September 30, 2009

September 29, 2009

Something Better

Just Because You Can...

...doesn't mean you have to. I may be late to the party, but regarding Billy Marks' skateparksite part, I must say that just because a trick sounds rad on paper (or in type) doesn't mean that it'll translate rad into action. Take the above, a double flip to boardslide, which, if anything, seems more like a proof to the board shattering theorem than a viable everyday move (blame algebra). Other questionable translations include the not-that-bad-looking switch double heelflip shuv-it (purposefully awkwardly worded) and the forever no-no double 360 flip (semi-confusing name inherent).

Marks can do whatever he wants on a skateboard when he wants to, and wacky tricks from normally tasteful dudes on The Berrics seem to be more the product of endlessly sitting in a skatepark than conscious choices (while other double-flip etc. buffoonery from let's say Stereo ams is all too calculated). It makes me think of winter days at the skatepark, perhaps the inevitable hungover Saturday afternoon sesh in January, where complacency over-powers taste and precedent and a "what if?" mentality takes over; since I can't double-flip, watch for the late flip/shuv-it variants. Or I'll just skate the mini-ramp; its all fun anyways.

Day Planner

Feelin' Minnesota has been a long time coming; find "previews" here and here. Get ready for some busy weekends, what with the above, Familia and Bratrud teaming up again, and the ever later in the fall-Fall Classic (which, contrary to what the website says, is actually on October 17th, as far as I know...).

September 25, 2009

Whodi Lives

In a strange turn of events, I spoke to Jamiel last night around midnight, and he tells me about this line he filmed very recently, and then all of a sudden I turn on the internet and its like RIGHT there, or in the montage above (2:57 mark or so). WEIRD.

Sam The Video Artist teamed up with The Cutest Skater In Town to produce Rollin' With Davis. You know, its crazy, but my dad was on that 1972 Concorde flight with Beethoven and Picasso. Shit...

Garrett Perry is on the (art) come-up. Mark that date down.

The End of The World, in various failed and not yet failed scenarios.

Happy Weekend for realz.

September 24, 2009

Ankle Riot

Old men unite! I've been puzzling about the past few days wondering about my pointlessly achy joints and as I brewed a pot of coffee today the cool humid weather came into focus and for the 80th time, I had to come to grips with joint pain as the weather changes. Awesome.

Once again stealing content from The Hesh, this time they've directed us toward a proper part from friend of tha' Plat and former dude with 'tude Spencer Prati. I've met that kid Andy Mack too, he's from Iowa.

So why am I even talking about reading a 20,000 plus word profile on Glenn Beck on this pseudo-skate site? Because I read it, its worth a read, you can't escape the guy in the media right now, and focus on the word pseudo in the previous sentence. Normally it would be a foregone conclusion that Beck is banned from this website (maybe he already is?), but having read about the guy, I don't feel sympathy for him, I just understand that he's an actor, an entertainer, a guy trying to make some money; too bad his messages are so shitty, and he's really doing nothing for intelligent debate.

As alluded to in the comments, Viking tracked down; a few may remember Mr. Knell as the guy that shot the TWS Minneapolis article in the sweltering summer of 2001 (someone needs to scan that article, I may have it). Along with plenty of other interesting stuff on the site, here's some classic Neal.

Let's say happy weekend on Thursday this week.

September 22, 2009


By Todd Bratrud

Internet/real world luminary and Dada-ist dope aficionado, Mr. Todd Bratrud, has a cool gallery of work right here, which is accompanied by a spot on introduction by his studio mate.

Davis, again, this time Euro-jet setting with reality TV stars; its a good video well worth a watch. Assist via The Hesh.

Just a few days ago I was thinking about Kalis' part in Timecode and how sick it was that he'd been on AWS, well, forever. In hindsight, I thought too soon. Further "commentary" here.

Hardflip serves up Poached and I suppose it is apropos to lift copy from the Weekend Warriors bonus disc in this instance. On the same website and in a well written post, Thatcher saves face by not revealing his; how does the just linked post play out against the links at the top of this post? Hmmm.

