January 28, 2011

Courage to Stand, Sit, Etc.

It appears that the intro to Shitheads 2012 was leaked to Tim Pawlenty's camp, who copied it, almost frame for frame, replacing Meyer's monologue with T-Paw's. This will not be tolerated.

NY is on some MN shit as of late.

This actually happened at the Lair today. Bobby Puleo reference explained here. "Spot rape" is an incredibly stupid phrase.

Gonna skate in this tomorrow night. Old dudes unite.

Happy Weekend.

January 24, 2011

In Transit

Chuck Odima comes through with a couple of edits of footage he shot, some stuff you've seen, some stuff you haven't. Hopefully there's more in the future. Proper East Coast vibe.

January 19, 2011

Brain Quake

Minneapolis was once again a destination for KOTR. The crash-up at The Hiawatha sounded way more epic than it looked, though Thrasher still claims Wizard cast a curse. By the way, get better Wiz!

Jerboi Tim Olson is taking the term "man am" to new heights. Here's to a belated career!

Jackal has a new offer:

Quartersnacks waxes poetically about camo pants. I had a pair that were reliably Army surplus--my dad's--that in latter days were cut off into camo shorts, and eventually got lost to history.

A camo aside: I always thought that Gino was wearing a desert camo shirt during his first line in Trilogy, and I searched for a similar shirt for years. However, upon watching the DVD reissue like, last week (close viewing of the Youtube clip which must have been ripped from a DVD as well), I realized that a conspiracy of washed out Hi8 footage transferred to VHS was lying the whole time. It's a jungle camo shirt, not desert. His khakis should have given it away, but how sick of an outfit is a desert camo T with khakis?

Chances that Davis is working on some e-foote that'll come out concurrently with the Real video? I say high.

Nesser is making me jealous.

January 17, 2011

Booster Club

Westgate. I heard his new shoe only comes in size 7 or smaller. Quartersnacks gives him the probably not premature "kickflip of the year," even for a video released on 1/15 (along with a proper comparison to Kalis' Lynx wearing gem). Unless Reynolds decides to bring it, or 1995's Tom Penny appears (using Dyrdek's time machine, or something), that's a safe bet.

Bratrud continues to push the limits on a single man's blogging ability, this time with The High 5's mini-blog the Digital Dump.

Get down with Already Been Done, aka ABD. I haven't noodled around with it very much yet, but things are looking good, and it's headed by such notables as 411VM honcho Josh Friedberg and fellow TSMer Rob Brink. Check back and often.

Your favorite Wiskaters and Gorfers are profiled here on a Milwaukee city livin' site. Memorize Pizzy's quote and recite it back to him next time you see him.

I claimed that by banning Rashad McCants I ruined his NBA career. Need more proof? Look no further.

The first Plat poll in a while, at the request of (some) of the Flow Trash makers.

January 15, 2011

Late Breaking...

ATIBA EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Pawn your VX for an SLR...Radical video joining the Ty Evans tradition of credits being longer than the feature. Jerboi Davis is in there, and I say this only out of admiration and propsgiving, but its so rad that that nerd is sorta famous. Dude rips!

January 14, 2011


Kobron Redux

I'll back this, and I'm hoping this newly anointed 29 year old can get a "special invite."

Did The Jackal once call Dill the "Lebron of skateboarding?" Or was he talking about Mike York? I can't remember, but this Chrome Ball post about Dill is sick.

Here's footage of a chick texting and falling into a fountain. Noice.

Happy Weekend.

January 13, 2011


Gorf Life 4 - Gorf off a Bluff!! from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

New Gorf.

Speaking of, and its been noted elsewhere, the links at Gorflife totally crush it. This one inspired me.

I was a teenage two-spacer until Meyer and McGuire set me straight.

I've had interviews go similarly awry, though it never occurred to me that I should have just said "fuck it" and sent The Mag a drawing of James Brockman super-manning on top of the Zero van across Ohio.

"I felt like I was in couples' counseling." Shit's gonna get real on Monday (I'm obsessed)!

I wondered what had happened to Josh Swindell (life in prison), and along the way stumbled upon this almost 17 year old newspaper article that pretty well explains the vertical integration of the skateboard industry. If you were in the dark, there's the light switch. Related, Dan's World was one of the first skate-sites I ever saw on the internets.

McGuire's in Puerto Rico, killing the blog game.

Davis passes the tre flip challenge ON THE BERRICS.

January 11, 2011

Quietly Banned.

Jack and Pat provided by the dude(s) from Flow Trash. Hopefully the DVDs are moving out. Buy it at the previous link if you can't make it to a shop.

First Bio-rhythm and now the holograms and Power Balance. Evidently, sponsoring B-Show is low on the priority list because Oracle is out, PB is in. I'll take Manu's side all day.

While The Hesh languishes and Hardflip has quietly removed their "by the first of the year" claim like a Sarah Palin "surveyor's(???) symbol" map, there are other local skate-related blogs to keep an eye on. Everyone's favorite socialite, Aaron Christensen reps The GG Diaries, and St. Paul's most silent and deadly dude, David Jaimes, plies the keyboard trade at the aptly named DavidJaimes.tumblr.com.

Assisted by Aaron, there's the forever great Ragsdale edit by Damian, as well as a day at SLP. Edited...by Benji.

I"m hereby lobbying for a Chrome Ball post about someone from Minne. Between Clint, ZED, and Steve, there's enough fodder.

D_Bong with the breaking "news.".

January 10, 2011

The Cat's Balls

Went on a cruise and found out two things: Driving across the Florida peninsula is just about as boring as driving across the totality of Nebraska, and that I still feel like I'm on a boat, which is neither comforting nor comfortable.

A day or few back and there's not much to dish: I learned via Chrome Ball that our own Rob Sissi is up for another child, making it three, and congratulations are in order.

Josh Hartnett was sighted in Familia and he recommended True Grit, something which the Plat stands behind. Does Ben Ragsdale still have his watch?

Digged or just dug the Girl Open House clip, though I'm skeptical of the acceptability of neck tattoos, which are becoming passé while still inadvisable, and the kid with this week's Mag Minute is having a good new year.

Not known as an MN native, forever in a slice of my memory as a yellow helmeted, wrist-guard/glove-wearing little dude, Anthony Shultz get's lined.

John Dos Passos claims that the title of this post was early 20th Century slang for something cool. Rep it.

January 5, 2011

January 4, 2011

RAD to SAD (aka Word around town… Magnums what I fit? )

Supporting links HERE, HERE and HERE
I guess Munzy just booked JR for Plat Ball 2011

January 2, 2011