August 20, 2014


Philanthropic skater billionaire, please purchase Fifth Street (Gold Rail) and take off the stones.


sprntrl said...

We should all go buy lottery tickets this week. If I win I'm gonna make a bid on Loring Greenway and Pillsbury too.

Benjamin Ragsdale said...

Fifth St Towers as the next Roots Mansion?

wheelbite said...

how much for the original pillsbury P. or is it just dust by now?

sprntrl said...

Called Badger.... I think he actually knows the whereabouts of the letters

Wylie Tueting said...

Well, boys, it seems that not a week passes without something novel happening in skateboarding. But sometimes it may just be too novel.
Think I'm being coy?
Think again, and direct your attention to "The Dylan" by HUF Quality Footwear, now available on YouTube.
In it we see some specific things: we see Dylan Rieder skating in mostly dark colors, we see him skating mostly Old World spots, we see him doing mostly stylized tricks. And that's that. It's catching. It works very well.
But there's a brooding undertone to it all -- nearly threatening -- and it doesn't make sense. Dylan's first trick, for instance, he does below a massive Joseph Stalin statue, and as he rolls away from the trick with his head lowered, it feels like Dylan was a formerly oppressed member of the Soviet Union, and his back smith a righteous but belated attack. Such lowered-head-looks continue throughout the commercial. But you might not realize that, since before you know it you'll become distracted by the half-naked woman, a woman who seems to have no relation to Dylan or his skating until you see her buck-naked sitting behind him, at which point you might be aroused, or laughing wildly, or frustrated, or just wondering: is this Dylan's girl, or some girl he fornicated with, or is she a professional model? . . . !
You might have some questions, safe to say. But in the "The Dylan" there are no clear answers; there's just something that appears to be Art.
Your Gravis part will forever inspire us, Dylan -- but this is just too much.
Now tell me what y'all think too!?