indoor options alive and kicking/ripping.

Other indoor specific options are illustrated by Familia Skatepark Dot Com, an online index of the "5's" that are going so well so far, and a repository for Daewon-like bench ensembles by the B-Show. Where's the DBong 5's?

Henkler was gunning for some huge welcome back to the internet for the currently undead The Hesh, so check them out. I just don't expect much, yet. You guys gotta re-earn that love.

Jared Huss is pretty bonkers.

This is an interesting Ira Glass interview via Slate. A huge chunk of skateboarding is about righting wrongs, so its apropos.

While Maloof Money Cup has been approved by everyone from TSM to Thrasher, presumably because they've backed their shit up with serious cash, and the whole "leaving the skatepark there for the masses to skate it" thing, I have a couple of questions. For one, assuming that Tech Deck won't be going anywhere as a heavy sponsor, could we maybe get some re-branding and re-logoing (sic) for next year? Shit was painful to stare at. Also, what's with the beyond haphazard live coverage? Someone in the control room has some 'splaining to do. Beyond that, cool, and its been greatly entertaining to read commenter's opinions on the outcome and coverage. What with normal skaters calling for conspiracy theories at the judging table and whatnot, dudes are starting to sound like your average sports fans, ala just about every comment I read regarding The NBA Finals.

As for the Finals, let's hope that Paul Pierce's comment of "We ain't coming back to LA" holds up much better than his, "Someone gotta broom?" comment (now no longer on Twitter), because there's definitely two ways they could avoid that return trip.

June 4, 2010



Now head to the Familia site and watch it again.

Madame Geneva

Troy Patterson with a wonderful piece of writing that induces gin envy, from Slate. Happy weekend.

June 3, 2010

Day Of Familia 5

Fingers crossed that the power does not go out and that Gaia gives us a beautiful day; Familia is not technically turning five but having a belated birthday party that we all should attend.

The line up looks good if it holds, and shit, I haven't been to Oakdale all year, even after calling it "best park in the cities" some year(s) back. After that we can go see if we can force Red Stag to discontinue yet another event at their venue. And then there's Damn Am too! Hot darn. Even though its been said for a couple of years now, this could be the last year they do the Damn Am here, so show up. I'll remind you guys again.

June 2, 2010

Day After Day

So during the last round of skateboard-website-sponsorship-free-agency I pushed hard to pick up Nordness and Murphy for Tha' Plat, but Ellis swooped in HARD with a deal the dudes couldn't pass up. So there you go; there's always 2016, unless there's a lock out. Does Tabari still ride for Platinum?

platinumseagulls #527: enigmatic

Years ago there were ongoing talks about some sort of "Platinum Dunk," but as hopes faded we settled for a proper-ass wheel (though time and yellowing and skateboarding mean that I don't have any Plat wheels as keepsakes). It seems that Sissi never gave up on a blog shoe, and that quest has resulted in the (much more?) well deserved Chrome Ball Dunk. Keep up the good work Chops.

Month two of the Hesh Dot Com Death Watch has begun. Have the rigors of skateboard blogging caught up with the guys we used to lovingly refer to as Plat Jr., or do they simply need to be publicly called out? And what happened to BTO?

Everything you need to know about The High Five, via Todd, and then via Steve.

It was suggested that I should mention Element's Trio, albeit weeks late. Stanton came back from the dead and the plan b dustbin of history, while I was most excited by Levi Brown's incredibly casual pushing donkey punch shuv-it. In other 50-50 to backside 360 news, Mark Wetzel will always be an unsung hero.

At least somebody is filming for Shitheads 2010.