September 11, 2009

The Question of Banning Brett Favre

From The New York Times:
Vikings quarterback Brett Favre wanted to remind the football world just how old he is.

“I may not finish the year,” he said Wednesday. “No one thought I’d play 18 straight years without missing a game, me included. I have no idea what’s going to happen. None.”

It continues:
“I feel good,” Favre said, elaborating in his familiar wounded-warrior style. “I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not physically or mentally 100 percent. I don’t know at 39 if I’d ever be 100 percent physically.”
Words escape me regarding how to best deal with these statements, though, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask, Brett, you prima-donna asshole, why didn't you just stay retired if you don't even think you'll make it through the season? Other more seasoned fans have previously expressed their disdain for the guy and really I don't care all that much, so I figured I'd let the comments sort things out. Should Favre be banned from Platinum?

Elsewheres on the internet, the venerable Sig took it upon himself to lump me in with The Muska, TK, JT-Blastoff, and Sheckdawg. Thanks man.

And, as alluded to yesterday, in hopes, jerboi Sam McGuire put up his new website and there's oodles of o's and photos on there for your viewing pleasure (note, I actually didn't post anything about him putting up his new site on this website, but I told him he should on i-chat, so its pretty much the same thing).

Happy Weekend.


sig said...

it is an honor to have been mentioned on the plat munzy, keep it real

Anonymous said...


Scott said...

Brett Favre shouldn't be banned. The lords of apathy post is filled with a hole lot of hyperbole and way too much hilarious hatred.

Evidently you can simultaneously understand that he wants to play and not begrudge him for that, yet call him the "slimiest of traitors" and make reference to Benedict Arnold.

Halfpipe of Odin said...

Ban Skateboarding From the Plat!

Chips X said...

Don't ban Favre. If he helps give us more of a chance at the Super Bowl, why not give him some support? He's a Viking now. Relax and let the season begin!

Big Gary said...

I thought maybe you might appreciate this:

Anonymous said...

Hey Halfpipe of Odin, if you haven't noticed over the past three months skateboarding was already banned from this site!

THE HESH said...

ban kevin chartrand from the plat!

Anonymous said...

Who cares, it's football. What's with the jock worship in tha younger crowd? Baseball, Basketball, Footall, Hockey...fuck it. Let the general population speculate about their favorite asshole team. Just ignore that shit, jeezus.

Extreme Ash said...

"Hey Halfpipe of Odin, if you haven't noticed over the past three months skateboarding was already banned from this site!"

I like this person. But they shouldn't be anonymous.

And I like the Plat. Lack of skate content or not.