January 10, 2011

The Cat's Balls

Went on a cruise and found out two things: Driving across the Florida peninsula is just about as boring as driving across the totality of Nebraska, and that I still feel like I'm on a boat, which is neither comforting nor comfortable.

A day or few back and there's not much to dish: I learned via Chrome Ball that our own Rob Sissi is up for another child, making it three, and congratulations are in order.

Josh Hartnett was sighted in Familia and he recommended True Grit, something which the Plat stands behind. Does Ben Ragsdale still have his watch?

Digged or just dug the Girl Open House clip, though I'm skeptical of the acceptability of neck tattoos, which are becoming passé while still inadvisable, and the kid with this week's Mag Minute is having a good new year.

Not known as an MN native, forever in a slice of my memory as a yellow helmeted, wrist-guard/glove-wearing little dude, Anthony Shultz get's lined.

John Dos Passos claims that the title of this post was early 20th Century slang for something cool. Rep it.


sprntrl said...

Thanks Munz. Thats the reason I was skating so much this fall, gonna be on baby lock down come april.

Unknown said...

Who made this fantastic picture?