November 24, 2009

Jet Plane

Via upnorthtrips.

Looks like '95 was a good year for my tastes. Soon to be 15 years ago...

About to head to AZ and I'm in serious doubt as to whether I'll bring my skateboard. Sometimes its just like that. Too many trips lately where its been strictly a carry along item, though it would be nice to leave the deck down there, but then I have to bring tools. What to do for Thanksgiving with the family and the girlfriend? I'll just lie and say I brought it.

See ya'll next Tuesday, probably.

November 23, 2009

Bad Publicity Is Still Better Than No Publicity.

I originally saw the video above on LOA, and then I found out that the guy at the center of the fracas is none other than jerboi Mike Vallely; it must be said that this is far more salacious than some misrepresented online advertising campaign.

While deeming the Wayne Cummings case TSM blog worthy, I'm a little shocked and taken aback by the ignorance and homophobia displayed in the comments there (and having typed that I feel shocked at my ignorance of what to expect from the internet). That being said, one should be reminded of the I-Level Skateboards case, involving a company and skatepark owner convicted of (and I'm short on specifics, so I'll do my best) indecent acts with minors, and among other things, placing CCTV cameras in places like the locker room and bathrooms at the skatepark/TF he owned. This occurred in the pre-internet age, so short of scouring old Trash sections from Thrasher, there's no linkage to be had here.

Speaking of way cooler shit, did you see that new Gino Ianucci ad?

Moving on...

November 20, 2009

Heavenly Host

The top photo is via Times Is Weird and the bottom photo come off the hard drive of random shit. B. Heck in the flesh, circa 2009, and 2001.

Brought up in the previous post, and now stirring shit up all over the internet, The Berrics Unified is just advertising, via Haveboard. More opinion at You Will Soon. Cynicism remains.

The last time I saw Dinosaur Jr. was in Tampa in '06 or '07 and the gin and tonics made me sucker punch Sherman in the van after the show. I just saw them again on Wednesday, the show ripped, and to commemorate punching Ian, here's some Sherman throwaways that are more than worth your viewing time. Friends 'til infinity, right? Via The Hesh

Also stolen from The Hesh, it looks like local perv Wayne Cummings has been sentenced to ten years in prison for doing what we always thought he was doing but couldn't quite prove. Good riddance.

Finally, jerboi (and dude on my fantasy basketball team) Peja crushed it last night like it was Arco in '03, but alas, I didn't have his ass in my line-up. Just saying all that so I can link to that suspect ass photo.

Happy Weekend.

November 17, 2009

All Of It

While the basketball gods continue to beat upon our lowly 1-10 Timberwolves, the hoops deities smiled upon me; I stumbled upon the origin of the photo above, Thank You, Kurt Rambis, and my day got a little brighter. Nerd out!

While getting my geek on in Rambis-land, I then stumbled upon UPNORTHTRIPS, a website which, simply by alluding to the Mobb Deep song of the same name, immediately made it into my bookmarks toolbar. There's some cool content on there to boot.

Familia made it onto the Berra approved skateshop list. Cynicism aside [though I still hate the tagline, "We Don't Report The News, We Are The News," (a fulfilled claim via this link to them)], Berra's speech is well done, and if you've got a bit of time to watch it, why not? The Hesh has an opinion on this as well.

The following link has been making the rounds lately, but is still worth posting; Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No is an animated short about Doc Ellis' acid fueled no hitter from 1970. Since mind-altering substances and skateboarding have had a happy marriage since, hell, maybe around 1970, let's just say this works.

More websites you ought to know about, both by jerboi and internet guru T.H.L.A.T. (more or less): Times Is Weird These Days and Werd Life, Todd Edition.

Its SOTY time, I say Busenitz, who say you?

Cue your, "I my god, if that's throwaway, I can't wait to see the video," comments, view below:

He brought sexy (bigspins) back, but I hear skateboarding just doesn't hold the spark for the guy like it used to. Devine Calloway clips via Crailtap. Also stop through there and enter their laziest contest ever, but don't get their dudes confused with Steve.

Happy Birthday Cutty!


This one should be good; the dudes will be in town, and the most realistic after-party venue ever has been chosen. Get yours.

November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009

This Is Good

From the Bryce Kanights gallery.

The Flow Trash throwaway begins, link via The Hesh. I love it how those montages are always "Warm Up Trick Tours" of the Twincities (though I'd crap my pants to warm up on those rails like some of dem guys do).

This is hot fire!

Dank Nuggzz' rotating header graphics are reason enough for yet another link.

Time to get your CHUD Or NO CHUD on.

Thank you Veterans.

November 9, 2009

Fall Classics

It took a second, but Fink and The Hesh came through with the Backyard Ramp Jam '09 edit seen above. Careful trying backside bonelesses on damp decks.

Track jerboi while he demos with Real in the Midwest.

Head over to Hardflip to read (the re-emergent) Perry recount his trip to the Rumble in Ramona.

November 6, 2009

Bear Hughes Lives!

-The Chaos section from the first video I ever seen, 411 10.

Happy Weekend.

November 5, 2009

Familia Throwaways

The Familia Video Unused Footage

While all Familia related info is once again on their main site, humble bloggers like the one right here sometimes overlook that fact, and happen upon things like the video above a little late. That problem has been taken care of. Indeed, some hidden bangers have been uncovered, and it'd be really, really nice to see some more of that Nate Compher ish. Rumors abound about the kid; is it MMA, is it this, or is he content to continue doing so little with so much (or is it the other way around)? Does Bird still call/send? Who knows.

(And if it is MMA, Jr. Mint versus Lennie Kirk would be mind altering)

(New Wiskate vid)

November 2, 2009

16mm Autumn

Not a whole hell of a lot happening here. Midopoly vs. Boondoggle? Voice your opinion there, if you care to.

Does your (sex) life imitate porn? Or something? Its an interesting read I suppose.

A bit old, but a quick history of the 3-pointer in the NBA. The season started, expect more of this shit.

Hey Fink, were you a bit more hungover on Sunday than expected? BYRJ '09 edit still coming soon.

I wandered upon the MN Skateboarder profile page the other day; take a trip back to 2005.

Jammin' Jay and Woody built an indoor park in Lake Elmo, here are Jay's flicks. Evidently, the spot is at Summit Boardshop, and after a surprisingly not-that-half-assed search of their site, I found absolutely no details about their skate-space, aside from a layout and construction photos. Details might be forthcoming.

All the kids that saw me doing it first were getting sponsored, but they all had wack styles. Thanks Chromeball.

Hmmm. Also: what judges are looking for.