November 2, 2009

16mm Autumn

Not a whole hell of a lot happening here. Midopoly vs. Boondoggle? Voice your opinion there, if you care to.

Does your (sex) life imitate porn? Or something? Its an interesting read I suppose.

A bit old, but a quick history of the 3-pointer in the NBA. The season started, expect more of this shit.

Hey Fink, were you a bit more hungover on Sunday than expected? BYRJ '09 edit still coming soon.

I wandered upon the MN Skateboarder profile page the other day; take a trip back to 2005.

Jammin' Jay and Woody built an indoor park in Lake Elmo, here are Jay's flicks. Evidently, the spot is at Summit Boardshop, and after a surprisingly not-that-half-assed search of their site, I found absolutely no details about their skate-space, aside from a layout and construction photos. Details might be forthcoming.

All the kids that saw me doing it first were getting sponsored, but they all had wack styles. Thanks Chromeball.

Hmmm. Also: what judges are looking for.



jamminjayjensen said...

I added more pics of Summit Skatepark on the Plywood Benders website.

Woody designed the park and Nate Sheggeby was also involved in the build. It took 15 work-days to make and I think I cut almost every template in the park. The stair-set also converts into a double-set by pulling the bottom two steps out. Yes, there is a flat ledge. They also have a snow course that they are working on behind the building, so if any of you like to snowboard, there's something there for you as well. They are thinking about having us build a bowl sometime next year, which isn't that far away.

The park is located just east of the 494/694 on I-94. Take the Inwood/Radio Drive exit, go left, cross over the Highway, take a right on Hudson, go about a 1/4 mile, and it is on the left.

Now we have a skatepark on the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities metro! Have fun!!!

Extreme Ash said...

"Experience positive excitement and the thrill that comes with living on the edge in a fun and safe way."


Anonymous said...

the song was boring but at least the video was bad.

Ben said...

I live in Menomonie Wisconsin pretty stoked only about an hour away and right off 94

boil the ocean said...