August 6, 2014

major slow-mo for the chicks and homies

Happy belated birthday to Davis Torgerson, whose clip up top is proper, who is riding the Prince-themed graphics all the way to the Ferrari dealership. 25!

Below is a comment so good that it's been turned into a part of a post. By Wylie Tueting:


Hey now, anybody in the mood for a good time?
Well then, I urge you to watch Tony Tave's "Theatrix" part, now available on YouTube.
I'd describe the experience as similar to being at an L.A. nightclub: there's some major booms and bangs, some major slow-mo for the chicks and homies, some strange bits of indifference from the lead performer -- and while the beat of the music keeps throbbing right along, you just can't seem to figure out why you're still so bored.
See a Lee Yankou part for detox.


Had never seen that Yankou part; weeee! Other stuff: Alastair Brown Minneapolis footage from the mid-90's. Russian kid rips. Judd rips too. Did he dye his hair?


Wylie Tueting said...

I did it, I did it! My attempt at recognition has been realized. Thanks again, Mike!
P.S. As time goes on, more of such reviews will continue to arise -- when needed.

sprntrl said...

Alastair!!! Almost forgot about him. He for sure was the first dude to frontside flip the Fed 4 stair. He was a total social awkward though. Dude used to sit the whole time at the old Skate Oasis whenever anyone was skating. But the second the course would clear out he would rip it up. I randomly ran into him at the Brooklyn Banks in the late 90's and he was in the orchestra. I guess he was some savant type on the violin. Also like the bottle quite a bit too. Either way, him and Dave Cardwell fukkking ripped.

Unknown said...

Gave up the bottle but still socially awkward as ever lol