I could have sworn Neal skated the bike rack off the stairs at NSP; no worries, Dylan takes it to the rack on the Familia blog.

More clues on Backyard Ramp Jam.

Disgruntled writers should never use "LOL," especially when trying to make a point through editing. JS.

Finally, the new Wiskate video should make your day; the M.M. dumpster jam takes the cake.

September 18, 2009


A quick stop through the shop today revealed that many of the Nike dudes listed above were in town this week in between demos in Denver and Chicago. One wonders why no demo was slated here; redundancy, political intrigue, or simple forgetfulness are all possible reasons. This seems related.

Happy Weekend.

September 17, 2009

Post With No Name

The other days I drank some beers and got hyped on listening to old Hip Hop; Big L in particular, and that got me thinking about some old Rob Gonzalez Rookies section from the 411 that used an L song. Alas, it isn't on Youtube, though I found the above section featuring two members of The Familia doing a bunch of pretty bonkers-ass tricks in the pre-Death Lens era. On another Familia related note, you've got more than a month to get your zombie moves down. MJ Remembrance burnout anybody? Sick of Billy Jean when you go to the club? Maybe it won't be the same next month.

In the web-nostalgia department for today, Josh @ Wiskate thinks about how they used to write about stuff at their website, and, uh, stuff. Cool. Never Forget.

What's Puleo doing in the background?

They aggregate my posts so why not? Hardflip with some Gino Perez "Where Is He Now?" type ish. Be sure to watch that part as it has some not that much seen Gonz foote within.

Edging towards the no update in a month club.

I nerded out and had to download that song from Mind Field that J Mascis did for Omar's intro. Creepies! (Complete with skate sounds!)

Chrome Ball is on it this week, nerd out. Be sure to read the Wenning post, good looks, good write up.

Maybe I'll motivate and get some original content. Yup!

September 15, 2009

Table Dance

I thought of the decks above the other day, created by Tony Larson, and had to track them down again; frankly, they're some of my favorites of all time. I had the Mariano, you couldn't go wrong with that tail.

That was a short post.

September 14, 2009

Skateboarding? Still Banned.

Photo by Sam McGuire

Lost in the seemingly pointless football-babble of yesterpost was a link to Mr. McGuire's wonderfully re-worked website; the above photo of Narloch is straight from there, hit it up for more hype.

The unabashedly opinionated Hessian Joe blogs! As he says, "be less of a pussy and party more."

For some reason, Chris Troy's Mag Minute reminds me of a backsmith happy Brian Heck. It might have been the nosebluntslide grab out.

Tim Olson doing a bunch of tricks that just beg for a "stepping on something" pun. Or stepping out. Or hopping. Yeah.

Sam, Davis, and I all agree that this is the worst fucking song ever. But we still get hyped when it comes on the radio.

Busenitz for SOTY '09? I know you were watching the Skatepark Website this weekend...

Happy birthday Badger.

Seizure inducement?

September 11, 2009

The Question of Banning Brett Favre

From The New York Times:
Vikings quarterback Brett Favre wanted to remind the football world just how old he is.

“I may not finish the year,” he said Wednesday. “No one thought I’d play 18 straight years without missing a game, me included. I have no idea what’s going to happen. None.”

It continues:
“I feel good,” Favre said, elaborating in his familiar wounded-warrior style. “I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not physically or mentally 100 percent. I don’t know at 39 if I’d ever be 100 percent physically.”
Words escape me regarding how to best deal with these statements, though, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask, Brett, you prima-donna asshole, why didn't you just stay retired if you don't even think you'll make it through the season? Other more seasoned fans have previously expressed their disdain for the guy and really I don't care all that much, so I figured I'd let the comments sort things out. Should Favre be banned from Platinum?

Elsewheres on the internet, the venerable Sig took it upon himself to lump me in with The Muska, TK, JT-Blastoff, and Sheckdawg. Thanks man.

