August 29, 2014


"The skating is sick but the song/editing/clothing/VX/etc. in that part is garbage." Thanks to Thrasher for using FB comments so there's a modicum of accountability there, keeping the prevailing nature of commenting pretty standard nitpicky.

Few songs are completely sacrosanct in skate part world; Joe McLellan skated to Natas' song from Streets on Fire in a Maple video less than a decade after Natas' turn, and while perhaps there was an element of homage therein (it wasn't obvious), it's a not-that-controversial exception to the rule, a rule recently reiterated by Josh Stewart while on his ongoing Static 4/5 press junket.

All that's a circuitous way of getting to saying I could see someone making the call to edit a Wes Kremer section to something along the lines of "93 'til Infinity," seeing as how his songs can act as dog whistle tracks for those of a certain age, and sort of being OK with the whole thing. Sort of. Kremer, so obviously with the evidence above, continues to rank among the best out, the video part an occasion to do AUG. 29 SOTY POWER RANKINGS:

1. Bobby Worrest: If Worrest wins SOTY we'll have sudden proof there is some sense left in the Universe, a small, righteous rebuke to the horrible (news) happenings of a summer now ending. He put out yet another part a week ago on Quartersnacks, making it three on the year. He seems like only a dark horse candidate until one remembers he's got a good portion of the skateboard industrial complex backing him, as in Nike and Deluxe.

2. Wes Kremer: With a current ranking most likely a result of the afterglow of watching his section prior to 8:00 a.m. today, Kremer's eventual overall ranking (if I ever revisit this) will likely reflect his natural orbital trajectory: perennial and highly respected All-Star, perennially coming up fourth in MVP voting. He may simply lack the extra flash and marketability to convince Jimmy on the street to back him fully, but then again, maybe you just decide he's got it and make it happen. DC's tried before.

3. Dylan Reider: Two parts and a couple of fashion spreads, along with mononym status sets Reider apart from many. If there's such a thing as a "gutsy" SOTY choice, he's it, if only because of skateboarding's forever simmering sexual insecurity. Then again, Dylan would be a triumph for skateboarding's smaller entrepreneurial class, a Rocco-like rebuke to the industrial complex which, confusingly, really does include Deluxe.

4. Nyjah Huston: 1996 in 2014: Nyjah is Chris Senn 18 years later. Left at the altar in 2013, Nyjah is winning all the money (contests) this year, and while it's unclear how he placed at M√ľnster, if a Senn-like a ascension is possible in this day and age, Huston is your dude. Plus, he's probably got a November-surprise-video part planned, even more brutal than the last.

5. Davis Torgerson: DT is good for fifth on paper, a rookie-pro and possible homer pick, but like at the beginning of the sentence, here's the qualifications: two video parts (and a Real Street section), a media tour/victory lap after the pro-model, a high likability rating. On these rankings he's more akin to a Chris Bosh middling selection, solid as hell and super well-regarded, if not even a bit underrated, but still, sorry bud, no chance at the trophy.
Edit: The original post touted these as "AUG. 28" power rankings, even though I did them a day later. The mistake will forever be immortalized in the URL.

August 20, 2014


Philanthropic skater billionaire, please purchase Fifth Street (Gold Rail) and take off the stones.

August 11, 2014

Kings of Promotion

Dare we say that this is Davis' finest all-around offering since Boondoggle? It would have been completely acceptable to simply ollie those steps at Northrup, too. Speaking of Familia, did I see Mike Roebke's truck parked outside the HQ today?

August 6, 2014

major slow-mo for the chicks and homies

Happy belated birthday to Davis Torgerson, whose clip up top is proper, who is riding the Prince-themed graphics all the way to the Ferrari dealership. 25!

Below is a comment so good that it's been turned into a part of a post. By Wylie Tueting:


Hey now, anybody in the mood for a good time?
Well then, I urge you to watch Tony Tave's "Theatrix" part, now available on YouTube.
I'd describe the experience as similar to being at an L.A. nightclub: there's some major booms and bangs, some major slow-mo for the chicks and homies, some strange bits of indifference from the lead performer -- and while the beat of the music keeps throbbing right along, you just can't seem to figure out why you're still so bored.
See a Lee Yankou part for detox.


Had never seen that Yankou part; weeee! Other stuff: Alastair Brown Minneapolis footage from the mid-90's. Russian kid rips. Judd rips too. Did he dye his hair?