June 11, 2010

Big Baby Has A Posse

Photo via NBA.com, Twitter caption by us.

I feel like I've covered basketball quite judiciously over the past couple of months because the TWolves didn't have anything exciting to write about. The Playoffs have been good but not covered all that much. No longer the case.

I fuckin' love Big Baby. The dude looks like a Dick Tracy character (proof), and the name bears it out. The guy is 300 pounds and six foot nine. As of now, on the Celtics side, its a toss up between him and Jesus Shuttlesworth for Finals MVP. Let's hope Baby comes up big in the coming days.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is the first ever Platinumseagulls Person of the Week. If I can get him to "ride" for us I'll let you guys know.

Hope to see y'all out this this weekend. Happy weekend.

P.S. Day Of Familia and Damn Am, that's where I'll see y'all this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

We the readers can't add to the NBA talk because we don't Ball hard enough, literally and figuratively.