And, as alluded to yesterday, in hopes, jerboi Sam McGuire put up his new website and there's oodles of o's and photos on there for your viewing pleasure (note, I actually didn't post anything about him putting up his new site on this website, but I told him he should on i-chat, so its pretty much the same thing).

Happy Weekend.

September 10, 2009


For real, the trailer above for Gentleman Broncos entered my life a few weeks back and now it's got me saying all sorts of funny shit. Peep it.

Yesterday a bird shit on me while I was putting laundry in my car.

Maybe you saw Jesse Neuhaus at Top Shop this year; see more of him over at the venerable Chrome Ball. One of Chicago's finest! (On a side note, has Sissi become a patron of the arts, er, blogs, due to the many shout-outs received on the aforementioned link? One dreams of soccer jerseys and socks that look like little shoes...) Maybe MN can get some love over at the Chrome Ball...where to start?

There's a new Wiskate video for your viewing pleasure/consumption/etc. Shouts to Pizzy for skating handrails and doing switch manual tricks. How are those Bucks shaping up for you? Oh, touchy subject?

And as I've held my tongue on the NBA and other such matters, it does seem that the Khanate that has taken over our humble Timberwolves has completely reshaped the roster, leaving, by my lazy count, four players remaining from last year's team. And, to be fair, the Wolves will probably be a touchy subject this year too.

As things seem to go, Familia has a possible Saturday night planned out for you this weekend; ride the cruiser board there.

McGuire is back in the Hawkeye State, no doubt drinking Laser at The Picador, or just furiously looking at internet porn and retouching photos; he was also just in Winnipeg A-listing the FUCK out of life.

As an addendum to the last post, we're still outpacing some dudes.

BYRJ update: Sounds like things could happen in about a month if the unconfirmed date thrown out today becomes a confirmed date on a later date. Details as they emerge.

Oh yeah, here's about 5000 words or so ruminating on the nature of genius. In skateboard terms, I'd say that this article says that Nate Jones' part from Real to Reel (sorry for the shitty quality on the vid) is an act of genius, though Nate Jones is no genius (Jones was the first example I thought of, totally being lazy!)

September 9, 2009

Gotta Blow It To Know It

Blame actually skating, doing cool shit, having this dude stay around, or some other excuse; Platinumseagulls INC, while it has been crushing other aspects of life, has been blowing it in the blogging department. Let this be the beginning of our slow climb back to respectability: in case you missed it, Mr. Nesser had a Mini Top 5 over at Tha Tap. The secret is out; no, that dude at New Years didn't just totally look like him...

Another post tomorrow?

September 3, 2009

Ramp Jammin'?

It seems to be about time to be talking about this, what would it be, Ramp Jam 6? While the main man aka "The Ex-Pat" repatriates himself for a bit across the pond, rumor and word has that BYRJ is in the works. We could all only be so lucky...

September 1, 2009

I Had A Feeling This Would Happen Guys

And I'm not heartbroken or anything of the sort. But, but, Ricky Rubio and his crew have forced my hand and I've been forced to ban him from pending further developments. It looks like I'll be reassessing his status in about two years. Moving on...

Familia has Redwave Redux coverage right here. Is it true that the real one has been completely removed? Now what are bus passengers going to sit on while they wait? Oh well.

Tha Dolo has another must read at Hardflip, and in a surprising twist, he still manages to get a dig in there about his hatred for ILDers. Good job Ryan.

I'm officially over Lil' Wayne for now.

Been to Danknuggzz lately? I'm pretty sure they'd label Ricky Rubio a narc.

This one slipped under the radar a little bit; Davis in Minne from the Etnies blog. That was like two weeks ago or something? Tyte. More 2VEGANS coverage...I almost slammed because I saw that smart car a second time and the chain came off my bike because I was trying to just fuckin' dip to the car and get a closer look. Right?

Us 'boarders should know this one.

We're still down with Wiskate in case you'd forgotten, they even have some new videos up, like the latest installment of Whale's Vagina. Just gonna link this too.

Finally, in a nod to State Fair ambivalence: Real Talk from MPR, well worth the listen.