January 11, 2011

Quietly Banned.

Jack and Pat provided by the dude(s) from Flow Trash. Hopefully the DVDs are moving out. Buy it at the previous link if you can't make it to a shop.

First Bio-rhythm and now the holograms and Power Balance. Evidently, sponsoring B-Show is low on the priority list because Oracle is out, PB is in. I'll take Manu's side all day.

While The Hesh languishes and Hardflip has quietly removed their "by the first of the year" claim like a Sarah Palin "surveyor's(???) symbol" map, there are other local skate-related blogs to keep an eye on. Everyone's favorite socialite, Aaron Christensen reps The GG Diaries, and St. Paul's most silent and deadly dude, David Jaimes, plies the keyboard trade at the aptly named DavidJaimes.tumblr.com.

Assisted by Aaron, there's the forever great Ragsdale edit by Damian, as well as a day at SLP. Edited...by Benji.

I"m hereby lobbying for a Chrome Ball post about someone from Minne. Between Clint, ZED, and Steve, there's enough fodder.

D_Bong with the breaking "news.".


Anonymous said...

magic bracelet!!!

Unknown said...

Nice part guys...I'm going to go commit hari-kari now. (I mean that as a joke, REALLY sick part!)