September 17, 2009

Post With No Name

The other days I drank some beers and got hyped on listening to old Hip Hop; Big L in particular, and that got me thinking about some old Rob Gonzalez Rookies section from the 411 that used an L song. Alas, it isn't on Youtube, though I found the above section featuring two members of The Familia doing a bunch of pretty bonkers-ass tricks in the pre-Death Lens era. On another Familia related note, you've got more than a month to get your zombie moves down. MJ Remembrance burnout anybody? Sick of Billy Jean when you go to the club? Maybe it won't be the same next month.

In the web-nostalgia department for today, Josh @ Wiskate thinks about how they used to write about stuff at their website, and, uh, stuff. Cool. Never Forget.

What's Puleo doing in the background?

They aggregate my posts so why not? Hardflip with some Gino Perez "Where Is He Now?" type ish. Be sure to watch that part as it has some not that much seen Gonz foote within.

Edging towards the no update in a month club.

I nerded out and had to download that song from Mind Field that J Mascis did for Omar's intro. Creepies! (Complete with skate sounds!)

Chrome Ball is on it this week, nerd out. Be sure to read the Wenning post, good looks, good write up.

Maybe I'll motivate and get some original content. Yup!

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Cody Girl said...

Yes!!! Big L!!