June 14, 2010

From Near The Loop And Proud

Jerboi Randall Ploesser decided to take it back to '96 and re-film his first ever video part. I'm amazed that all the spots remain in even half-skatable ways. Next up, visit the Pretty Blog where there seems to be sightings of new St. Lou 'crete.

Congrats to all the locals that did well in the Damn Am over the weekend. Rusty wins and Sherman finally got the shine that he's been due for years in any best trick contest. Was this the last Damn Am Minneapolis ever? I have no idea. Am I trying to create possibly bogus media narrative? Just putting it out there. Where are Jack Olson's 5's? Coming soon.

I'm still backing Big Baby even if he was a non-drooling, non-factor in last night's game five. Too bad Pierce has to go home though.


yep said...

thanks Minneapolis for all the memories and friends I have made here, but from the looks of the contest this weekend, I most likely wont ever be coming back. (via Vernon Laird)

Anonymous said...