April 14, 2010

Youth Brigade

The Badger has spoken and endorsed an event that might not happen this year that he wasn't at last year. So it goes in internet-skateboard land. That Dolo interview was consistently entertaining, even if Thadolo's blog is no longer consistently updated. Is Dolo wearing an MSU hoodie?

I've definitely lagged on posting this, but Chrome Ball has an interview with Ronnie Bertino, a skater who I fully idolized back in the day.

While Bertino's part in SHS was ultra fresh, I was a fan of him first because of his part in XYZ's Stars and Bars; its hard not to be psyched on a dude who looks at Penthouse behind some Kmart wearing a Menace shirt (at least that's what I always imagined was happening)

Who remembers when there wasn't an indoor skatepark in town? Don't shit where you eat people, even if you only eat there once in a while.


Anonymous said...

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killerboots said...

My last dolo encounter involved a mercury sable, the bronx-ish(250's?)rain and 12 o'clock guinness. cheers.