April 30, 2010


The Badger/Real PR stunt has come to an end rather creepily. Really though, its all about the photoshop job.

Let's Talk

Wes Kremer is really fucking cool at skateboarding.

Less blowing it at blogging next week. Happy weekend, and as for the contest, GO TEAM!

April 24, 2010


TJ (Ex Platinum Business Manager) has taken the role of producing the next Shitheads Super Film entitled "Shitheads 2010". He just bought a new handicam and quote "ready to take video of these fuckin' dudes round here".

Cognitive Dissonance

Mike Vallely drives a Hummer???

April 23, 2010

Get Some Tomorrow

Read the description here.

Redux Redux

Two of the better events of the year, coming up once more, I always get into trouble when involved with either. Happy weekend.

April 21, 2010

Eiffel Tower?

Burned into my brain's retina is the visual of MikeMo and Malto getting their "tag team a bitch" on. Pro-hoes around the globe, begin plotting, and make these young men into "real bffs."

The latest Photofile from the Mag features Sam McGuire flicks and jerboi, SP, Olu Pratt.

New on Hardflip: DVS Weed Grinder Review. Have I ever reviewed my DVS Beer Bong? I will right now. It works. That's all fewls.

April 20, 2010

Speak Ya Clout

Jerboi Todd Bratrud's ever expanding reach of skateboard domination expanded again, like always; The High Five Skateboards is here.

Flowtrash has been coming hard with the updates lately.

I'd be remiss not to link to the Lakai Am I Am vid, pretty sure they'd revoke my internet pass for that. Them dudes rip.

The Hesh has a nice Guru remembrance, but they forgot the most unforgettable of them all.

April 19, 2010

Decade Club

This is our 500th post since switching to blogger.

April 16, 2010

Keeping Score

The Jackal got hyped on Richard Cheese on the way home from Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago so the soundtrack makes perfect sense.

Happy weekend; is McGuire going to be in town?

April 15, 2010

Be Aware

Writes Sam McGuire:

"It's for this dude, Dave from St. Louis. He got testicular cancer and his insurance dropped him and so he's got mad bills and he really probably is the nicest man in Chicago..."

Learn more right here.

Updating in order to Update

The O.U.T. Contest has been moved to May 23rd, and a couple hundred dollars have been added to the pot. Also of note, 3rd Lair has simplified their website and devoted all of their day-to-day updates to their Facebook page because that's all that kids are looking at anyways. In two years or so its going to be strictly on the Twitter tip. FYI, I'm now backing Twitter hard; it set up an ill session last Friday, and via Twitter, I still don't have to give a shit about what people I went to high school with are doing. Right? Debate the veracity of Twitter in the comments.

April 14, 2010

Youth Brigade

The Badger has spoken and endorsed an event that might not happen this year that he wasn't at last year. So it goes in internet-skateboard land. That Dolo interview was consistently entertaining, even if Thadolo's blog is no longer consistently updated. Is Dolo wearing an MSU hoodie?

I've definitely lagged on posting this, but Chrome Ball has an interview with Ronnie Bertino, a skater who I fully idolized back in the day.

While Bertino's part in SHS was ultra fresh, I was a fan of him first because of his part in XYZ's Stars and Bars; its hard not to be psyched on a dude who looks at Penthouse behind some Kmart wearing a Menace shirt (at least that's what I always imagined was happening)

Who remembers when there wasn't an indoor skatepark in town? Don't shit where you eat people, even if you only eat there once in a while.

April 13, 2010

Still Claiming Shitty Content

As a little show of internet gamesmanship, I was gonna try to link to this Tabari Cook Boondoggle Bonus Bonus minutes before Fulton could because I'd noticed it on his Youtube page minutes before he actually got it up; but uh, props due where props are due. Also, follow Tabari on the Twitter. Right?

Peep out an early AVE edit for Mindfield.

The Hesh actually has some content and has even made promises of further content, and they even remind you, the reader, to chime in on the hot topic on here, before I'm over it and just close the comments.

April 12, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

As debate rages in the comments here once again over the state of the Twincites skate scene, people need to remember that some dude double flipped over the hood of a car in Phoenix. Kind of makes all your worries melt away, don't it?

Mr. Stone's Opus, via Flowtrash.

April 10, 2010

An Idea

For a quietly reserved bespeckled stoner kid, Tyler Bledsoe skates with such a quantity of badassery and swagger that I'd really love it if he skated to metal or some anthem type hip-hop in the new TWS vid. Re-watch that back tail kickflip and try to disagree.

April 9, 2010

S. V. M.

Dwell on this!

Actual Happy Weekend.

Is O.U.T., Like, Out?

Strictly Buggin'...

As yet-to-be substantiated rumors fly about the postponement of 3rd Lair's O.U.T. contest this weekend (no word on the 3rd Lair site), one wonders just what must have happened to relegate 2010's version to the might not happen dustbin of skate whateverness.

O.U.T. started out fully hyped. For a few years it was, without being too important with things, one of the best things in TC skateboarding. Upsets and excitement and good skateboarding were the norm, it was a good appraisal of who was who within the Twincities skateboard biosphere, and for a time, it was a good place to start something. That is no more. Let's just say that nollie 360 shuv-its have ruined it all, and that skater apathy is usually quite a difficult thing to cultivate, overall; one or an entity has to work for it. So it goes.

Happy Weekend, and Liz Cheney is banned. Yet again, so it goes.

April 8, 2010

Same Old

Does anybody still skate at SLP?

Is it true that OUT is postponed due to lack of registrants? Ghost in the Machine.

April 7, 2010


I'm well aware that just taking screen shots from other sites and then linking to videos from that same site does not a good site make, but seriously, just about every time I've gone filming in the past year, I've felt the same exact way that Daniel Espinoza feels in this clip. More than anything, its incredulity; the lurker chills for 20 minutes with skate tips because his kid skates, the wind, much like it is this time of year, blows into you both while you skate towards the trick and while you skate back to the start, the sprinklers...its all so pedestrian 15 years on that it almost goes without saying, so cheers to the fine eyes at Tha' Tap for this little gem.

April 6, 2010

Jocks Vs. Chillers

Lifted straight from Flowtrash, but better, since Fulton hasn't figured out how to embed video on Wordpress yet, comes some more left-overs from new Los Angelino David Jaimes.

In other re-location news, a buck short and a day late no less, everyone's favorite video dude, editor, tequila and skateboard slanger, Dennis Burdick, has re-re-located back to the Twincities, having grown weary of the rep life in the not always greener Orange County.

For those that follow this humble skateboard site on the Twitter (read: just about no one) you already know that the The Jocks vs. Chillers trip to Milwaukee was pretty good. Footage may yet show up on the internets, and it should be known that Tabari made the chillers look good. Hey Pizzy, too bad about Bogut's dislocated elbow.

I never linked to Familia's Wu Tang board, shirt and toothbrush, in this instance, giving props to Bratrud's photoshop skills.

Edit: Found a quote reading a blog post about Scrabble controversy that seems to ring true about skateboarding too:, "That's the problem with brilliant inventions: A lame knockoff looks like a lame knockoff."