September 10, 2009


For real, the trailer above for Gentleman Broncos entered my life a few weeks back and now it's got me saying all sorts of funny shit. Peep it.

Yesterday a bird shit on me while I was putting laundry in my car.

Maybe you saw Jesse Neuhaus at Top Shop this year; see more of him over at the venerable Chrome Ball. One of Chicago's finest! (On a side note, has Sissi become a patron of the arts, er, blogs, due to the many shout-outs received on the aforementioned link? One dreams of soccer jerseys and socks that look like little shoes...) Maybe MN can get some love over at the Chrome Ball...where to start?

There's a new Wiskate video for your viewing pleasure/consumption/etc. Shouts to Pizzy for skating handrails and doing switch manual tricks. How are those Bucks shaping up for you? Oh, touchy subject?

And as I've held my tongue on the NBA and other such matters, it does seem that the Khanate that has taken over our humble Timberwolves has completely reshaped the roster, leaving, by my lazy count, four players remaining from last year's team. And, to be fair, the Wolves will probably be a touchy subject this year too.

As things seem to go, Familia has a possible Saturday night planned out for you this weekend; ride the cruiser board there.

McGuire is back in the Hawkeye State, no doubt drinking Laser at The Picador, or just furiously looking at internet porn and retouching photos; he was also just in Winnipeg A-listing the FUCK out of life.

As an addendum to the last post, we're still outpacing some dudes.

BYRJ update: Sounds like things could happen in about a month if the unconfirmed date thrown out today becomes a confirmed date on a later date. Details as they emerge.

Oh yeah, here's about 5000 words or so ruminating on the nature of genius. In skateboard terms, I'd say that this article says that Nate Jones' part from Real to Reel (sorry for the shitty quality on the vid) is an act of genius, though Nate Jones is no genius (Jones was the first example I thought of, totally being lazy!)

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